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    TT Blog - Post 2 - The Honeymoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyberVW View Post
    Short Honeymoon

    I wouldn't say the Honeymoon period was "short" - perhaps it was more, "delayed."

    See, the car showed issues the minute it was delivered to me at the dealership. The lot attendant pulled the car up to the front of the dealership. I had stopped in after work to do the dealership, and the salesman followed me home to drop off the car I was driving so that I could come back to drive the TT home.

    The salesguy and I are standing there as the TT pulls up into a circular spot with lights on it. The car stops and the driver's side headlight doesn't. It's now hanging by a couple wires off the front of the car. WTF?!

    "We'll fix it, must have been a loose screw. Let's add it to the Due Bill."

    I notice that the wheels are pointed straight forward as I walk around to the driver's side of the car and get into the driver's seat. Strange, the steering wheel is turned around 60 degrees to the left - but the wheels were pointed straight ahead?

    "Let's add it to the Due Bill."

    I get out and walk around the car. I notice 3 of the tires all have big bubbles on them. They need to be replaced.
    "Let's add it to the Due Bill."

    Now I'm kind of put off. Let's pop the hood. Strange, some of the plastic engine covers are missing and a few of the ones left are broken. The clips holding the headlights are all broken (no wonder if fell off).
    "Let's add it to the Due Bill."

    The airbag light is on.
    "Let's add it to the Due Bill."

    The Fuel Gauage is dead.
    "Let's add it to the Due Bill."

    There's overspray on the headlights and all over the plastic grills? I think it's been repainted.
    "That's a normal part of re-conditioning on used cars."

    All in all, we wound up with a dozen items on the Due Bill before I left. I drove the car home and then brought it back first thing in the morning so that they could give me a loaner car. This was better foreshadowing than some of the best novels - as this process would come to be repeated often over the next 6 months.

    My theory is that someone test drove this car (or a lot attendant?) and must have slid into a curb. The headlight braces/clips were all broken, the engine plastics were missing or broken, the alignment was terribly off, the tires were practically all blistered, and the airbag yaw controller was fried,

    I've know the GM of this dealership since he was a salesman, and I'm hoping that played some part in his willingness to make me happy. He replaced anything I complained about and did everything he could to make this car work right - either under warranty or as a "dealer courtesy service."

    After this initial period of frustration, I had a year long streak of un-events. Then the gauge cluster went dead again Dealer replaced it under warranty! and I was back on the road.

    Then my career shifted from an Office with a door and window - to airplanes, hotels, and rentals. I hardly touched the car for the next few years. In fact, the tires rotted from sitting and going low.

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