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    Cars or car items found available for sale.

    1. Find of the Day: Audi Super 90 in Idaho and on Ebay

      Here's something you don't see every day. There's a 1971 Audi Super 90 up for auction on Ebay. This is a little known car developed in a time when Audi was struggling to get back on the map, under Mercedes-Benz control and about to be sold to Volkswagen. The shape is classic - a two-door precursor to the C1 Audi ...
    2. Find of the Day: Bonkers 570-hp B5 RS 4 Build on Ebay

      A wise man once told me to "Buy it Built". You'll earn a hell of a lot of respect and pride when you build your car from the ground up but you'll save a hell of a lot of cash if you buy it built. Often built cars are a total bargain, though we're sure whether this Bonkers B5 RS 4 build qualifies will be hotly debated. What we're pretty sure ...
    3. Find of the Day: Own Your Own R8 LMS. Phoenix Racing Offers 2011-Spec Cars for Sale.

      Yes the R8 GRAND-AM is now testing in the USA and if, like us, you're insanely jealous of Ian Baas and the boys at APR who'll be able to race the thing this summer then perhaps you should turn your attention to Team Phoenix. Turns out the German team is selling off two of their R8s from the 2011 racing season (chassis ...
    4. Find of the Day: Audi Coupe 100 S from 2011 New York Auto Show Audi A7 Launch Display

      For those who may have missed it, Audi of America hosted the American launch of the A7 at the IAC building in lower Manhattan last spring during New York Auto Show week. Of course the A7 wasn't the only star of the event, a scale paper crafted A7 was also there in addition to this particular red 100 Coupe S.

      Of course the Bertone-designed ...
    5. Find of the Day: 1985 Audi Ur quattro Stage III+ RS 2

      Were we to build a modded ur quattro, we likely wouldn't vary much from what you see here... and we doubt we're alone. Yes, you might prefer a different color, wheel combo, euro bumpers or the like... but in the end, this is an Ur quattro with RS 2 engine swap in America and under $20K. Works for us.

      Check it out after the jump.

      Original Listing
    6. Find of the Day: 1985 Well-Preserved Ur-quattro in Everett Washington Isn't Cheap

      As the iconic Ur quattro becomes more and more rare... at least the nicely preserved ones... the prices seem to be moving healthily northward. Take for example this 107,000 mile Titan Red example we've located in Everett Washington. At a listed price of $25,888, this is one of the more expensive specimens we've seen, but it's not in the stratosphere and if it is well-preserved then the number is certainly fair. From photos, ...
    7. Find of the Day: RS 2 Powered Ur-quattro

      Only really sold in any number (and small numbers at that) for two model years in the USA, the Ur quattro isn't exactly what you'd call common. Finding any example, much less a clean one has become increasingly hard for American fans of Audi's rallying icon. And when it comes to modified ones, ideas of proper upgrades can certainly vary. All that being said, we think we've stumbled across a modified example that most will agree qualifies ...
    8. Barn Find of the Day: 1984 4000S quattro from Michigan

      If you're a regular reader then you know those of us in the Fourtitude offices have a soft spot for the older "small" bumper 4000S quattro. Built just one year in the USA with quattro and the original Giugiaro design still intact (i.e. pre-facelift), the 4000 quattro is an oddity that flies under the radar while the iconic ur-quattro gets all the notoriety.

      Back in its day, the '84 4000S quattro was ...
    9. Find of the Day: 1961 DKW Formula Junior Racecar

      Vintage racecars with four-ring heritage aren't terribly common. Look back prior to the modern quattro era and it gets even harder to pick up something with any sort of racing pedigree. In as much, we were surprised to find a DKW-powered formula car on Ebay and hailing from a Philadelphia suburb no less.

      Granted, this car is $33,500, which will weed out tire kickers.

      Here's a rundown on the ...
    10. Find of the Day: Audi-Powered ItalDesign Aztec Show Car

      A little-known fact in the Audi Lexicon may be the association of the Italdesign Aztec and Audi. It's more widely known today that Italdesign as a firm has been purchased by Audi's parent the Volkswagen Group, but in 1988 when it put this otherworldly roadster into production as part of its 20th anniversary celebration, Italdesign was entirely independent. Still, the Aztec and its 1988 ...
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