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    Thread: Seat Belt Issue, Looking for help

    1. Member VEEDUBJETTA's Avatar
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      Aug 19th, 2001
      2009 R8, 2000 TT, 2006 A4, 1968 Mustang
      04-21-2017 12:07 PM #1
      I switched over my full interior from black to the baseball stitch interior. The last thing I have to do is the seat belts. I have successfully swapped the drivers side belt, but I'm running into problems with the passenger belt. It seems to have wound back up to a point where I'm not able to pull it out any further in order to install it.

      Is there any kind of quick release method or any way that I can release it so I can pull it back out? I'm really not familiar with how it functions and can't seem to find any help on youtube etc.


      Pic of my belt in its current state, for reference:

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      Jan 21st, 2015
      Northville, MI
      02 225q
      04-21-2017 02:19 PM #2
      If it's tilted at all it won't release. That's how it kind of works, in a sudden stop it moves the little bob inside to lock so you are simulating a stop if it is not it's installed position. Hold it carefully in the position that it is installed in with the same tilt and side up and it should release. Oh, also pull it out slow as sudden triggers that mechanism as well.

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