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    1. Cars Past to Present

      1987 Honda CRX Si
      1991 Volkswagen GTI
      1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6
      1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6
      1997 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro
      1989 BMW 325iS
      1998 Acura Integra GS-R
      2002 Subaru Impreza WRX
      2006 Volkswagen GTI
      2005 MINI Cooper S
      2006 Audi A3
      2008 Audi A3 S-Line
      2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport

      Updated 11-08-2017 at 09:33 AM by Xymox

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    2. Chapter 6 ? ?Simplify, then add lightness?

      by , 12-26-2015 at 12:11 AM (Building a Corrado "RS")
      Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars, and purveyor of all things simple and lightweight. No need for me to extoll his virtues; hundreds of Internet goers have already done so with an in-depth Wikipedia page. If you remember, I touched upon my preference for simplicity in my last entry.

      The interesting thing about Mr. Chapmans statement about adding power, versus subtracting weight, is that while building the Corrado RS in this direction, I never experienced the fruits of my labor ...
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    3. TT Blog - Post 6 - Life Happens While You Are Busy Making Plans

      In December of 2011 I was pushing some things around the garage when I noticed a cardboard box was starting to get weak on the bottom. Oh no! This whole tower of crap is going to land right on the TT and scratch the paint! The balancing act continued for what seemed an eternity - about 3 seconds - before the top box fell right onto the hood of the car. I pushed the rest of the stack the other way and used the re-bound inertia to bring myself back to the box on the car - afraid to drag it across ...
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    4. Why is the Citroen DS considered the most beautiful car of all time? What should be?

      [QUOTE=Spray`;81847808]Cord 812


      My position on the Cord 810/812 is well-documented. It is also on solid ground. The combination of sheer, perfectly proportioned beauty, the ground-breaking futurism of the design that also successfully avoided lookiing weird, as many visionary designs do, along with the trump card of the Cord being the virtual brainchild of one single human being, Gordon ...
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    5. 2012 Mustang: 12k mile update

      [QUOTE=6cylVWguy;77775801]I thought I'd update those who care about my 2012 Mustang GT--especially since the online reputation for the current mustangs isn't all that stellar. I know most of the attention has moved away from the Mustang, but I know there are several on this forum who have some level of interest in the most current version.

      Almost a year ago I posted the following about the initial purchase of the mustang: [url]https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5412041-quot-Putting-your-money-where-your-mouth-is-quot-101-Adding-a-little-vitamin-V8-to-my-diet[/url] ...
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