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    Thread: contact lenes

    1. 05-15-2017 04:27 PM #1
      I know the negative effects of wearing disposables longer than prescribed... but what if you dont wear them all the time?

      example; monthly wear lenses. If you only wore them maybe 2-4 times a week, does that prolong them or is it once you open the seal they have a timer? lol

      My Rx is going to expire soon and based on my last 3 eye exams, nothing has changed. So this time around I want to order some online before they expire and I am considering buying in bulk because 1) theyre $30/box, 2) its much cheaper than getting a new exam + contacts every year or so... much cheaper.

      TLDR: is 30days = 30 days of actual wear or 30 days once seal is open?????

    2. Member damion16v's Avatar
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      05-17-2017 11:29 AM #2
      Just change the fluid on a regular basis. I got a new pair of glasses I like this year and haven't been wearing lenses much, so I'm 1-2 times a week with no problems. I've worn lenses way past the 30-day mark and my eye doc said it was fine as long as they are kept clean, wet and structurally sound. In fact, the pair I have in now, I opened in January.

    3. 05-17-2017 02:32 PM #3
      TL;DR - 14 days is 14 days of wear, not 14 days since the seal is opened.

      I've been wearing contacts daily for 20 years. While it's certainly possible to stretch a 2-week pair past 30 days, obviously it's not really recommended to stretch it out much past that. As mentioned, changing the fluid on a regular basis is a must. The longer you stretch it out, the higher your chances of bacteria, throwing off the pH, or damaging the lens which can damage your eyes. It's all relative. The chances are low but there's still a chance. As a daily wearer though, if I get to the 3-week mark they're generally drying out faster and irritating me more so I replace them for sheer comfort and clearer eyesight. To me it's worth the price to replace more often.

      relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8GMFkc3iSA

    4. Member
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      Dec 17th, 2007
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      05-19-2017 09:28 AM #4
      I've worn 2 week lenses for 2 months. All that happens is they start to get a little blurry and will eventually fall apart.

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