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If a 225/50 R17 will fit on that rim then yes, when it comes time I'll replace all four with that since those are far more readily available
All depends on how wide the wheel is. A 225/50/17 will work on a 6-8 with 7 being standard.
Then it depends on the offset. An Alltrack with 18" wheels has a 225 tire and there's plenty of room but the offset might be different for a 17" as compared to an 18". The only real problem I could see is it rubbing on the inside (i.e. the front strut).

It is interesting because in the Continental series, we all run 225/45/17. The FWD guys will run a 9.5" on the front and a 7" on the rear. It actually makes a difference mostly because they want the car to rotate (which also explains the 2000lb rear springs, no rear camber and zero toe at the rear). I always ran a 9" on my BMW and with the offset, had to shoehorn it in there with some creative work with the rear inner fender wells.