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      Crank sensor pinout needed BADLY!

      I am currently almost finished with a hardcore reuse of VW/Audi parts on a Lotus Esprit turbo.
      I decided to go with a haltech ELITE 1500 EMS.
      I bought a crank sensor for the 1.8T thinking it was...
    2. Looking for leather seat covers or replacment covers... Not a SEEK/Sell post. Please reaad:

      SKIP to GREEN TEXT If you dont want the long story.

      I painstakingly ground chiseled drilled and filed a pair of A6 seats I had into my wifes MK4. She had cloth seats and the passenger was manual...
    3. Its been a long time since Ive been an audi...

      Its been a long time since Ive been an audi mechanic but I would think it could be the immobilizer or the gateway. Check your fuses. I know that sounds like a stupid simple thing but it could be the...
    4. 3.2 Fsi In a big jam. Can I check valve clearences without the cams in???

      So I herd a big clang on start up as my tools were not here yet to do the tensioners. I drove her home. The exhaust sounded a bit loud. But my A8 sounded the same when I S#... a chain guide.
    5. Ive been doing a lot of looking into that subject.

      Many people will say trying to hit arbitrary numbers is $#%%.... But I think goals are good. Now I want to point out the gumpert apollo. it uses a 4.2 Belt drive and hits those numbers. I would agree...
    6. First engine post. long time reader. Backstory on my project 4.2 Belt drive AUX.

      After years of looking from afar I got my D2. I love it. But she is old and tired. I promised my self as it broke down I would repair it with better parts. When I bought it it had a timing belt...
    7. Minor accident an excuse to do body work. Wide body. A8. i need tips on carbon fiber and aluminum work.

      After years of wondering how people side swipe while paralel parking I ripped a fender clean off a ew crv and crushed the dog leg portion of my rear fender of my A8 D2. I was exeausted and barley had...
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      It could be sap. Believe it or not Brakekleen or other heavy duty parts cleaner is usually a great roite with oem paint. But as with all paint test in an unseen area. it should pull the $#!!! off...
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