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    1. lutongparts's Avatar
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    2. Mariya's Avatar
      If i had to choose between these 2 car brands, I would pick Porshe however using audi is much more profitable. I know really cool site http://lafozi.com/us-en/ , you can find many car brands foto. It's really convenient to compare characteristics of different cars on this website.
    3. rs4life1337's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by R5T
      I already think the R8 don't belong in the Audi line-up at all, let alone there will be another useless mid engined car in the line-up.
      I don't see the point in building this kinds of cars while the rest of the Audi range are mostly boring cars.
      The New A3 is a shiny example of a modern boring Audi car.

      They are not boring at all, if you take the time to learn about them and drive every one and know what Makes them unique you will fall in love with the great cars they truly are.

    4. milos87popovic's Avatar
    5. hungerbuehler67's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by ultrasporty
      car looks great and thanks for sharing but George can I get a little help with the contact info for quattro gmbh please as I have a friend who will be ordering a car in that color and need to confirm thepaint code, unless you have that also?

      thanks very much
      it's a late answer, but i'v ordered an RS4 myself. As i was told that "perlmutt-weiss" / nacre-white is not possible anymore due to the new texture of the audi colors i've decided for glut orange which is i think similar to solar orange. i've compared pictures of papaya and solar orange and found out that this RS4 posted from the quattro gmbh guy is definitely NOT papaya, but solar orange. the color code is LY2G. the real papaya orange is a bit lighter, got a touch of yellow in it and not quite as reflecting as solar orange. i absolutely love the color of this RS4 so i'm happy i haven't blindly ordered it in papaya-orange.
    6. seedublyew's Avatar
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    7. MacGruber's Avatar
      I-270 in St. Louis after a snowstorm, a bit messy, the guy in front of me did a complete 360 !

      I didn't see any cameras. He pulled over as most people would to calm down.
    8. Jim89832's Avatar
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    9. zmie's Avatar
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    10. fellowing's Avatar
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    11. newobdtool's Avatar
      Lamborghini is more beautiful, I love it, but where to earn so much money
    12. newobdtool's Avatar
      Compared with audi, i love the porsche better. a woman's sign.
      and the most important, we have products for porsche now - porsche piwis tester ii
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    13. ririkutyperi's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
      Porsche will build Macan in Porsche factory according to their press release. Given the timeframe, audi could build R5 and an MSB-based R8 on same line. Porsche would simply develop.
    14. davidmark's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
      I debated this. Honestly I believe it's staged and a sad attempt at guerilla marketing. I was also impressed by the R8's ability to take the hit. Those two elements contributed in my decision to run it.

      I was so sad after viewed the Video it makes me SAD!!!

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    15. davidmark's Avatar
      This is really cool movie!

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    16. khalilcool's Avatar
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    17. khalilcool's Avatar
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    18. fordcars's Avatar
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    19. hmaluminium's Avatar
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    20. bravemmohome's Avatar
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