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    1. Corrado RS, Chapter 5 - Brakes

      by , 04-16-2013 at 06:23 PM (Building a Corrado "RS")
      Before I chose the 'RS' moniker and the associated tuning direction, the Corrado began equipped with a custom set of 12 Wilwoods front and rear, purchased almost eight years ago. I wanted visual brake balance. I loved the idea of massive Brembo calipers upfront, but hated keeping the dinky 9 rear brakes, lost behind the center hub of any wheel larger than factory. While poking around the internet in Manhattan College's computer lab (I was still in college), I happened upon Precision Brake Company ...
    2. Corrado RS - H2O International 2012 Introspective

      by , 04-16-2013 at 06:19 PM (Building a Corrado "RS")
      "Coastal Highway is eerily quiet, devoid of the cacophony of engines that had been running rampant into all hours of the night, not twelve hours earlier. The pavement looks like a battle field; gouges in the slightest elevation changes, oil stains following every manhole cover before turning into a side street. Evidence of the lost challenge between a lowered car and pavement. H2O International in Ocean City, Maryland was once again coming to a close, and as I drove north out of the beach town ...

      Updated 04-16-2013 at 06:21 PM by Krazee

      Audi News Blog , Aftermarket & Tuner
    3. Carlisle Truth in 24 II Screening Update: Free Movie Poster for RSVPed Guests + Other Updates

      We were at Audi headquarters yesterday finalizing several details about our upcoming Audi Weekend in Carlisle PA May 18-20. Still more activities and announcements are pending but for now I can confirm some exciting details.

      Truth in 24 II Posters for RSVPed Guests
      First, we've procured enough Truth in 24 II movie posters to cover everyone on our RSVP list. If you are planning on attending and haven't ...
      Audi News Blog
    4. More Audi R5 News from Georg Kacher Piece about Porsche 551

      Earlier this week we'd posted a story linking a Volkswagen Group chassis architecture guide published last week by Georg Kacher over at Automobile. Kacher's submitted another piece this week about the Porsche 551 - the so-called "Baby Boxster" that was slated to be a corporate cousin of the proposed Audi R5.

      Kacher's got new details on ...
    5. Audi Club North America quattro de Mayo Event Report

      If you've ever thought about joining a club like the Audi Club of North America and weren't sure why, here's one very good reason. quattro de Mayo is an event that combines your favorite German car with the legendary Tail of the Dragon and many, many more like-minded owners. This year's event (the eighth on record) just went down and writer Elaine Bak filed a report and gallery over at QuattroWorld.com. ...
      Audi News Blog
    6. Q&A: Audi of America CMO Scott Keogh Talks with Media Post about Market, New A3, Competition, Etc.

      Media Post recently had an interesting conversation with Audi of America chief marketing officer Scott Keogh and has published that conversation online. Keogh, a planned guest at this month's Truth in 24 II Screening as Part of the Carlisle Import Auto Show in PA, is not only Audi's head of marketing. He also oversees product ...
      Audi News Blog
    7. Drifting Audi R8 Sideswipes and Flips Lada Sedan in Russian Hit & Run Video on YouTube

      Have you heard about one of the latest videos going viral on Youtube involving a Russian hit and run by an Audi R8? Filmed near Moscow State University, a common spot for street racers and drifting, the short clip shows a white Audi R8 go into a wide drift on a cross street and sideswiping a Lada sedan as it re-enters traffic.

      There's talk amongst critics that the film may have been staged as the camera man ...
    8. Could Mid-Engine Audi R5 Be on Again? Kacher Deep Dive on VAG Platform Sets Suggests It Is.

      On again. Off again. On again. Off again. When last we heard intel on the much-rumored and much-lusted-for mid-engine Audi R5 (rendered above and proposed baby brother to the R8), the project was dead... done... kaput. Now the often extremely well connected Georg Kacher has published his latest Deep Dive column in Automobile Magazine and the piece says otherwise. ...
    9. Audi Driver: Jessica Alba and Her Audi Q7

      Actress Jessica Alba was recently caught by paparazzi in Santa Monica exiting her grey Audi Q7. As a mom of two, the car is probably a very good choice and Jessica's not new to Audi, as we've spotted her before at events like the 2010 Audi Super Bowl party (see photo above).

      The shots were posted at JustJared.com and we've linked ...
    10. RS 3 Mashup by Theophilus Chin

      Here's an interesting take on the next-generation (MQB) RS 3 as rendered by Theophilus Chin. This image, based on a 3-door A3, takes elements from the recent Audi RS Q3 Concept and less recent Audi A1 quattro to make for one very mean-looking render. We love what we see here.

      So How Accurate Is It?
      From our experience with Audi, this isn't very accurate... no matter how cool we think ...
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