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    Thread: Leftover new 2014 VW in 2017?

    1. 06-19-2017 01:10 AM #1
      The car is a new, never sold 2014 VW (yes, in 2017). The odometer reads under 100 miles, the protective plastic is still on the instrument panel, and the car appears mint. The window sticker shows the car was shipped to this dealer in 2014. CARFAX confirms it has never been anywhere else. A VIN check matches the car in question. This is a big city VW dealership that is part of a 50 year-old, 25-dealership auto group, with a Google Review rating of 4.3 based on 88 reviews.

      The dealer says the car has been unsold as it was "part of the Takata airbag recall" and they weren't able to fix it until now. While the model itself in question is subject to this recall, neither the VW or NHTSA recall websites show recalls in effect for its VIN.

      The dealer says the full manufacturer's warranty as stated on the windows sticker will apply starting on the sale date.

      Sticker was $41K, and Edmunds TMV Retail CPO is just under $22K. The dealership offered me the car for $22K.

      Is the dealer hiding something? If so, what? The only discrepancy is the odometer is under 100 miles, while the last CARFAX entry says 260 miles (data entry error?). Could the car have damaged on their lot and they fixed it and are trying to pass it off as mint? What else? Can I have another VW dealer run the VIN to see if there's some VW internal information that never would have been reported to CARFAX?


      - No accidents reported to CARFAX
      - No other damage reported to CARFAX

      - Title History
      Salvage | Junk | Rebuilt | Fire | Flood | Hail | Lemon > Guaranteed No Problem
      Not Actual Mileage | Exceeds Mechanical Limits > Guaranteed No Problem

      - Additional History
      No total loss reported to CARFAX.
      No structural damage reported to CARFAX.
      No airbag deployment reported to CARFAX.
      No indication of an odometer rollback.
      No accidents or damage reported to CARFAX.
      No open recalls reported to CARFAX.

      - Service History and Detailed Records:
      [Undated] NICB Vehicle manufactured and shipped to [STATE]
      03/04/2014 [DEALER] Vehicle offered for sale
      03/05/2014 3 [DEALER] Pre-delivery inspection completed
      03/26/2014 [DEALER] Window tint installed
      11/16/2015 15 [DEALER] Vehicle serviced
      02/26/2016 260 [DEALER] Engine serviced
      03/28/2017 [DEALER] Vehicle serviced
      04/25/2017 [DEALER] Vehicle serviced
      06/04/2017 [DEALER] Vehicle offered for sale

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      06-19-2017 08:39 AM #2
      any motorized transport that is not used can have issues from that, first off is gas, most importantly todays gas is worse than ever when not used, does it run ok! it sounds fishy but possible, but with a full warranty from an authorized dealer things may be ok!

    3. 06-19-2017 11:26 AM #3
      Based on the price, I assume its a CC or Eos?

      Takata airbags is not the reason that car did not sell. Its only been about a year or so since it was disclosed that these cars had affected airbags.

      The dealer may not be hiding anything but they are using this weak excuse.

    4. Member gsprobe02's Avatar
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      06-19-2017 05:36 PM #4
      That is quite unusual but the airbags are 100% NOT the issue. Maybe it's an odd package or optioned heavy? Maybe there was another recall or lot damage that took a long time to resolve ( on the lot damage will probably not appear on a car fax especially if the body shop is part of the dealer network ). But 2 years old and never sold is never OK. That is a strange case.

    5. Member MAGICGTI's Avatar
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      06-19-2017 08:05 PM #5
      If you like the car and it drives fine even after sitting, why not buy it?
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    6. 06-22-2017 01:51 PM #6
      Get the car inspected just as if it were a used car.

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      06-22-2017 03:35 PM #7
      Quote Originally Posted by Aseras View Post
      Get the car inspected just as if it were a used car.
      ^ This
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