Hi there people.... Got a quick question as to which way I should continue with my 1.8t conversion.

Bassically iv converted my AKL body to AUM engine and running gear. The conversion is almost complete the only problem I'm having is the throttle (DBW) will not respond at all but the engine idles lovely.
I have decided after much thought that I want to grab a TB from an AGU engine which will use a phyiscal throttle cable instead of the brive-by-wire and re-modify my already modified pedal box back to how it originally was. :/
I'm hoping then the engine will run enough to get it moved to my workshop.

I need to get the car moving, it's sat for a year already, I run it every few days up to temperature, the DBW did work when I first did the conversion but only for a few days then it started become intermittent and only work when I moved cables and unplugged/re-plugged sensors under the bonnet, now it doesn't seem to work at all.

I stripped all the wire back on both O2 sensors, checked for any splits or cracks in the wiring but found no problems at all. I also checked most of the other wires I could get to easy enough in the same manor. (TP Sensor, Temp sensor, Coil packs, etc)

The problems I know about which I don't think are linked to the throttle response are,
- Slight Exhaust Blow
- VAC Leak under throttle body (T piece)

Possible problems with my DBW (AUM).

- Shorted/Blown ECU
- Poor/Dodgy Connections
- Bad Earth(s)
- Faulty Peddle
- Faulty TB
- Other Problems

If someone could give this a quick read and maybe make some sense out of it I would be delighted