VWVortex.com - Strange Problem: skin peeling on hands - reaction to leather steering wheel?
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    Thread: Strange Problem: skin peeling on hands - reaction to leather steering wheel?

    1. 10-01-2019 03:52 PM #26
      This is a 15 year old thread, made by somebody who hasn't been active here in 11 years. I probably wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response.

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    3. n00b
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      Aug 18th, 2020
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      2020, VW, Tiguan; 2005 Volvo V50 T5 M66
      09-09-2020 02:29 PM #27
      This may be an old topic but it is an interesting one (for some of us anyway). I also have severe eczema on my hands and have wondered if it was caused by the leather steering wheel cover and/or manual shift knob in my car (Volvo V50 T5) or from abusing my hands with car chemicals over the years. The dermatologist did skin patch testing but it really didn't find anything. I do the ointments, soak hands in warm water, apply cortizone and cotton gloves at night before bed with little relief. I've done narrow-band UVB treatments, and currently taking Otezla. Otezla helps but the nausea might drive me to quit. The eczema does seem to get a little better when I am away from home and not driving but could be other things too.

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