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#1 Question: Do I have a 12V VR6 or a 24V VR6 (For the US)? 12Vs have spark plug wires, 24Vs do not (they have individual coils).
In the US, all 24V VR6 MkIVs came with engine code BDF and the 6 speed manual 02M or 5-speed Tiptronic 09A transmissions (Jetta only). Eurovans with the 24V VR6 came with the 5-speed 02J or auto tranny.
Most Common Engine Performance Mods:
Catback Exhaust
Lightweight Pulleys
Forced Induction
unOfficial 24v VR6 Registry:
High Mileage 24V VR6s:
interference-style engine?:
R32 head on a 2.8 VR6? &
Stock Spark Plug Gap & torque spec:
Tach wire = no!
G62 Sensor:
BDF vs R32 valves:
Technical 24V Info:
NA Buildup with lots of info:
N/A Chip:
03 GIAC chip dyno plot:
FI Chips:
Unitronic, GIAC
034 Tuning, Lugtronic
There are no headers available for the 24V VR6 as stock manifolds flow well.
Exhaust Discussion & Poll:
Exhaust on 4 Motion makes wierd noise when it rains!!!:
2.5" Cat Back Magnaflow video clips:
Techtonics Tuning Downpipe and headers info:
24V Exhaust Sound Clip Thread:
Evoms V-Flow, AEI,ECS Tuning, and a myriad of others.
Cam Shafts:
Schrick 252 Install:
Schrick 252 Dyno:
TT cams
Note: R32 and 2.8 24V VR6 cams are identical.
General Forced Induction:
How much pressure before the stock manifold pops?
Forced Induction Superchargeing:
VF-Engineering Supercharger Info:
VF-Engineering Dyno Results:
Forced Induction Turbocharging:
Kinetics 24V Turbo
C2 Motorsports
3 or 4 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator:
Larger Injector discussion:
Please consult the MkIV DIY FAQ as it will have 95% of electrical issues covered:
MKIV Fuse ID Listing:
For those with Fan &/or A/C issues on 24Vs:
6 Speed Final Gear Ratio:
02M Gear sets:
Does your 2-3 shift suck or sometime grind? Join the crowd:
HPA Gear set info:
Info about 24V axles:
10K Service:
Scheduled maintenance
Metal Waterpump Info:
>>>Common Issues to 24v VR6 motors<<<:
Does your car buck?
Warm Stall Data:
California 24V VR6 owners guide to SMOG:
Changing spark plugs DIY:
Replace 24V VR6 Serpentine Belt:
Oil Change How To:
Water Pump DIY:
V-Flow Stage 2 DIY:
Engine cover removal:
Crack-pipe/Thermostat Replacement:
Bleeding 02M clutch slave cylinder: link
Steel Oilpans on 24V:
VR6 and V6?:
ESP Question?:
24V Coilpack part numbers:
Ticking Sound after start and VR6 "whistle":
24v dyno charts & time slips:
24v bolt-ons dyno results:
Grounding Kit Discussion:

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