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    1. Re: (euRo_tuner)

      It's like a 90 min drive to Everett from my house. I wouldn't bother with shipping.
      How much do these things weigh without tires on em?
    2. Re: (euRo_tuner) So tempted... and so close...
    3. Re: F.S: 1998 TDI jetta with AHU, 40K miles since rebuild, body is rotted (claytski)
      this would be a great deal if you were a PNW'er.
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      Video: Golf Carbureted

      Available in HD on Vimeo:
      Some video of a friend's car from a couple years ago.
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      Video: Jetta GT Turbo

      Available in HD on Vimeo:

      Old footage, recut for fun. Nothing special, just casual shots.

      Modified by...
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      Re: (SR-71)

      Quote, originally posted by SR-71 »

      I seal hunt.

      You whale hunt. Successfully, I might add.
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      Re: lens help. 35mm f1.8g or 50mm f1.4g (fatty1.8t)

      35mm will be more useful in everyday shooting at close range.
    8. Re: (pennswoods)

      this thread doesn't deliver.
    9. FS: 16x7 4x100 OZ Racing Superleggera (14lbs / wheel) + Falken Tires (PNW) - $800 CDN

      Bolt Pattern: 4x100
      Offset: +34
      Width: 7"
      Diameter: 16"
      Tires: 205/45/16 Falken Ziex 512
      Color: Titanium Grey Metallic
      Rim Condition: 80-90%
      Treadwear: TBA
      Fitment notes: Clears 11" G60...
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      Re: FV-QR (quohog_racer)

      Quote, originally posted by quohog_racer »

      Nice video. You free July 19th? I need someone to film WaterWerks

      I'm Ian Wills...
      If you're looking for a film crew let me know... we...
    11. Re: (VW2002GTI)

      Nice, where was it originally posted?
    12. Video: PNW Spring Unsprung GTG 2009

      Hey all, here's a video I shot and produced for the Spring 2009 GTG. Hope you like it. (sorry for the crosspost to Canada West Coast)
    13. Video: Spring Unsprung GTG 2009

      Hey all, here's a video I shot and produced for the Spring 2009 GTG. Hope you like it.
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      Now what....

      Just spun a rod on my 16v swap after about 3500km on a fresh bottom end.... don't use Ford 302 rod bolts kids... I learned my lesson.
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      Re: mk4 tdi motor and tranny (Turbotonic)

      Wow, cheap.
    16. Re: For Sale FK Silverline Plus X MK4 Coilovers (JAYMEN)

      ever had to warranty them? where did the car sit through the winter?
    17. Re: FS:: Jetta FK angel eyes and MOMO wheel (BoraGLXXX)

      Got any other pics of the headlights? Looks like a chip on the side of that lense....?
      bulbs and ballasts all work? rings light up? any tabs broken?
    18. Re: (Freestyle72)

      Can you send pics of the coils in present condition to ian(dot)wills(at)gmail(dot)com?
      Are any of the adjusters locked up? Shocks leaking? Is the warranty transferrable? ...
    19. Re: ([email protected])

      Quote, originally posted by [email protected] »

      We have plenty of them coming in, so if you get an order in you would definitely get a set. Shipping is not free to Canada unfortunately, but email...
    20. Re: ([email protected])

      If I buy on this order will I receive a pair?
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