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    Building a Corrado "RS"

    Corrado RS - How Paul Walker Influenced My Automotive Enthusiasm

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    "The death of Paul Walker is shocking, saddening, and yet I could not figure out why his death was having such an impact on me. Why was it bothering me? The earliest memory I have of anything tuner related has to be some time before I was nine years old (between 1983 and 1992). This I know because it was in my family’s first apartment, and I distinctly remember sitting on the couch, with the latest issue of Automobile Magazine, reading the “Not For US” (pun intended I’m sure) column about the (now I know this) Subaru WRX STI, chassis code GC. All I remember is that, whomever the author was, had an ear-to-ear grin on his face. At least that’s what I gleamed from the article. Fast-forward ten years…"

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    1. printer8driver's Avatar
      Great information, thanks!

      R.I.P Paul Walker!
    2. maximusa's Avatar
      He was a cool guy it's a shame he is gone so soon.
    3. VMRWheels's Avatar
      Great write up!
    4. Swaginwagon's Avatar
      feeel the exact way as well i didnt feel the same for a week after he passed i was struck... i was only in 4th grade when that movie came out and been stuck to imports ever since!! all thanks to paul and the gang greatly missed forever!!
    5. bradbill's Avatar
      rip paul walker. Fast 7 was too emotional

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