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    More Audi R5 News from Georg Kacher Piece about Porsche 551

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    Earlier this week we'd posted a story linking a Volkswagen Group chassis architecture guide published last week by Georg Kacher over at Automobile. Kacher's submitted another piece this week about the Porsche 551 - the so-called "Baby Boxster" that was slated to be a corporate cousin of the proposed Audi R5.

    Kacher's got new details on 551, including confirmation of scaled down MSB-M (MSB Mid) architecture and a timeframe pushed out from 2014 to 2017 based on Porsche's own full plate of projects that would sell more cars and earn more money for Stuttgart.

    The article confirms what we already knew, that Volkswagen and Audi have both cooled on the idea of building their own versions of such a car, although Kacher seems to think that Audi's problem is more that the car would be developed by Porsche.

    The article didn't officially say R5 was done for, but it did say Porsche was willing to go it alone on 551, even without VW or Audi. Apparently by basing the car on MSB Porsche can still achieve enough economies of scale with components shared from other MSB-based products (Porsches, Lamborghinis, etc.) that the model will likely still work.

    So what do you think? Is Audi better off with no R5 than with a Porsche-developed R5?

    Full Story - Automobile Magazine


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    1. milos87popovic's Avatar
    2. rs4life1337's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by R5T
      I already think the R8 don't belong in the Audi line-up at all, let alone there will be another useless mid engined car in the line-up.
      I don't see the point in building this kinds of cars while the rest of the Audi range are mostly boring cars.
      The New A3 is a shiny example of a modern boring Audi car.

      They are not boring at all, if you take the time to learn about them and drive every one and know what Makes them unique you will fall in love with the great cars they truly are.

    3. Mariya's Avatar
      If i had to choose between these 2 car brands, I would pick Porshe however using audi is much more profitable. I know really cool site , you can find many car brands foto. It's really convenient to compare characteristics of different cars on this website.
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