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    1. Take that Stig. Dindo Capello Helps Audi Germany Celebrate 500,000 Facebook Fans

      Audi Germany has just passed the 500,000 fans mark on Facebook and to celebrate they've made a cool new video starring Dindo Capello and an Audi R8 coupe. If the drifting and spinning of tires of an Audi sportscar floats your boat, then please do watch below or follow Audi Germany of Facebook HERE.

      <iframe ...
    2. Spied: Audi RS 6 Avant at Nurburgring

      How do you know a car is nearing production? When it has its coming out party at the Nurburgring. We've seen A6 and A7 mules that we thought were RS mules before but there's no question about this Avant. Those bolstered fender flares are one easy spot but the other is a disguised fascia nearly identical to RS 4 mules before that car was revealed.

      Under the hood we expect to see a higher-powered variation of ...
    3. Geneva Motor Show 2012: Volkswagen Group Reveal Photo Gallery Added

      We're running on Red Bull and Toblerone, jet-lagged and ready to hit the CET hay. Before we did though, we wanted to get a gallery up of what we saw tonight at the Volkswagen Group reveal. The new Audi A3 (above) is obviously the most important on these pages but below are a few more we think you'll find most interesting. At the bottom is the link to the full gallery. ...
    4. Recent Audi TechDay Highlights Audi Assistance and Lighting Technology

      Audi held another TechDay recently where they invited European press to see future technologies, this time focusing on driver assistance and LED technologies. If you're wondering where your car is going in the future, this story over at Car & Driver is worth the read. Technologies covered include surrounding-sensing collision avoidance systems, trailer reverse guidance ...
    5. Sneak Peek: Fourtitude's Latest 4 Season Test Subject

      We've just taken delivery of our latest 4 Season test car, and while we plan a more intensive and detailed formal intro shortly, we've decided to officially confirm the car as we've teased it quite a bit via Instagram. Over the next few months we'll be doing the usual like highlighting what it's like to live with and own such a car, though we've also got even more in store for Audi R8 fans. Stay tuned.
    6. Via 4T: eGarage Features the 200 quattro Trans-Am

      Out to Infineon for a shoot on a Ferrari, the guys at eGarage found themselves in a bit of a pinch. The Ferrari's motor blew and was a no-show, but another car they found in the paddock fit the bill. Seems the boys from Eurospec were there with their 1988 Audi 200 quattro Trans-Am. This car marked a fantastic era of racing for Audi in America and perhaps a bit of a precursor to the whole downsizing ...
    7. Virtual Holiday Mantel 2011: BestBuddies Gives Thanks

      As Audi of America's main charity, Best Buddies is always on our radar. This graphic came through with their annual holiday e-card from chairman Anthony Shriver. We wish them and those they help the happiest of holidays.

    8. Virtual Holiday Mantel 2011: Merry Holidays from AutoSpies

      Okay, it's a bit heavy on the self promotion but we'll give AutoSpies a pass for the dual Audi product placement on their 2011 holiday e-card.

    9. Audi Exclusive Sighting: Audi RS 5 in Matte Red / Burgundy

      Knowing that tailoring a car to one's own tastes is of high priority to Audi clientele, quattro GmbH is more than willing to paint your new four-ringer any color you want. As such, we're always on the prowl for an Audi owner who's tried something different... like the matte red on this RS 5. Our friend Hans Z. dropped us a note to alert us of the photo set posted of this cherry RS 5 over on AutoGespot. Check out the full set there ...
    10. EVO Magazine Drives "Red Sonja", Le Mans-Winning Audi R18 TDI

      When it comes to driving cool Audis, I can't complain. As editor of Fourtitude I've had the chance to sample cars like the R8 GT , the R8 V12 TDI Le Mans Concept , the Audi quattro Concept and even an early A5 drivetrain mule of the latter dubbed "The Beast" . It's rare that I'm green with envy, but that's exactly the case with pre-eminent driving connoisseur buff book EVO Magazine out of the UK... for the THIRD ...
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