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    Thread: Mirastar/Wal-mart 92 Octane Gas - any good?

    1. 05-31-2003 04:33 PM #1
      The Mirastar station next to Wal-mart in Marysville, Wa. has 92 octane for $1.63/gal. which is 10 cents cheaper than Shell, Chevron, etc. I was wondering where they get their gas from? I know to stay away from AM/PM & Citgo/7-Eleven and I generally use either Chevron, Shell or Union 76. Just wondering what the consensus was (if any).

    2. 05-31-2003 07:35 PM #2
      Good question. Are you bone stock?
      We've been trying to agree on octane lately. You might help solve our delima with your access to 92!!
      I think we all agree 89 is way too low, because it causes the ECU to detect ping and retard timing like crazy. But on 93 it NEVER detects ping, never ever pulls ANY timing, so that may be too high for best performance and mileage.
      My fuel door says 91+. I put 91 in it, reset DTCs to reset trim, then got misfires. So I presumed 91 was too low too.
      If you run a few tanks of 92 through it, then tell us how it feels after it adapts, I'd have someone check your car's computer info with a scan tool - if you don't have one yet... (edit: whoops!)
      Then we'd all know for sure what the "optimal octane" is...

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    3. Member Seanathan's Avatar
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      May 1st, 2002
      Paradise Valley, AZ
      1999 MKIV Jetta VR6 - 2002 MKIV Jetta 1.8T - w/ GT28r - 2008 MKV GTI - 2011 GTI w/ APR K04
      05-31-2003 07:47 PM #3
      I stick with Exxon or Mobil (same) if they're around....if not then Chevron (since we don't have sunoco out here in az).......
      Look at the fuel panel.....it says a min. of 91....so if your stock, then its recommended to use a min. of 91. If you're chipped, then you must use a min. of 91. The chip itself retards timing. Another reason why you need 91 octane when chipped.
      And if you're pinging with 91 still...then you have another problem than gas.
      P.S. I can't wait to move back to the East Coast were gas is 93/94 octane, not this Westcoast 91 crap. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif[/IMG]

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    4. 05-31-2003 09:42 PM #4
      I'm not bone stock. Just APR 1.0 bar (soon to be upgraded to the latest version with the Home Programmer) and TT cat-back (TT DP-back will be added in a couple of weeks). My engine is AWD. Only other mods are the chris86vw "ghetto airbox mod" and a drop-in K&N.
      My question was more about the quality of Mirastar's gas and their refining (which leads to where in the world they get the crude). I have always heard that Arco/AM-PM & 7-Eleven/Citgo used very poor crude which accounted for their prices being 10 cents/gallon cheaper (average) than Chevron/Shell/Texaco/Union 76. 92 seems to be the highest street-grade octane available in Washington state.

      Modified by TruEvo at 6:46 PM 5-31-2003

    5. 05-31-2003 10:11 PM #5
      Quote, originally posted by TruEvo »
      quality of Mirastar's gas and their refining (which leads to where in the world they get the crude).

      Ok, sorry, never mind. Use the highest available to you...
      But it seems to be agreed that this country's oil is all merged, refined, and then distributed to retailers, who then differentiate by additives, etc. There are only a few refineries. It's all the same crude, someone correct me if I'm wrong!

    6. 06-01-2003 01:44 AM #6
      I discovered that Mirastar-brand gasoline is refined by Tesoro. There are 6 refineries in Washington state alone: BP (refines ARCO), ConocoPhillips (refines Circle K, Tosco, Mobil, and Union 76), Shell (refines Texaco and maybe Chevron since the merger), Tesoro (refines Shell), US Oil & Refining (end users unknown), and Sound Refining (only refines asphalt and distillate oil). Sorry if this is becoming too academic but it's kind of "common knowledge" around here, to enthusiasts at least, that ARCO & Citgo sell the "dirtiest" gasoline. So, it seems that Mirastar is the equivalent of Shell.
      My head is hurting from attempting to decipher the intertwined web of which Oil Co. has bought out/merged with/taken over the other. Time for a
      WA State Dept. of Ecology Oil Refinery Facilities

      Modified by TruEvo at 11:04 PM 5-31-2003

    7. 06-01-2003 01:52 AM #7
      Oil Refineries in the U.S., by state. The list is compiled by a law firm that is apparently working on asbestos cases. As it's late, I'm not vouching for the accuracy.

    8. 06-01-2003 11:19 AM #8
      i get 94 around here for $1.52.... 93 for $1.47

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