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    Thread: Working clear corners for B4's

    1. 07-18-2003 10:53 PM #1
      **The purpose of this post is to be linked to from the FAQ.**
      I wanted clear front corner lights for my B4, but I found like everyone else, that you can only buy dummy clear corners. I bought the DEPO brand and installed them and quickly one of them started filling with water. By the time I got a chance to drain it, the chrome finish inside was burned off. Feeling like I had nothing to lose I decided to make my own working clear corners. I took a sturdy pocket knife blade and inserted it in the seam between the front and back halves and twisted it a little. Without very much force I heard a crack. The seam started to open so I kept going. Some spots were tough and some of the crack sounds were loud. But it broke apart at the seam fairly well. In some places the plastic broke instead of the glue, but close enough to the joint that it wasn't a problem.
      The original Hella's came apart much easier than the new dummies. Maybe due to age and heat breaking down the glue. Anyway I matched up the DEPO lenses with the hella reflectors. There were a few high spots where the plastic broke away that I was able to trim down with the knife. They don't have to fit together perfectly. I used clear RTV silicone adhesive/sealant to glue them together. I ran a bead around one of the halves, whichever one that you could better tell where the gluing area should be. There's a small drain hole on the bottom of the Hella reflector that you must not block with the glue. I pressed the halves together and was relieved that I had not put too much glue on. I was afraid it would mash to the inside and be visible. But if you pay attention to the shape of the pieces where they fit together, you can stay out of trouble.
      The finished product looks great and i am very pleased with the appearance when the lights are on. You need to use an amber bulb, I used 194NA from Pep Boys and it is just right. There are some nerve-racking moments as you try to separate the halves, but you can move on to another spot that opens easier and come back for the stubborn places. They come loose easier when the area around them is loose already. Let the RTV dry overnight, but wipe the edge ooze immediately. Be careful you don't get RTV fingerprints on the lenses! I recommend this mod to those who would like working clear corners. Just be careful and go slowly. Results are worth it. Here's a pic of my B4 with parking lights on. The city lights, corners and smoked sidemarkers all come on with them.

      Modified by A2B4guy at 9:32 PM 3-9-2007

    2. 07-19-2003 01:16 AM #2
      Good writeup bro...nice to see creativity in action! Now ditch the pinstripe!

    3. 07-19-2003 08:34 AM #3
      I've been meaning to do that for a long time, but I can never remember to bring the heat gun home with me from work on Friday. Yesterday I put it in the chair beside me so I wouldn't forget it, and guess what?......

    4. 07-19-2003 04:28 PM #4
      I was looking at the pick and was like, there's a North Carolina inspection sticker. Your car looks really great; someday my black B4 will look like that!

    5. Banned ~ Cartman ~'s Avatar
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      Apr 30th, 2001
      07-19-2003 07:35 PM #5
      got any night pics of the work?

    6. 07-19-2003 11:48 PM #6
      I've tried to take night pics but they don't come out on the digi. Just darkness and glare, even in a well lit parking lot.

    7. 07-20-2003 01:00 AM #7
      I did the same three years ago you just have to take your time.Seal them good its better than the reflector for safety reasons nice job. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

      Modified by HT WTR at 10:03 PM 7-19-2003

    8. Member BrightGreenB5's Avatar
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      Dec 7th, 2000
      Northern VA
      '99 Volkswagen Passat, '15 Jeep Patriot
      07-20-2003 11:28 PM #8
      Yup, I got hit in our 96 one time and was surprised how easily the clear corner broke into two.
      Excellent mod!

    9. 04-19-2005 12:22 PM #9

      Looks great A2B4guy,

    10. Member Jayizdaman's Avatar
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      Apr 18th, 2005
      04-19-2005 12:34 PM #10
      is that the euro vr6 front lip spoiler? if so i definately need to one of those up

    11. Banned
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      Sep 23rd, 2004
      04-19-2005 07:55 PM #11
      it is a seat lip.
      modified to fit the b4 bumper

    12. Member Jayizdaman's Avatar
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      Apr 18th, 2005
      04-19-2005 11:21 PM #12
      i see, basically this http://www.evolutionsports.com...D=703 right? the only difference really is that abe's has more Vents hwile the vr6 one is more of just this black piece of plastic

      Modified by Jayizdaman at 8:25 PM 4-19-2005

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