While I have my wife's Z3 for the winter I decided to address her "Honey-do" list all at once.

Her seat clunking is due to sacrificial spacers that had sacrificed themselves. It only creates a quarter inch of movement it feels like an inch.

The heater controls were jammed due to a cable coming out of a socket that had cracked. Super-glue and Gorilla epoxy fixed that problem.

New carpet retainers are on the way and a new clutch hose is ordered because the existing hose expands under hydraulic pressure.

The center console cover broken lid turned out to not be broken at all. It was just missing two o-rings used as rubber bands.

The last item is the stock radio. The volume control goes crazy and you can't adjust it with the knob. I'd replace it with a new radio, but it has a feature that increases the volume with speed for top-down driving. She never listens to the radio, just mix CDs she burned herself. Since it stopped working the neighbors have missed her cruising by, singing at the top of her lungs.

I called the dealership and BMW dealers no longer service '97 models. They will gladly replace it, but not fix it. He said he used a firm called Radioman, but a web search reveals a slew of them.

Who would Vortex use?