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    Thread: My DIY surplus trailer build is not happening.

    1. Member DeeJoker's Avatar
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      May 5th, 2001
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      04-21-2017 12:39 PM #1
      I know this is not exactly a classified forum but I think there's enough like minded folks in here it is worth posting to. Mods, if not, pls delete.

      FS: 1 M416 and 1 M100 surplus trailers.

      Time and money is not what I had hoped to build one of these into the off-road tent trailer I wanted to. Much as I wanted, doing this just isn't practical for our situation anymore.

      I've posted them on the Baltimore Craigslist and linked below, They're posted in the local Facebook marketplaces, too.

      Someone that has some cash available can get a real neat piece of history. The M100 was last manufactured in the early 60's, the M416 in the 70s. Both are in good shape considering they're substantially older than most of us!

      If you want more pics, PM me.



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    2. Member psykokid's Avatar
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      Yesterday 06:03 PM #2
      Nice trailers! Too bad you are on the wrong coast, been looking for a M416/M101CDN for a while. You might want to post them in the Expedition Portal trailer classifieds, you'll get a lot more traffic there.
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