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    Thread: Green temperature sensor

    1. 12-06-2003 11:53 PM #1
      My blue coolant light was coming on when I started my car and it would go off after the car was warm, however, after about 6 miles it would come on again and stay on. I took it to my mechanic because I thought I should replace my black temperature sensor with the green sensor. He topped off my coolant and then checked the temperature sensor. It needed adjusting-so he did that. Now the blue coolant light never comes on even when I first start the car-what gives???

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    3. 12-08-2003 12:45 AM #2
      Where is this temperature sensor located in 2001 vw beetle

    4. 12-08-2003 02:33 AM #3
      green top coolant sensor

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    6. 12-08-2003 11:10 PM #4
      Heres a pic of a 00, should be in the same place

    7. 08-26-2019 11:40 PM #5
      Where is the temperature sensor locked in mk3

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