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      Occasional soft brake pedal.

      2012 Passat B7 with 2.5L, 109,000 miles. Serviced regularly, last brake flush was about a year and 10,000 miles. Wife mentioned she felt the brake pedal nearly go to the floor but reponded when she...
    2. Resolved

      FWIW I ended up cleaning everything again but this time I cleaned the throttle housing. There was some built up oil/carbon near the butterfly valve that may have been hanging things up. We've put a...
    3. Any resolution to this? Iím having similar...

      Any resolution to this? Iím having similar issues with my 2012 Passat. The P0106 is recurring, Iíve done PCV and cleaned everything, itíll be good for a while but then return. The P2178 and P2188 is...
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