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    1. What Happens When a VW Owner and Fan Goes to The Dark Side, Pt II

      So after about 3-4 days of looking and thinking, I decided that the mustang GT was my car. I started going to all the Ford dealers I could find in my area to try and purchase a base model car with the BBK. Well, there were none in my area. All the BBK cars I had access to were premium package cars that were just more than I wanted to spend. I mean, in a 3 state radius, there wasn't a car available that fit my requirements. So I ordered the car directly from the factory.

      I never ...
    2. What Happens When a VW Owner and Fan Goes to The Dark Side, Pt I

      I often hear the term "dark side" when someone who is an enthusiastic owner of a car or brand suddenly changes teams and buys something from another brand. In the VW world, I have often heard this term used in reference to someone who buys something Asian. I think for most rational VW people, Asian cars are an object of respect, but not something to desire, in other words, not something that one can develop an emotional relationship with. And domestic cars? Meh, those are ok, but for ...
    3. Choice Gear: Audi & Auto Union Choices for Your Garmin Nuvi

      Open source software platforms always fascinate us. From the earliest days of user made car patches on the Need for Speed platform to more modern game and software packages, we've always dug users personalizing software... especially for Audi enthusiasts. Case in point is the navigation software for the Garmin Nuvi platform. Garmin has already offered many options for users to swap out their boring old navigation arrow for ...
    4. Audi R8 Facelift Basically Revealed in Collection of New Spy Photos

      Autoblog has posted a story this week that includes at least two sets of spy photos of the upcoming facelifted R8. One set shows a black coupe and the other (partially seen above) shows a grey roadster.

      In the shots you can plainly see changes to the nose, headlights, taillights and more. Shots are consistent with changes like the round R8 GT style exhaust tips standard on all models of R8 going forward. Engine ...
    5. Audi To Build Q5 in Mexico for North America Says Der Spiegel Report

      According to Reuters, German news magazine Der Spiegel has reported that Audi has finalized plans to build its much-talked about North American factory in Mexico and that this factory will build the Q5. The story sites no sources, though the fact that the rumor comes from Der Spiegel suggests there's some legitimacy ...
      Audi News Blog
    6. Audi Driver: Lady Gaga Apparently #GotAnR8, and No, It's Not a GT

      We're impressed by Lady Gaga's taste. It would appear from these X17Online photos that the avant garde music star has picked up (or perhaps borrowed) a Daytona Grey V10 coupe complete with carbon blades and titanium wheels.

      Many outlets reporting the story have suggested the car is an uber rare R8 GT, with one even running video of a similar looking GT shot in the dealer inventory of Sunset Audi. Paparazzi photos ...
    7. Video: Audi TV Recaps R18 TDI Win at 2012 12 Hours of Sebring

      Audi TV has run a recap of the 2012 12 Hours of Sebring. Watch below.

      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/55b3VgOzEJE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    8. Audi Exclusive Sighting: R8 GT Spyder in Rare Panther Black Crystal Effect

      We met up a few weeks ago with Audi of America R8 product planner Mark Fruechtnicht at the local Neato Burrito. Fruechtnicht was in the area doing a site visit at a local Audi dealership and this gave us an both an excuse to enjoy a great burrito and talk shop about Audi and the R8. The conversation eventually turned to Audi Exclusive and Fruechtnicht admitted that one of his favorite ...
    9. Swedish Professional Skier Jon Olsson Swaps Camo Lamborghini Gallardo for New Audi Supercharged Widebody Audi R8

      Swedish skiing sensation and Red Bull sponsored athlete Jon Olsson established himself firmly as a certified car buff when he began to show up to the slopes in a snow camo wrapped Gallardo that made its own share of waves. So how do you follow up such a ride to the ski slopes? We've been watching Olsson's blog closely over the ...
    10. 14 Passes to the New York Auto Show (Good Apr 6-15) Available to First Audi Fans to Respond

      Fourtitude will be covering the media days at the New York Auto Show this week from Wed-Thurs, AND we've got 14 passes to give away to our readers courtesy of Audi.

      Public days for the New York Auto Show (http://www.autoshowny.com) run April 6-15 and these passes will get you in during that ...
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