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    Thread: I need Some help

    1. 01-11-2017 02:50 PM #1

      I have a mk7 Gti (executed)

      I own a vcds computer.
      And sorry for my English.....

      I Would like that the ch and lh option is working for my car. Do anyone know I gonna get this to work for my car?.
      Also I really like that when I open the car of closing that the interior lights is going on when I open it or when I pul the key out the car that is comes on. Again do anyone know how I get this work?

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      Feb 25th, 2010
      Wilkes-Barre, PA
      01-12-2017 09:26 AM #2
      Hard to understand what you mean?
      Are you saying your inside light no longer works when you open the door?
      Are you also saying the inside light does not come on when you remove the key?
      If so does the light come on if you open other front door?
      Good Luck

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