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    RS 3 Mashup by Theophilus Chin

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    Here's an interesting take on the next-generation (MQB) RS 3 as rendered by Theophilus Chin. This image, based on a 3-door A3, takes elements from the recent Audi RS Q3 Concept and less recent Audi A1 quattro to make for one very mean-looking render. We love what we see here.

    So How Accurate Is It?
    From our experience with Audi, this isn't very accurate... no matter how cool we think it is. Why? For one, the A3 doesn't use the crossover-looking fender flares from the RS Q3. The look of the kit (colored carbon on the concept, matte black here) is very 1980s Euro, like an unpainted body kit you would have seen on European market Volkswagens and the like. It works on the crossover in the way it is integrated, but we highly doubt Audi Design will go with that sort of look on the actual production RS 3.

    The next item we love in the render but we highly doubt will see use on an RS 3 is the wheel design from the A1 quattro. As cool as these wheels are, they're not consistent with the RS sub-brand. While wheel designs can move from RS cars to normal Audis, we've never seen the move happen in the opposite direction. These wheels, while uber cool, are from a non quattro GmbH car and as such we doubt they'd go backward onto an RS.

    So how will the RS 3 really look? We'd guess it'll borrow more heavily from the design of current production RS cars such as the RS 4 and RS 5. We took our own stab at an RS 3 sedan render that we included in our RS 3 and S3 for America Intel Report. While we'd thoroughly love to own either of these cars, we suspect our sedan is closer to the production look of the car.

    Check out more shots (including a rear view) of Theophilus Chin's RS 3 3-door render after the jump. Thanks Hans for the tip.

    Full Story

    So what do you think? Do you think the RS 3 will look like the RS 3, and if you don't do you think that Audi should make an RS 3 more like Chin's work?


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