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      1.8l 8v (GX) pre-ignition

      Hello all,
      Been reviving a junkyard Jetta for a couple of months now. Got it running, rolling, and stopping.
      I’m smack dab in the middle of setting ignition timing and am noticing that it lopes...
    2. KH Caliper interchangeability (MK2 Jetta)

      I seem to have mis-judged the interchangeability of the different Kelsey-Hayes calipers. Calipers on my wife's 1986 Jetta GL 1.8 8v were rusted up pretty good. I was given a '90 Jetta GL a few days...
    3. @GreasyMechTech Any tips for changing a filter...

      @GreasyMechTech Any tips for changing a filter with oil still in engine, other than quickly?
    4. Thanks for the quick advice. I'll get a new one...

      Thanks for the quick advice. I'll get a new one in asap and post back with my results. Hopefully I haven't opened a cam of worms.
    5. Marvel Mystery oil/Hyper Lube mixture- Dangerous?

      Hello, I'm looking for your guys' thoughts on my situation before I go any further.

      Changed over to synthetic with a couple additives (MMO and Orange Hyper-Lube and now I have a valve tick....
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      Still have one?

      Still have one?
    7. Where are you located?

      Where are you located?
    8. Thanks for your reply. I will be ordering a catch...

      Thanks for your reply. I will be ordering a catch can tonight.
    9. Finally Running! Oil Catch Can? 1.8 8v (GX (1986 Jetta GL)

      Search rendered no results. I have a notable amount of oil in the airbox/airflow meter/screen. I have a catch can installed in-line from the PCV valve on my 4runner which works great. I'm wondering...
    10. I do not have either of the drive-belts on...

      I do not have either of the drive-belts on (alternator, power steering+ water pump). Could this affect the fuel pump not turning on?
    11. Good News

      Car starts when starting fluid is sprayed into the throttle body. Still have 10.2 volts to the lift pump connector but no whirring when key is switched to on position. Motor whirrs when battery is...
    12. External Fuel Pump Voltage? 1986 jetta 1.8l l4 non digi

      Hello all,

      First post. What is the voltage at the external fuel pump supposed to be? I am only getting .2v at the external fuel pump with key in on position. I'm getting 10.2v to the lift pump in...
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