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    1. FS Grey cloth Recaro seats with power bases $250 - WVC/SLC

      Recaro seats (fronts and back bench) from 89 GLI. Working power bases on both front seats. Outer lower bolsters were replaced a while ago, still in decent shape. $250 firm for the set. PM for more...
    2. Did anyone here pick up that 90 Golf GL on KSL?

      There was a flat grey colored golf on KSL for $250, did anyone here pick it up? If you have buyers remorse or just want to make an extra $50 bucks on it, I am very interested in it. If you don't...
    3. thanks. i'll give him a call.

      thanks. i'll give him a call.
    4. Looking for a drywaller in Salt Lake City area...

      This is not a straightforward job. I'm looking for someone to finish a basement job that is just taking me too long. I'm on a bit of a deadline and I'm just too damn slow at finish work. All...
    5. WTB: 4-door MK2 Golf in Northern Utah. Any condition, any leads welcomed!!!!

      My wife would like me to build her a 4-door Golf (she used to have one that got wrecked by an 84 year old). I need a decent body to start, but i don't care much about the rest (I have a 16V, tranny,...
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      There is a reason why they make "flexfuel"...

      There is a reason why they make "flexfuel" vehicles that run on E85. The fuel system components are made differently than most. Most new vehicles will even specify NOT to run an ethanol % higher...
    7. bump?

    8. WTB: 4 Door Golf/Rabbit Shell/Parts car '80-'92 - SLC Area

      I'm looking for a 4-Door Golf or Rabbit, preferably '89 to '92, but I'm getting pretty desperate. I need a project car for the wife that will fit a car seat (at the wife's request!!!).

      I am...
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      I don't believe it is possible, but I could be...

      I don't believe it is possible, but I could be wrong. I sourced the entire TB from a junker in a yard. There is a heat shield on it, and I would guess some of the shafts are a bit longer than on...
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      look for 10 ga stove wire or heat resistant wire...

      look for 10 ga stove wire or heat resistant wire online and get yourself a few feet of that. I used the stove wire and the relay that vegasjetta is talking about. there is a wiring diagram...
    11. yup, that's kinda the idea. the only time my car...

      yup, that's kinda the idea. the only time my car ever goes to the shop is for new tires and im & safety. guess i'll just go with whoever is closest then...thanks.
    12. Emissions and inspection in West Valley City, UT?

      I'm new to the area and I need a good place to go get emissions and safety done in West Valley near the 40th West and 4700 South area. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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      Re: windshield rust repair (Jetta A2 1989)

      places like harbor freight have a windshield removal tool available for less than $20. if it is just surface rust, use a wire wheel to clean, then paint with por15 or rust-bullet. you can leave it...
    14. Thread: ac delete

      by Halo8

      Re: (jhax)
    15. Re: FV-QR (TealBucket)

      22mm O2 sensor removal tool along with hex/allen sockets - works great for removing struts/coils. other than that - everything else has been mentioned...
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      Re: Remove collar holding strut insert in? (tylernt)

      put the strut in a vice and either use a brass drift and a hammer or get yourself a good sized pipe wrench...
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      Re: (vw******)

      seriously man - way to be
      plus - that's why he made molds of all his fiberglass body panels, if one breaks, you can make a new one...
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      Re: Please help!!!sub-frame nut stripped (hoodride)

      that one's a bizzatch - the one toward the rear of the car is much easier...
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      Re: (DLF-VW)

      You have a gorgeous car sir. Please don't let these people talk you into molesting it...
      On a side note - how many miles did the...
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      Re: FV-QR (clyde)

      IIRC - it's a wire to check dwell with. My 86 golf had that wire - pretty close to the coil and brake booster area...
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