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    Thread: AdEpT xNiNjA's 1.8T Build Thread (Budget Build) [Photo Heavy]

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      2014 Jetta SE 1.8T
      06-05-2016 09:26 PM #1
      What's up everyone, wanted to create a thread and start some more posting of my own car as I am trying to piece it all together slowly, and more or less, on a budget lol
      This is my car, and I do what I want to it, not follow others and don't care if you don't like it. But you can critique it and comment, let me know what you think. I'll answer any questions you have too.


      Here's how it is at this moment (5-20-17)
      It's now raised an inch due to me going through an oil pan

      So here, I bought a 2014 VW Jetta SE 1.8T at the beginning of September of 2015.
      First bought car for me, excited tbh (I'm only 20 lol)
      Got it for a good price with about 20k miles on it, perfect condition, one owner (not leased)

      Initial Pics of the Car

      First car wash about a week after I purchased it

      First "professional" picture of the car (I do photography lol)

      First car part I bought was coilovers. FK Streamlines. I'm not a fan of bags, static for life, bags are for groceries. Bags are nice and ideal for street driving and hard parking, but I'm dedicated lol
      Along with these, bought fog light wirings. Also bought some blue foglight tint for $10. (Bought a genuine euro headlight for about $30 before this, no pics though)
      So picked these up brand new for like $300 shipped. But you'll see I don't put them on for a couple months tbh

      Bought some new, white LED drl's. These were literally from eBay for less than $10. Advertised as 8k, iceberg blue, but didn't turn out to be that. First time he shipped them out, they never arrived, so he sent a second package out to me, which came late, then after I installed one didn't fully work, then the next day worked fine, but he gave me a full refund, so these were technically free.
      They were so freaking annoying to install, cut my hand a couple of times, but after the first time changing them, they're easy to get out from then on out.
      They're COB and CREE LED's on it, which are so much brighter than the 5050's others use. (I know a lot about random physics, mechanics, electricity, and many other things which is how I know what would be best for things including my car and other things.)
      But anyways, here they are.

      Then took it to a special spot to take a couple of pics (like 40 lol) and just going to post these two for you guys.

      Went to get my fenders rolled
      Covered it for snapchat because I was kind of keeping the initial part of the car hidden from everyone local to me so they don't know what I was doing.

      Went to V2Lab, great event, great people
      Got to drag for the included parking price, so I said why not. Got to race against my friend, he has a 2.0T Genesis, but I'm going to go with I'm lucky, or its the better car? Don't know, but not getting any hopes up, fun time all around. Got the video, time slip, and proof from my car number.

      Got a freaking screw in my rear driver tire, so had to get that fixed

      Replacing the city lights, got some nice, special T10's that fit perfectly in it. These have some blue, not are not fully blue, would match the foglight tint I bought a while back. These were annoying to install, so the only way for me to be able to do them was to remove the headlight, and to do that, I had to remove my bumper. But I had an idea planned with the bumper being removed

      As this was going on, thought it'd be a good time to plastidip my front emblem.

      As the bumper was off, had to show off to the snap chatter's lmao

      Then to only certain people, sent them this lol

      This is how the lights look with the white emblem

      Today is the day I have been waiting for a long f**king time to be honest. Installing the coils today. Just a friend and I, on a driveway, with both of our collection of tools.
      Did I mention it was done on a driveway? lol

      Also threw on this quote sticker

      More pics

      Got some more of those cree and cob led's, they fit the reverse lights, so I replaced one, and removed the other for the "euro" look

      Went back to my friend and (in the rain) we removed the front helper spring and rear adjustment collars on the coils. With the helper spring removed, it sits much lower and is much more stiffer than what it was. Now the car is sitting where I want it to be. Fronts are not fully maxed out yet.

      Wheel at full lock

      I want you to remember these lights, the amber one is on because I removed the reverse light

      My tint for my tail lights came in after two months from China lol

      Went back to notch my chassis because if I maxed out coils, it was literally sitting on the axle, which is why I had it raised a little. But I only did a minor notch, want to notch it a lot more tbh

      And this is it lowered a bit more in the front, but only a couple spins left

      Now back to the pic I wanted you to remember. Well as I was notching, my retarded self forgot to put back my wheel speed sensor on the little hook things to keep it out of the way, well I cut it hitting a bump on the highway, and now my dash turned into a christmas tree

      Random pictures

      Rolling shot my brother took of me

      Now onto getting the tail light tint on. It took a while, I think it was because they were really cheap. The first three looked good, because I spent like an hour on each, and didn't feel like finishing the last, so I did that rather quick, and tbh, it came out like crap. Took about 4-5 hours total.

      Didn't realize how dark they were lol

      Friend spotted me driving around

      Posted up at best buy

      Never got an alignment when I lowered the car because I knew I was going to get some wheels soon, was going to get stocks, but not sure which ones. So I found out the negative camber ate the insides of my fronts, so I went to get some used ones for the time being. Only like $20 for both to be mounted and balanced because I'm really cool with the president of this shop. They do perfect on everything, whether its alignment or stretching tires without fail. If you're a local in Orlando or Florida for that matter, check them out. Action Tire.
      My friend had these getting mounted, they're 10" wide and we both wanted to see how they'd look on mine so we threw them on for a sec while it was in the air.

      I legit don't think they would've cleared if I lowered the car back down, so I didn't even try lol

      Kept searching the local groups on fb for wheels, stumbled upon these. Got them for dirt cheap, $120 cash lol, great condition too

      In case anyone wanted to know the specs on them. I originally thought they were 7" wide, but found out they were actually 7.5"

      Found out at full wheel lock, my fenders sit on my stock wheels, so I tried to make wide turns so that doesn't happen, but that didn't help me so much lol
      There's a fine line of paint missing on the roll of the fenders now

      More random pics

      Had a 12" Kicker sub (not entry model) and a 500 mono amp and box from my brother that he wasn't using, so I took it and installed it into my car on my stock system. Bought a four gauge wiring kit for $21, and a line out converter with bass control for $20. Did and wired it all up myself in my garage in about 1-2 hours. If you want more info on any of this, just comment or dm me and I can help you out or send links to my stuff. Works completely fine, and I love it. Now my system sounds great, and with the bass controller, I could change how much bass is in the music in a matter of seconds. What sucked is that no wiring diagrams really helped me out, each one had different colours for different things, so I more or less had lucky guessing lmao
      Don't have any pictures of this, sorry, but I have the amp screwed onto the back of the box, grounded the amp to the middle seat belt mounting point up top (I think?). Did it there because no one sits in the middle so I could show off my sticker lol
      Have the sub and box held in one spot with the help of vw cargo velcro stuff.

      Had one of my hub caps come off while I was driving and didn't notice till after I got home, so I removed them all. Went back to my shop, Action Tire, to get two tires mounted onto them. Bought only two at a time for now, then like a couple days later, bought two more. They costed $212 total, with free shipping for all 4, so $53 each.
      p.s. I don't even work for dominos, my friend gave me his old sign, and I wanted to start rocking it for no reason lol

      I'm thinking the sub burnt out my drl's or since they were cheap, they burnt themselves out. But I wanted new ones anyways, so I bought some blue ones, like real blue ones. I assumed these were illegal, but kind of didn't care. These were about $15

      Literally the next day, I got pulled over for my blue drl's and then the cop noticed my tail light tint. Gave me a warning for the lights, but said I can keep them, but only if I'm parked, so just drive with headlights on. But asked about my tail light tint, I told him it was literally film, and he asked me to pull them off as soon as possible and I said will do.

      Bought a filter and six quarts of mobil one oil for my car, and had my second pair of wheels and tires mounted and balanced. Went home, and as I was changing my own oil, I changed the wheels as well. These wheels make me sit about half an inch lower than my stocks.

      Got a hold of a stop sign (not a government posted one, thought I should slip this in here lol)
      It's one of the bigger ones, with high reflection (not sure if that's the right word)
      Since I'm really low, thought it would be an amazing idea if I were to utilize it as a scrape plate, which is exactly what I did lol
      (Please excuse the music, was posting all of these vids on my snap, and I like to play music in the background of all my snaps)

      Found a great spot to shoot at, had an idea in mind for a while and now could finally go with it.
      Caption read, "Streets closed pizza boy, find another way home."

      Now that I got all the wheels on, getting my alignment done by Action Tire. Opted in to get -5 camber in the rear (saw my stocks had no noticeable wear after 2-3 months of driving with what looked like -2 camber) and the fronts to be as flat as possible.

      They got a good laugh at this lol

      You can start to see the camber here
      And I legit had the president ask if my car was bagged lol
      (Not the first time I've been asked this question )

      (Yes, I scrape on a lot of things)

      Random rolling shot

      Checking up on the scrape sign

      Went to a local meet and shot this

      Went to go work out in a local friend's neighborhood, and I legit got stuck on a speed bump. One of the bolts for my crossmember dug into the cement of the bump. Luckily I had a jack in the car, a bunch of clothes and another friend with a car to get it off after working 30 minutes trying to get it off

      Second time washing the car ever since I got it in September lol

      Removed the SE badge on the back, but only took a before shot of it, still have yet to take an after shot of it

      Checking up on the scrape sign again

      Close friend sent me this
      Wise words to live by lol

      So I again have a 1.8T Jetta SE. With that being said, it differs from other turbo vw's. All the videos I've seen made me thing they were similar in almost everything. What comes next made me realize otherwise.

      I found someone on the forums parting out their GLI. What they had was a Forge BOV kit, with everything included, and a gen 3 gli boost tap, and a 1.8T gen 3 boost tap. All for $180 shipped. Was considering buying this new for $260, and found it on his parting out thread and immediately jumped on it. When I got it, it was packaged very well and had everything he stated in his posting about it. Shout out to him for being a legit seller here on the forums. He goes by the name of "lostcontrol3x".

      Took me about 3-4 hours to install myself, and that was with me having no knowledge whatsoever on what and how to do this. Didn't realize till half way through that I could have used an allen wrench to get to the tight bolts holding the factory dv in place, but after that, the rest went smooth. Hooked up the solenoid, lines and boost tap and it came out perfect. Only thing my retarded self screwed up on, is that I tried to place my engine cover back on, but it was rubbing on the boost tap and map sensor, so my dumb self tried forcing it and I stripped the beginning of the screw hole (screw wasn't long enough) and broke part of the cover for the map sensor. So I went and bought a longer screw and removed the cover to the physical sensor part and stuck it back and tightened it and never put on the cover.
      Now it works perfect, and sounds perfect. Since I'm still not tuned or have anything done to the car, I ran the softest spring in the BOV, and it still holds perfectly fine under stock boost pressure. Here's some sound clips, but videos really don't do this dump valve any justice.

      It's been a journey with this car, and I have so much more ideas to come and plans for this.
      At this point right now as I'm posting this, the car is at 36k miles, still running strong.

      Let me know what you think all around of the car, don't worry, I can take criticism, whether its positive or negative. I won't get butthurt, I'll just explain my reasoning behind anything and/or everything. Also, let me know if you have any questions at all or need any help, I'll be glad to help you out to the best of my ability.

      Just to let everyone know, I only went to a technical school during high school and basically learned the basics, like brakes, wiring and oil, which I already knew before going to that school. I'm self taught with everything about cars for the most part, along with other things in life, not that any of you care (not sure if any really do lol). But that is basically the reason why I want to keep doing everything myself, and to keep everything on a budget. Because yeah, some show cars are really nice, but they're hella expensive, and I am trying to build a show car, but on a really small budget. So far, I've done a great job at that, considering how much I've paid for parts, and done almost everything on the car myself.

      If you do like, give me a follow on instagram at @AdEpT_xNiNjA. I would include my snap, but I post more of other stupid things compared to my car lol

      Thank you guys, hope you enjoyed this build and hope you'll follow me on the rest of the work that'll go into this car.
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      06-05-2016 09:37 PM #2
      Good stuff! Think a lip spoiler would do her well!

      Not a huge fan of the blue DRLs though, if I saw those in my rear view I'd immediately think "GAHH COP."

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      06-05-2016 10:03 PM #3
      Awesome build, really enjoyed reading it all...good to see someone else enjoying their SE . Also really digging how the Denvers look! Can't wait to see whats to come.

    4. 06-05-2016 10:04 PM #4
      I am in the same mindset of wanting to do a budget build and I like what you've done so far

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      06-05-2016 10:26 PM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by A Four View Post
      Good stuff! Think a lip spoiler would do her well!

      Not a huge fan of the blue DRLs though, if I saw those in my rear view I'd immediately think "GAHH COP."
      Yeah, I have my own plan for a spoiler lol, just need money and a backup plan for if I don't like my idea

      And I get what you mean about the DRLs, but it really looks cool in person, and people do get scared. Forgot to post this, probably get pics and a video later, but I also have a PA system in my car, with different sirens, so I sometimes act like a cop behind someone I know is my friend lol

      Quote Originally Posted by jwatson14 View Post
      Awesome build, really enjoyed reading it all...good to see someone else enjoying their SE . Also really digging how the Denvers look! Can't wait to see whats to come.
      Thanks bro, I legit have a long list of things to do, just trying to be a baller on a budget lmao

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      06-07-2016 12:04 AM #6
      Awesome build thread man! What was the toughest part of installing the BOV? Any tips?

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      06-07-2016 07:36 AM #7
      [QUOTE=AdEpT xNiNjA;97115266]Yeah, I have my own plan for a spoiler lol, just need money and a backup plan for if I don't like my idea

      And I get what you mean about the DRLs, but it really looks cool in person, and people do get scared. Forgot to post this, probably get pics and a video later, but I also have a PA system in my car, with different sirens, so I sometimes act like a cop behind someone I know is my friend lol

      Gotcha, haha.

      Also, I was totally not expecting the 1.8t to beat the Genesis. But hey, I know what kinda car to race now if I want to win!

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      06-10-2016 01:35 AM #8
      Quote Originally Posted by spiceditup View Post
      Awesome build thread man! What was the toughest part of installing the BOV? Any tips?

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      Tbh, getting my tools to fit into the small area. In the 1.8t's, they mount the factory dv facing the engine, unlike the gli, golf/gti or tdi, so its a really tight fit to get in there. The first of three bolts wasn't so bad, but the last two were a pain, and I even removed the turbo outlet piping and even part of the turbo (which probably isn't necessary, just thought it would be easier). Be sure to get/use individual allen keys/wrench, not the folding sets they sell. Two of the bolts you can see, the last, you kind of have to guess if your allen wrench is in it or not, and they aren't torqued down to a ridiculous spec, so when you're done installing, just tighten to as much as you can, and thats fine. Been riding around for hundreds of miles, no problem. When I bought mine, the dude threw in the forge boost tap, which is actually meant for gli's, but he was awesome enough to throw in a regular gen 3 boost tap, which fits perfectly. You'll need a boost tap for the solenoid on the bov to get your car to not throw a cel.

      Quote Originally Posted by A Four View Post
      Gotcha, haha.

      Also, I was totally not expecting the 1.8t to beat the Genesis. But hey, I know what kinda car to race now if I want to win!
      I wasn't either, maybe I got lucky, or maybe the car is actually that good? We'll never know, I just would like for it to be faster, if I can

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      06-10-2016 05:53 AM #9
      Nice looking car. You've done a lot
      35 ceramic tint . Projector Headlights & USP HID 6k . Euro switch w/ Automatic . Racing Pedals . Exhaust Tips . HR coils . HR rear sway Bar . APR stage 2 93 . Alzor 18" 621 . Extreme Contact DWS 225/40/18 . p3 gauge . DeAutoKey Interior LED set . Apr intake . Apr downpipe . Apr intercooler . LED Deautokey foglights

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      06-10-2016 04:06 PM #10

      I just installed a boost gauge, works fairly well. Learning new stuff on the car thanks to this. I'll post more and some pictures when I get a chance later.

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      06-11-2016 11:14 AM #11
      So I picked up my very first boost gauge. I originally wanted to go with an evo electronic boost gauge, but didn't have the $85 to fork over for it lol
      So I did the next best thing, well not really best, but super cheap. Harbor freight tools apparently has boost gauges in stock, somehow stumbled upon the interwebs when someone mentioned that. Didn't believe them till I actually saw it on their site, so the next morning I went and picked it up for just under $20 after tax. Came with the gauge (obviously lol), vacuum hose, T-fitting, and bracket for the gauge.

      Annoying part was trying to get it to dim with its wires, has three total, ground, power and its dimmer wire. But when I hooked it all up, it would dim, but the colour light would reset every time, so I swapped the wires and the colour would stay the same when I turn off the car and back on, but it won't dim. I got frustrated so I just left it at that for the time being. I tapped into the headlight and dimmer switch on my car for the power. Then I ran the vacuum hose through my firewall where the clutch would be (I'm automatic ). Got to my boost tap, cut it and installed the supplied T-fitting. The hose that came with the gauge wouldn't really fit onto it, so I left the tip in really hot water for about 30 seconds so it could fit onto it (learned that from Mighty Car Mods), then I secured all the connections with zip ties. Don't have an engine shot, but ghetto rigged everything for the time being until I can get longer hose to make it look more neat. And as for the placement, I'm going to get the steering wheel dual pod for my car, but for the moment, it's literally electrical taped to the wheel lmao
      But anyways, heres how it lights up.

      Heres how it sits, functions and the ghetto electrical tap lol

      And a night shot for you all

      This legit is getting me to understand more about boost and turbos. It gets me to understand my car a little more, and I can actually see when the wastgate opens, because my car runs about 9psi stock, but I once saw it running 13 then it dropping to 11 (thanks to the gauge). So it gives me hope that I can squeeze some hidden power out of this 1.8T

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      2014 Jetta SE 1.8T
      07-17-2016 02:58 PM #12
      Some shots since the last update

      What's up, back at it again, been gone for a while to settle some things first. But very little has been done since the last thing. Yesterday, I was at a local meet, and previously, a friend of mine had bought a set of Porsche Twists and adapters for $300. The adapters were 5x112 to 5x130, but his car is 5x114. So I offered him $50 for all 4 adapters and he said yeah. So at the meet, I bought them off of him, came with all 20 lug nuts too, which was sweet.

      Background information:
      I also own a Porsche 986 (1998 Boxster) with the Porsche twists on it. Was originally going to buy a set of wobble bolts and run 5x114 on my car, until I planned on getting these adapters.

      Back to the story.

      So I left the meet at around 12am (started at 8pm) and went straight to my second garage where I had the Porsche parked in, and I jacked up the Porsche and removed the rear wheels from the car. I've never fitted any other sets of wheels on my car, so I was not sure what to expect fitment wise. The adapter I would run in the rear is 15mm with hubcentric rings to already fit my Porsche wheels. Right before I bolt on the adapters to my car, I noticed that my Porsche has lug bolts that moved a bit, only about a mm. So I wondered if these were factory wobble bolts used on Porsche's. So I had a set of my brother's stock IS300 wheels which are 5x114, threw them on my 5x112 hub, no hub rings (just to see) and began to start tightening the wheel onto the car while in the air, and I actually began to bolt in perfectly. Now I did not tighten them, just hand tight and it seemed to be fine. So with that, I already have wobble bolts on hand just in case I ever need them. Going to try and find out if I can just buy oem Porsche lug bolts off of people or ebay or something to get wobble bolts for cheap. The thread seemed to fit my car perfectly, so no complaints there.

      Onto the Porsche wheels on the Jetta. So I bolted on the adapter to my car with my factory lugs, and torqued it down to spec, about 85 ft/lbs. Then I threw on the rear Porsche wheel (btw, I was only throwing on the Porsche wheels to the rear of the car because I have no idea about wheel turn clearance for the front). When I put the wider wheel on, it poked out quite a but, and the car is still in the air. But I was thinking that if I bolt it in, and lower it, my -5 degrees camber would help. So I torque the wheel down to the same specs as the adapter and as I begin to lower the car, the quarter panel begins to start to pinch at the wall of the tire. (I believe the tires I had on it were 255/50/17 and that was oem, no stretch or anything, which leads me to believe that these wheels are 9 inches wide for the rear pair) Got kind of scared and then said yolo and dropped the car completely. At this point, I am literally pulling my quarter panel while doing this.

      So I jacked the car back up and removed the wheel, put them back on the rear of the Porsche and lowered that back down. Then I moved over to the front of that and jacked up the car and put it on stands again. Removed the two front wheels, which seem to be about 2 inches smaller. Compared the tire numbers to my Denvers and I am led to think that the fronts are 7 inches. My Denvers are wrapped in 205/40/17 and there is a very small stretch, the front Porsche wheels are wrapped in 205/50/17 and there is no stretch what so ever. Denvers are 7.5 inches wide, which is why I assume the front twists are 7 inches.
      (You could see the 5x114 is300 wheels under the Porsche as a safety measure)

      So I got back to the Jetta, lifted it back up, threw on the adapters, torqued it all down, then the wheels on and torqued those too. Lowered the car off the jack and drove it around a bit to make sure everything is a okay. Everything was.

      Finished at about 2:30am.

      This morning, rushed to work, then took some quick pics of the car, and I'm starting to like them more and more. I might just take the tires off my Denvers or buy some crappy used ones, and throw them on the rear Porsche Twists to a stretch so they could possibly fit so I can have the entire set on the Jetta.

      I'll try and stay up to date on the posts about the car and possibly a mini photoshoot with my self, found some pretty good locations I want to shoot at.

      Till next time

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      2014 Jetta SE 1.8T
      08-20-2016 03:39 AM #13
      Back at it again, a month later.

      As of right now, I got a couple of things going on. Bought a bunch of parts, and plan to buy more soon and do more stuff to the car. But a couple of things have changed since last month.

      Had a friend with a mk6 facelift came by to test fit his wheels onto my car to see if he likes them on a lowered jetta (his is stock for the time being).
      The wheels he had were some Mercedes AMG wheels, not exactly sure what model, but they were mint. Believe the specs were 18x8 and 18x9, with high offset wrapped in 215/35/18 nitto tires I think.

      I legit would have bought them off of him because he got them for a steal with brand new tires on them, no scratches or anything on them. But...the only problem is my car was barely rubbing with them on. The rears could fit if I added a little bit more camber, which I'm already maxed out at right now, and the fronts rubbed between lock to lock. If I probably stretched 205 or lower on them, they could probably have been fine to be honest. But in my opinion, they make the car so much better than the deniers.

      So a couple of days before this, saw that slammedenuff started to sell pokemon go license plate frames, and me basically being Ash Ketchum, lol, I had to buy one. ($15)

      Couple of days later, I removed the Porsche twists off the car because I might be selling my Porsche real soon, so went back to the full denver look.
      So went back to my regular look and took some pics while waiting to buy a gopro off of offerup

      Went to take a good shot, and kinda was surprised when I noticed this.

      Later on, I thought, let me try to fix all those dash light christmas tree by checking out the wheel speed sensor wiring again.
      So what I did, was get some extra wire I had lying around, and bridged the wiring from the sensor to the cut part of the cable, and started her up, and she started up perfectly with no dash lights besides the light out one because I'm still running on one reverse light on purpose.

      Now my traction control switch is working once again, for some burnouts lol

      Searching on eBay at like 2am randomly and found something that I wasn't going to purchase for a while for real cheap in an auction, so me being me, I sniped it last second lol
      It's still kind of secret because I'm trying to make sure I can fit it onto the car before I get my hopes up. This pic was for the locals that keep wanting me to update them on what I'm doing onto snap. Also, I bought a pair of white LED DRL's for the car since I wanted to stop getting looked at/stopped by the cops lol

      And this is the only hint, bought this after the last and it is going to go with the eBay listing. Was $30 locally.

      The White LED DRL's came in, so I went to say goodbye to the awesome Blue LED DRL's. ($13)

      So in case anyone forgot, I have a wifi obd2 dongle with carista and another app that can track stuff on the ecu. The other app can live track stuff on the computer, and even has a mode to check your performance, so I had it set to do a 0-60 timing while I was driving home, and this was the best time I was able to get out of three runs of the car being fully warmed up, traction control turned off, on tiptronic, with me holding the brake and reving to about 2k and dumping the brake to go. I believe the other two runs were about 7.3-7.4 seconds. This is my meter to test out any new tires/wheel combo I get in the future, and also, when I go either apr stage 1 or 2 in the future. This and the drag race run a while back can give me numbers that can help me since dyno numbers are not always accurate unless its on the same one.

      Was up till 6am looking for a new radio because I've been wanting a better one, but wanted to stay oem. So I found this one person from china selling RCD 510's, 'new' and used. He had used listed for $109.99 and 'new' (haven't been used, pulled from a new car) for about $30 more obo on eBay. So me trying to keep this build cost down, I offered him the price of used for the new one and he accepted it. Now, as the picture says, it was 5:44, in the am. Just remember that for the next couple of seconds.

      Package came in, and I wasn't sure what it was tbh. Turns out, it was the RCD 510 that I ordered just three days earlier. So just a note, don't always expect everything from china to take 3 months to get here, unless it is under like $10-20, then definitely expect that lmao

      Came with the code and was wrapped very nicely in a bunch of bubble wrap, so it was extra protected. Still had the factory screen protector thing on it, and it looks as though there isn't even a scratch on it, even from removal. Only thing I noticed about this, was that they wrote the code on the label, the only thing that didn't look original.
      By the way, this RCD 510 I chose from this seller, I chose on purpose because it has a port for the rear view camera for when I buy one later on down the line.
      Here's a video I sent to some people on snap of it.

      Took about 5 minutes to swap radios, easy job, plug and play.
      Only bad thing about this install is that this RCD 510 does not have a plug in the back for my factory aux cable that the original radio had. Not a big deal, so I just hopped on amazon and bought a $20 usb one that goes into one of the button blanks behind the shifter, and I'll leave the aux as a dummy behind it. The amazon one should be here by the 20th, and I'll probably install it because I can't drive around with the fm radio.
      So this radio also has a sd card slot, so I tried one of my extra sd's and added music to it and plugged it in and it kept reading sd error. Started getting frustrated, so I got a different one and this one worked. The first one I used was a 64gb sdxc by sandisk, which did not work. The one that ended up working was the 32gb sdhc by sandisk. I guess this radio doesn't support the xc cards, but it does the hc fine.

      So this morning during work, I bought something off one of the Facebook groups, totaling $180 shipped. Brand new, it's about $260 shipped I believe? And this will help with the secret buy to be able to install it into the car.

      And then a couple of hours ago, I bought another thing that I've had part of when I bought my coils almost a year ago. When all these things come in, I'm hoping to install them as soon as I can, and try to upload them here and around.

      I go back to school next week, two days a week, four classes, and continue working my two jobs. So my life is about to get a little crazy once more, so I might not be able to do many things at once with the car, but I'm still going to try to.

      Another thing.

      In a couple of weeks, it will be my one year anniversary with my 1.8T Mk6 Jetta. It's been a crazy year with this car and my life. Hopefully you all are enjoying following this build, as much as I like enduring it and bringing it to you. Let me know if any of you want to know anything or need help with anything. And I hope you all stay tuned for everything as I still have much more to do.
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      2014 Jetta SE 1.8T
      05-20-2017 12:43 AM #14
      Holy crap, almost a year since my last post
      A lot has been done to the car and a lot has happened.
      Continuing from the last post.

      The things I ordered from eBay and the Momo thing were finally installed

      I like the overall feel of it, took a little to get the horn to work, had to go to a junkyard, find another mk6, which is already hard since they're so new, and pop off the wheel and grab the factory wiring for the airbag because I did not want to mess with my stock wires. But, I was able to do it, and now I have a working horn, signal indicators still work and turn off after a turn and everything, with the added bonus of using any wheel and a quick release.

      Today is the day I finally get to install my fog lights since they just came in. About a year ago is when I bought the factory wiring kit from ecs tuning and have been waiting to get the actual fogs, but now they have finally arrived.

      Some before shots

      And now, onto the after shots, installation wasn't too hard, pretty basic, just got to be able to route the wires without having them in sight, I accidentally had one hang from the radiator in the grill and was seen for a while until I secured it, but pretty basic. Be sure to ground out the wires and tighten so they don't come loose as mine did multiple times after lol

      Went to West Palm Beach for a car show with my brother and a couple of friends.

      Rolling vid my brother took of me

      I went to my friend's shop and he let me get some blue tint, so I automatically knew what I was going to use them for.
      Untitled by Manny Baba, on Flickr

      Untitled by Manny Baba, on Flickr

      Untitled by Manny Baba, on Flickr

      Untitled by Manny Baba, on Flickr

      I went to get my boy to fab up a muffler delete and blast pipes onto the car, since I have yet to buy my own welder.

      It wasn't until after he was done we noticed that there was a second muffler on the car, so I said eff it, and left it on for the time being. Car looks pretty good in my opinion, sound hasn't changed as much as I thought, but thats what I get for not deleting both mufflers, but I have plans for the exhaust later on anyways.

      While it was on the lift, had a better look at the under side of the front and saw how bad it was lol

      Found a shady place, so might as well snap a pic

      Did a thing to the car lol

      So a couple days before, I started leaking oil. It was obviously because I was scrapping on almost everything on the road tbh, unless I mentioned it before, I legit scrape on reflectors so much, the last time, I legit pulled over and grabbed it as a souvenir lol
      So I ordered a bunch of new stuff for the car as well as replacement parts.

      Christmas was the only day off I had and it was the worst Christmas ever, I had to raise the car an inch, it killed me to do so, but I did not want to go through another oil pan so soon. Along with the oil pan, I ordered a dual gauge pod holder, the two Bosch gauges, one was for boost and the other was for oil temp. Installed and plumbed up everything and made it look original as I could. Both work phenomenally. Got the oil temp because I was going to start racing and possibly going to track the car, and I had a autocross event in mid February so I wanted to get some stuff settled before I start doing engine mods.

      Bought some adapters, 5x114 to 5x112, and bought a set of cheap xxr's, which two had some really good compound and tread tires.

      Was only able to actually fit the fronts on because the adapters are 1" thick, considering not even running them for future setups.
      But, they did make the car look pretty good with these on. Only bad thing personally is that I had to raise the car another inch due to rubbing.

      My first ever autocross event
      My dumb self never even turned off traction control, but I still ran some pretty good times despite that.

      Bought this for pretty cheap, doesn't look in the best shape, but had a plan for what was to come with this and then others to follow.

      Bought another set of wheels, been slowly prepping them, sanding, priming, taking my time, still deciding how I'm going to paint them and most likely got the color I want for them.

      Made/welded a custom bracket to be able to bolt the seat to the factory rails, using the stock seat belt as well. I also have a sparco harness to go with it, but I want a harness bar to use with it instead of doing it incorrectly like others and bolting it to the bottom of the seat. Guess I'll wait until I make a custom one or somehow make a universal one fit this car. So far, I'm liking this seat compared to the stock, definitely more support and I'm not sliding around anymore in my seat taking fast turns. Unhooked the airbag wires and everything, and only left the seat belt wire so my light still works for the seat belt on the dash. And since I did the quick release steering wheel, the airbag light has been on, so doing this made no difference to the light, it still stays on, which I'm fine with. Apparently, others say you could put a resistor in the wiring to get rid of it, but I'm personally too scared to do it just in case it sets off the other air bags, so I'm fine with a tiny light on my dash.

      Hit a really nasty bump near my job, and it basically ruined my transmission pan. Leaked all the fluids out, parked it at a friends house and it wasn't until the 18th that I got it towed back to my place. Ordered all the parts I needed as soon as I could, might do a quick write up of that, since to this day I still have yet to find anyone else do this, or even change out their filter for their transmission.

      That's pretty much it for the time being, still got my entire list of things I want to do for the car, much much much more to come, and since I have my welder and cutting tools, I have a lot of custom stuff in mind for the car. Some people will like, but most probably won't but I guess thats what I get for it being my own car and not theirs. Hopefully I can get all this done sooner rather than later. Stay tuned, hope y'all enjoyed everything so far and enjoy whats to come.

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