VWVortex.com - Where can I get the fitting on top of the dizzy?
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    Thread: Where can I get the fitting on top of the dizzy?

    1. Member
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      Aug 26th, 2005
      1982 Scirocco Callaway Turbo, 1987 16V Scirocco
      04-02-2017 06:34 PM #1
      I need the fitting that screws into the top of the dizzy (Scirocco), the one that goes to the WUR.
      Its threaded on both ends. What is it called!

    2. 04-04-2017 10:00 AM #2
      I may have that fitting since I saved several CIS fittings in the years working at the dealership [and for myself]. If you can post a picture I may be able to help. PM me if you need an email address.

    3. Member 134hpvw's Avatar
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      Sep 5th, 2013
      too any. tdi at this moment
      04-30-2017 12:37 AM #3
      try using www.etka.cc

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