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    Thread: Bilstein question

    1. Member bert06040's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 9th, 2011
      hartford, connecticut
      2005 passat wagon GLX 4motion 2.8 V6
      07-07-2016 05:49 PM #1
      So I purchased bilstein sport set and h&r sport springs from ecs tuning last spring. When I received the Bilsteins I noticed that the fronts were HD and the rears were sports. I contacted ecs and they informed me that the fronts, being HD, were compatible with the shorter sport springs. So i proceeded to install them. Everything looked and handled well. So about a month after settling, I hit a nasty new England pothole and felt the front strut bottom out. I thought to myself "i guess it's the new normal." But since then it's been a bit too normal. And only in the fronts. The rear give me no issues. So I recently went on ecs website and noticed when i searched struts for my vehicle, the bilstein sports show up as an option. I then called ecs and the rep informed me that those were for the older B5 not for my 2005. So why would they show up when my search was vehicle specific? Anyways he stated that I shouldn't bottom out if I installed the bumpstop. I thought bilstein struts had internal bumpstop? Anyways, back to the sport strut. To my understanding the B5 shares the same platform as the A4 correct? So I searched 2000 A4 struts and those came up as an option. Same ecs# and mfg#. So shouldn't those sport struts fit my vehicle? Why was I told otherwise by the rep? Also, the HD struts were also the same for the A4 and the B5. Any thoughts.....

    2. n00b
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      Apr 8th, 2015
      2003 Passat GLS 1.8t 5spd, 2004 Passat GLS 1.8t 4mo 5spd
      07-08-2016 01:34 PM #2
      It does look like the Bilstein Sport (B8) is only available for the rear (http://cart.bilsteinus.com/search/mm.../drivetype=AWD). I guess I would trust the Bilstein site over others.

      Regarding the ECS vehicle-specific search: I wouldn't always trust their search results as fact. For example, I recently replaced all the brake lines on my '04 GLS 4mo wagon. I ordered the ECS exact-fit stainless kit according to what came up for my car. When I went to install them, the rear lines were too short. After doing some digging, I discovered the rear lines I received were made for B5.5 and C5 A6 cars with the larger (269mm?) discs, while my car has the 245mm discs. It took a while to explain to the ECS customer service rep that there were two options for the rear, and the kit I received had the wrong rear lines. From now on I will always verify something with ECS before ordering.

      As for B5 - A4 compatibility: I was always under the impression that the B5.5 (and B5?) was more closely related to the C5 A6 generation, especially when it comes to the rear suspension. For instance, the same model numbers are shown for the A6 Quattro Avant rear shocks, but are different in the front: http://cart.bilsteinus.com/search/mm.../drivetype=AWD. Looks like the fronts are different though.

      Not sure if that helps at all...I guess my recommendation would be to talk with someone at Bilstein. As far as I can tell, the model numbers for any A4 vs. your 2005 4mo B5.5 are completely different...so I wouldn't assume they would fit/work.

    3. Member rcprato's Avatar
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      Sep 14th, 2007
      Rochester, NY
      2008 Passat Komfort 2.0TSI (APR Tune), 2011 Touareg VR6 Lux, 02 Pasat GLS, 15 GTI 6 speed
      07-08-2016 02:58 PM #3
      I had the same mix up with the ECS Rear Brake lines over 2 years ago with our 04 GLS 4Mo wagon, you would think they would have learned from that ?

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