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    Thread: 1986 Cabby weber 32/36 carb swap from CIS....fuel pump help needed

    1. Member oopseyesharted's Avatar
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      Mar 2nd, 2005
      Cleveland "Westside"
      07' Rabbit & 86' Cabby
      02-21-2017 07:10 PM #1
      Ok guys, I got a 1986 cabby. 1.8 liter 8v CIS.
      I am not messing with the cis garbage anymore.
      I have the redline weber kit with the redline fuel pump.
      I know I need to remove the external pump.
      But do I leave the intank fuel pump hooked up and run the redline pump under the hood?
      Or do I put the redline pump under the car where the external cis pump was?

      Any other ideas would be great.
      Nothing interesting here.

    2. 02-21-2017 10:48 PM #2
      The most fool proof way of dealing with the fuel system is to leave the high and low pressure pumps in place. Run a by-pass pressure regulator befor the carb. The excess fuel pressure will run to the fuel return line and the proper low pressure will be fed to the carb. I did this on my 92 cabriolet and was more than happy when I no longer had to deal with vapor lock or not being able to get the last 2 gallons of fuel out of the tank...

    3. Member Jettaboy1884's Avatar
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      Jan 20th, 2004
      Central NJ
      '87 Alpine White Cabriolet' 12 Chevy Cruze ECO
      03-20-2017 05:22 PM #3
      ^ Would running it that way result in a lot of fuel flow back to the tank, resulting in higher gas temperatures from the constant cycling?

      Does the pressure valve result in the high pressure pump not "feeling" a lot of resistance in the system? And do we know if the high pressure pump would put out a low volume, or high volume of fuel in that kind of circuit?

      I ask because I will probably be dealing with this in the future on my Cabby as well.

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