Well, after a long time dreamin, finally stepped up into a Gen V. The gen 4 went to a good home, a member on the Viper boards, and I'm super excited for him--was really strange to see "my" car parked in front of a different residence. It's kind of weird when you sell to someone whom still has access to you, as you never really feel like the car is gone! Hope he enjoys it in good health on the mean streets of San Diego.

My search for a G5 was initially narrowed to Stryker cars only. Green, Purple, Orange, Red, in that order. I am not a stripe guy, and do not like flat colors; So 90% of the used market, and TAs, were out. Stryker cars rarely pop up for sale and when they do, people tend to want the moon for them. The one stryker green car I had my eye on in Colorado--which had sat on the market for almost a year--sold a few days before my gen 4 moved, and was particularly disappointing. I honestly never even considered a GTS Blue car (even though it is my favorite color), as they literally only made a handful without stripes (less than 10). It just never occurred to me that one would ever pop up. But pop up it did. 1 owner car, 6k miles, had a clear bra on from mile 1, passed R28, and has had R29 performed. Perfect. Additionally, (and this rarely happens) but the previous owner and I shared similar taste; All of his mods were not only appreciated but would of followed the same suit in my possession. It was good to save some money on parts, for once. Previous owner also included all of the oem parts in the sale.

Excited would be an understatement, I'm on pins and needles waiting on the car to be transported from PA to TX. She should be here this week, and I already have parts at the house to round out the bolt ons!

'13 Viper GTS Blue

-Track Package
--2pc Stoptech rotors
--295/30/18, 355/30/19 Pirelli PZero Corsa
--Sidewinder II Matte Black 18/19s
-Laguna Interior
--Full Laguna Leather Interior (door cards, dash, center console, steering wheel, shifter, e-brake, etc)
--Alcantara Headliner and Pillars
-18 Speaker Harmon Kardon Audio
--5.4 Channel Logic7
--4 subwoofers
-Advanced Aero
--Front & Rear Full Carbon spoilers

Aftermarket Mods:

-Arrow ECU
-Belanger Longtubes, Mid-pipes, HF Cats
-Corsa Catback
-AP Full Carbon Diffuser
-Xpel Clearbra [Full front end]
-GTS Blue Coil Covers
-Matte Black 'GTS' Emblem
-Matte Black Gas Door
-3M Tint

All I have for now are some potato cam cell phone snaps, real pictures to follow when I take delivery. Per usual I will use this thread to track my ownership, build progress, services, events, etc;

Interior shots;