Hi all,

I love my 2007 CRV, but the brakes are awful. Last year I put in new centric rotors and brembo street pads, and things improved over stock, but now a year later, the rotors are warped (again) and the pedal is mushy... so time to do the brakes again. Looking on tirerack, the options on pads are limited, and the only upgrade available for the rotors is to get the cryo treated ones. Not sure if that is worth it. Brake fluid was changed last year as well. I'm looking for good initial bite, as well as not warping the rotors annually. Anyone have any suggestions? For reference, this is the set up I have now, which I don't like very much- Brembo pads and centric plain rotors https://www.tirerack.com/brakes/resu...utoModClar=4wd