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    Thread: Store needs more creative designs.

    1. Member foxygrandpa's Avatar
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      Jun 2nd, 2012
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      12-16-2016 06:03 PM #1
      I think the stickers are great but I think the apparel store selection is a bit bland.

      Coming from a background in screenprinting and graphic design, I would suggest:

      A) Coming up with some different designs like maybe something hand drawn or just some sort of design maybe featuring a beetle or iconic vw's or vw culture. You can always put your logo on the sleeve.

      B) Holding contests in which the forum members can submit their own designs, you select which ones you like and have a forum vote on which ones they like best. Winner gets like $20 dollar gift card and a vwv shirt or something.

      C) As far as interface of webstore, it is good but when you first pull up the page all the previews are white. I would suggest changing some of those previews to some other colors you offer for that item so the store
      doesn't look so sterile and bland.

      Anyway, those are my suggestions

      I think overall it's a good webstore I might get me a coffee mug for work

    2. Member
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      Jul 7th, 2003
      Staunton, Virginia
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      01-03-2017 09:39 PM #2
      I agree 100% with the previous poster... as a first step, change the default colors on some of the items so that not everything is white. The layout and organization is fine.

      Then add more items/artwork to purchase. Like the previous guy said, have art contests and use users' submitted artwork (to keep from having to hire an artist). The forums have a TON of users. You could probably do a shirt for nearly ever generation of Golf/Jetta, a shirt for every air-cooled model, multiple Beetle and Bus shirts. Some could be "line drawn" images and others could be full-color screen prints. You could nearly have a shirt for every model-specific forum.

      What you guys have is nice, but it skews toward the sterile, unoffensive stuff offered on VW's own DriverGear. Enthusiasts would go deeper and want images of cars, engine logos, engines themselves, wheels, etc. Throw the 'tex logo on the bottom, on the sleeve, on the back--wherever--but I think people would be more into buying if there was more than just the logo. I could see myself buying one 'tex shirt as they currently are. I could see myself going broke if the shirts had more going on. The options are limitless. Not sure what licensing requirements VW would have or how pissed they'd be, but it would be worth checking into.
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    3. 04-30-2017 02:25 AM #3

    4. Member MrWizard's Avatar
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      Feb 10th, 2004
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      05-02-2017 02:07 AM #4
      At first it does look like the only option is white, Boring.

      I want something more than VWVortex logo. Graphics saying something.

      I would also so like to know that brand of product and where it is made. I refuse to buy anything made in China.

      A zip up hoodie would be a great addition.
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