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    Thread: DIY - Replacing oxygen sensors

    1. 03-13-2007 07:59 PM #36
      The sensor for the 2.0 may be on the downpipe. Pop the hood and look behind the engine for the sensor. You can also follow the wires for the pre-cat sensor from the little black box up to the sensor.
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      03-13-2007 08:11 PM #37
      Quote, originally posted by VgRt6 »
      The sensor for the 2.0 may be on the downpipe. Pop the hood and look behind the engine for the sensor. You can also follow the wires for the pre-cat sensor for the little black box up to the sensor.
      Woohoo! Post 12345!!!
      you've helped out the vw community so much..
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    3. 03-13-2007 08:13 PM #38
      Quote, originally posted by cinzanoum »
      I can only find one sensor on the cat and it appears to be the post. The fault i am getting is for the pre cat. What am I doing wrong? Any help for a newbie is greatly appreciated. 2001 Jetta 2.0L.

      The Precat O2 sensor for the 2.0L is on the exhaust manifold. [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    4. 03-13-2007 09:04 PM #39
      Quote, originally posted by Tolageak »
      you've helped out the vw community so much..
      now will you father my children?

      Are you hot? J/K.

    5. 04-11-2007 10:12 AM #40
      FYI-I did both my o2 sensors a little while ago and tried something I had not seen on the forum. While I waited for the exhaust to cool enough to work around, I put the offset tool in the freezer. Once the exhaust was cool enough but, still warm, I sprayed a very small amount of WD-40 on the threading and disconnected the wire/plug for the sensor I was removing. Then, I took the offset tool out of the freezer and got it into position. I applied moderate pressure for a few seconds to allow some of the heat to transfer, then applied more pressure and the sensor unscrewed quite easily.

    6. 04-20-2007 04:20 PM #41

    7. 07-10-2007 02:35 AM #42
      Hmmm, just replaced mine. My car smelled like a gas station before I changed them, now it's nice and clean. My car is finally a bit more gas efficient again! They came out very easy amazingly.
      It is so handy having these DIY's Thanks again!

      My pre-cat O2 sensor was exactly like this one... with black chalky stuff all over it. I read on Wikipedia:
      "An overly rich mixture causes buildup of black powdery deposit on the probe. This may be caused by failure of the probe itself, or by a problem elsewhere in the fuel rationing system."

      Just wanted to let anyone else know that was doing this DIY that it may be fairly normal if you have been driving the car for awhile with the O2 sensor not working...

    8. 07-26-2007 05:11 PM #43
      thank you sir i need this

    9. 10-01-2007 06:02 PM #44
      Em.... I wanted to ask if it will harm the car to remove the 2 sensors and drive the car to the shop to show them the exact sensor type, but I just realised ... that will mean driving with big holes in the exhaust, right ?

    10. 11-11-2007 02:00 AM #45
      Just wanted to say thanks for this. With your DIY guide I had no problems. Thank you

    11. 05-17-2008 07:00 PM #46
      Excellent write up. thought I replied but it seems ot have gotten lost. I replaced the pre cat sensor but could not get thepost sensor out for anything. I am goingot have to buy the special sensor tool. this is my first repair on the vw mechanically.

    12. 05-17-2008 07:48 PM #47
      has anyone removed the post cat sensor with just an open ended flat wrench? stuck isnt the issue, the fact that its on an angle, the wrench head wont rotate and slips right off. i read the secondary isnt for smooth running anyways. my cell went away with just the precat sensor being replaced. and my gas mileage went back up to 25mpg avg on the vr.

    13. 05-21-2008 05:28 PM #48
      i have not. but i found an 22mm oxygen sensor wrench for 12$ (US). Originally i had spent 2 hours trying to get the post-cat off with a variety of tools. this time it took 20 minutes as i still had to loosen it up. TOTALLY worth it. jus go buy it. Most cat sensors are 22 mm now adays so itis not a one time use tool.

    14. 02-17-2009 06:31 PM #49
      great diy. did mine in about 15 mins, the pre cat. didnt have the right sensor tool, but used open faced wrench w/no probs. thanks man.

    15. Member Spindle's Avatar
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      03-18-2009 11:46 AM #50
      Yay! Another satisifed customer....Thanks to VgRt6 and others for the info..!!! [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      I just did the pre-cat (had CEL w/pre-cat heater failure code). I found that my Craftsman 22mm open/box wrench's slightly angled box end fit best for removing. I just cut the harness near the sensor and slipped the wrench over. I used the open end for install since it didn't need near as much torque. I did hose it w/PB and tapped it then let it sit ~20 mins before trying to remove. After that, one small whack with a hammer on the wrench and it spun right out.

    16. 03-18-2009 10:24 PM #51
      I found the cheapest I could find the o2 sensors was right on I found the pre-cat (Bosch part# 17014) and post-cat (Bosch# 16121) for around 135 bucks. I'm headed under the car tomorrow afternoon to replace the o2 sensors and I'll be sure and let you guys know how it goes. Oh, and AWESOME write up. Dude, between this DIY and one you did about window regulators, you've saved me hundreds of dollars in repair bills. I'm buying the first round.

    17. 08-05-2009 04:47 PM #52
      2nd DIY of his I've used this week - first was the window falling into the door
      and same here - got mine on along with an OEM O2 sensor socket set (3 sockets, 3/8" drive in the set) for $138 shipped. Sockets were an additional $18 so $120 shipped for just the sensors if anyone's looking

    18. Member
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      Jul 17th, 2009
      La Crescenta CA
      09-22-2009 06:27 PM #53
      Awesome DIY. Seeing how I've never worked on a car before and this is really helping me.
      But I'm trying to remove the precat heat shield. But I got scared trying to take it off because it wouldn't come off with a little bit of pressure on the snap.
      How hard am I supposed to do it? Or should I just do it until it pops a few times and pull it off?

    19. 11-27-2009 02:00 PM #54
      This is a great DIY.
      Picked up the bosch 16121 and 17014 from amazon. On my 2.0L, the pre-cat connects to the exhaust manifold. But the 17014 with the big black 6 prong setup came with a short cord that is not looking like it's gonna reach the EM.
      The 16121 (brownish-small clip) came with a much longer cord for a short reach to the cat.
      Am I looking at this wrong or have the plugs been switched? Would it be a horrible, horrible mistake to plug them in backwards?

    20. Member Scottacular's Avatar
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      2010 VW Jetta 2.5
      12-12-2009 04:01 PM #55
      Love this DIY!! Big thanks to the OP! [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      Quick question, I pulled my post-cat O2 sensor the other day and it had something inside rattling. Is this normal, or is something inside there broken? I have the "Bank 1 Sensor 2 - No Activity" code and I just want to know if it's the extender that's on there or if my O2 sensor is toast. Thanks!

    21. Member tapassvr's Avatar
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      Jun 12th, 2009
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      12-29-2009 05:00 PM #56
      Great DIY! Any available for an obd1? I just got my sensor in the mail today and need to replace it.
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    22. 02-12-2010 07:48 PM #57
      Awesome DIY!! My two sensors were relatively easy, both came right out with a breaker bar and special socket....Splicing in the new sensor seemed to take the longest and even that was only 20 minutes I suppose....Took me about an hour overall!

    23. Member joseone9's Avatar
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      Jan 31st, 2007
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      02-17-2010 03:37 PM #58

    24. 03-14-2010 12:05 AM #59
      This worked great for me. I have a 2001 Jetta with a VR6. I was getting codes 17584, 16524, 16525 which all seem to point to issues with post-cat O2 sensor.
      I purchased the Bosch replacement at Advance Auto for $85.
      They also had a loaner set of the O2 sensor sockets (for free), which I think I makes this job real easy.
      In case it helps any, here is a pic of how I finally got the socket wrench positioned in place. I used a 1/2" breaker bar with a 3/8" adapter to fit in the O2 socket. Once I got this in place, it only took one firm push with my foot to bust it loose. And it worked out the rest of the way easily by hand.
      If you can change your oil, then you can do this. Just make sure you jack up the car nice and high as explained, you will need the space to get both your hands in there for all the clips and snaps and such.

    25. 03-19-2010 01:27 AM #60
      Sorry if I missed them, does anyone have the part #'s for the Bosch O2's for a 2.0L 99.5? this car drinks gas like no-ones business.
      Also, wanted to say Thanks very much for these DIY's I would be lost without them!

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    26. Junior Member Van G's Avatar
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      Jan 6th, 2006
      2003 VW Jetta GLI
      03-19-2010 10:37 AM #61
      I need to replace O2 sensors on my 03 Jetta GLI. Where can I confirm the Bosch part numbers for this engine prior to purchasing off Amazon.
      Downtown VW here in Toronto wants $600+ for both!
      Van G - 03 Jetta GLI

    27. Junior Member Van G's Avatar
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      Jan 6th, 2006
      2003 VW Jetta GLI
      03-19-2010 11:17 AM #62
      Update: Did a search at and returned the following:
      03 Jetta GLI: V6 2.8 BDF GAS
      15733 Oxygen Sensor - OE SmartLink - Universal Fit - Downstream Sensor 4 Wire; Heated; Check / Replace Interval: 100,000 Miles
      16452 Oxygen Sensor - OE Type - Exact Fit - Downstream Sensor 4 Wire; Heated; Check / Replace Interval: 100,000 Miles
      17125 Wideband A/F Sensor - OE Type - Exact Fit - Upstream Sensor 5 Wire; Wideband A/F; Check / Replace Interval: 100,000 Miles
      I'm assuming 16452 & 17125 are the ones I want and 15733 is multi-use model?
      Van G - 03 Jetta GLI

    28. 03-19-2010 10:06 PM #63
      Jesus, on the Bosch site they don't have 99.5 or 2000 with the 2.0L available for selection... Gravy.
      Also, with my car running so rich I guess I can expect to be buying a new Cat some time soon eh?

      Modified by 7.62xLIFE at 10:16 PM 3-19-2010

    29. 05-04-2010 04:32 PM #64
      they're 60$ each shipped on ebay
      5$ for the PB blaster, 10$ for a butane torch.
      2 hours later still nothing...10 Canadian winters might have done some damage, anyone have more pointers on removal?

    30. Member kurin's Avatar
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      Aug 19th, 2009
      2000 bora vr6
      11-01-2010 06:37 PM #65
      the pictures disappeared now. Can you fix the problem please?
      also the price has risen crazily. 1stvw parts has 1K0998262 which replaces the original 06A906262Q. 1stvw price is 130$$$!! they used to be around 20$ years ago..

    31. Member tc3cars's Avatar
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      11-30-2010 07:13 PM #66
      very helpful
      92 golf, 81 caddy diesel (project)

    32. Member lazermkiv's Avatar
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      Feb 27th, 2010
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      12-10-2010 04:13 PM #67
      very nice write up, might be doin this very soon

    33. 01-31-2011 05:26 PM #68
      What is the degree of difficulty in changing the Pre cat sensor? Getting wiring off and on doesn't seem to much fun. Any advice? Also, I took it to a mechanic who said it was the pre cat but never was changed and when I had the code checked again (autozone) the code(P0420) was probable cause rear o2 sensor leak. THX

    34. Member Nick.'s Avatar
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      Feb 12th, 2009
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      05-05-2011 07:36 PM #69
      Pre cat sensor on 2.0's is a bish! I'm in the middle of changing mine right now, have it sitting in PB Blaster with the wrench still on the bolt. Hopefully when I go back to it, it will spin right out
      Quote Originally Posted by mattdoscher View Post
      Every time my car breaks I lower the coils another thread. It works.
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    35. Member VR6 GLX Man's Avatar
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      05-15-2011 11:39 PM #70
      I just did this today on my vr6, pain in the ass, but I did get it in an hour half, that lubricant stuff worked well, hammer came handy. No more check engine light also.
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