We've had at least one thread lately about squeezing dealers for every last dollar of profit in new car purchases, but I'm curious how the TCL dealmasters approach used sales from private parties.

So how do you guys negotiate the price when dealing with individuals? Do you start off by offering X% or $Y below asking, regardless of what the asking price is? Do you initially offer what you think the car is worth/your max price and tell the seller to take it or leave it? Bring a pocket full of cash to entice the seller to take less for a quick sale? Offer some cash plus "interesting trades" and/or personal services?

I'm in the market for an old(er) domestic POS and plan to look at one I believe is priced about $1000 (or 15%) too high and would like to negotiate the price down without angering the seller, who I expect will have multiple tattoos, a mullet and possibly a concealed weapon.