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    TT Blog - Post 4 - Karma

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyberVW View Post

    After 1 year of driving, I'm loving the car again. But at the same time, I'm getting that itch for a new car again. The last new car I bought was a Truck. I want a new toy, and while the TT is great - some of the newer cars are really enticing. The Boxster has improved and I love the newer interiors. I could almost see myself driving a Nissan/Infiniti (2 door), and yet the long commute has me hankering for a big 2 door coupe (CLS, 650, etc..) I have a trip to Vietnam coming up in January, and I figure "why not try to sell the car before the end of the year. Then come home after the trip and take up the hunt to figure out what's next.

    I had seen a few reviews of selling a car to CarMax on this site, so I called them up and made an appointment to have my car appraised. I was really hoping for something close to $10k, especially since they had a FWD, 180HP red coupe with 145,000 miles on it for $13k). My car with 88K miles, 225HP, Quattro - same year (2001) should easily be worth at least that much?!

    Well the appraisal comes back and they offer $4000. It's an insult for sure, but they explained themselves well. At the end of 2011, the car is now 11 years old, and they have a 10 year policy. So they really did not want my car.

    That was fine I figured, I don't need the money, so I'll just take it home and think about it some more. On the way home I stopped by a Starbucks to make a donation to the evil empire while poisoning myself with one of their concoctions.

    The sun was just about to set as I finished up and headed back to the highway. I'm about an hour from home (90 miles). I'm faced with a cork-screw onramp and I push the car a little bit - as if I were flirting with her, trying to re-kindle that flame. 1st gear, smooth - strong - quickly leads to second: wanting, thrusting. This feels good and I can feel the grin growing - "this car isn't so bad really. I still love it!" We slip into third at the end of the ramp and we're poised on the edge of ecstasy.

    I push my left foot down on the clutch in anticipation of a spectacular corner exit onto the 65mph highway. My right hand pulls at the lever - and I find something I've never felt before. It's soft, squishy, and doesn't feel right.

    Then SNAP! The shifter goes limp and falls into 4th. As I let off the clutch I realize the car is still in third, so throw it back into neutral and stay on the entry/exit lane. I roll to a stop at the light and find I can't get out of third. The shifter is totally unresponsive, but the clutch works fine. I use 3rd to get the car to the nearest parking lot and call AAA.

    Resto-Mod Repair 1
    So now my next repair is to fix the shift linkages. I'm thinking of going with an HPA short-shift kit and the 42DD bushings. The problem seems that my car, as a 2001, doesn't have the parts with the C clips to hold the bushings in place. So this week I am going to be researching this parts to see what I need - and if it's possible to do all the work without getting under the car. If it's just the short shifter and the end-links of the cables, then no problems.

    My concern is that I somehow have to replace the entire cable, which requires going through firewall - and possibly going under the car? I know a lot here have done similar upgrades anyway - can anyone tell me which parts will work on my car? (what do I need to convert my car to the c-clip system on newer - ~2002~ models?)

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