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    Thread: DSG gets on my nerve

    1. 03-30-2017 10:46 PM #1
      Ok, I've been driving a DSG for quite a while now and I also have the latest fix (TDI fix #1). I'm used to this type of trans and I do understand how the DSG works is built and how it works (the two clutchs etcs..). However.. I still do not understand certain things like, if I drive in manual mode and hit the paddle-shift to shift up from the 1st to the 2nd there's a delay before the shift occurs. Why not an instant shift? Then again from second to third. I get a delay!

      Can someone explain this too? I know the box has to pre-position the gears etc. But still...

      I so tired with this that I'm considering going back to a real manual transmission equiped car.

    2. 05-28-2017 12:44 AM #2
      I never got a delay when up-shifting while accelerating.

      When in "D" and accelerating, the next gear is pre-selected, when in "+/-" it's not, it waits
      for you to select the gear.

      When in "D" and decelerating, as it downshifts, the next gear is pre-selected. You would
      get a delay if you were to "+" is while coasting, to accelerate again for an up-shift.

      Try this:
      In 6th gear and in "D", let off the fuel pedal to coast, lightly brake, then move the selector to "+/-", it should
      downshift and display a "5", because gear 5 had been pre-selected due to coasting. Mine did it all the time.

      The DELAY is when you go the opposite of what the trans had pre-selected.

      When the pedal is mashed to the floor while in "+/-", every bump to "+" was crisp and

      One thing I did notice, while coasting down hill, and hitting "-" to downshift, the engine would
      rev up before the gear engaged, and I got a slight bump shift each time.
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