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    Thread: **Official R32 FAQ, DIY, GTG, & Track days topic**

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      03-11-2004 06:05 PM #1
      If you have anything that you think should be added to this list, IM me the link to the thread or URL and I will gladly add it and Acknowledge your contribution. Also if you know the answer or where to find any of the info that is not listed here, please let me know via IM and we will add that too. You can also email me the info it is somewhat large at [email protected] and I will add it.
      When you are searching for an answer to a question, use the Vortex search function. if you cannot find the answer to you question in the Recent Topics try changing the Data Set to Archived Topics and you might find an answer
      New - VWVortex forums are now indexed by Google!
      This link will take you to a starting point for searching the R32 forum.
      Add your own search terms and fire away.
      If you've seen a juicy story published in a magazine or posted online related to the current or future R32 models, and it's been out for more than a day or two, assume that a reference to it has already been posted once if not many times already and please search for it, before re-posting.
      Special thanks to Daemon42 (Ian) who compiled much of this info for me to post.
      For much of the DIY stuff, you can check out the MkIV DIY thread since much of the R32 is the same as the MkIV cars. Anything specific to the R32 will be posted in this thread.
      General Information
      .:R32 Track events owners plan on attending
      .:R 32 Get Togethers and Events
      My Blue Heaven - VWV R32 vs. STi vs. EVO
      Official-unofficial R32 Registry
      R32 DIY
      MkIV Creak and Rattle Problem/Solution Thread
      R32 wont start?
      Info on Spares
      TSB info regarding lower radiator hose replacement
      Info on R32 Self Study Program available from VW
      Info on changing Haldex oil
      Complete list of R32 parts & service vendors
      Phatnoise Phatbox Information
      OFFICIAL TOPIC for VW dealers selling the R32 at or below MSRP
      Official R32 Delivery Photo Thread - Post 2-3 Photos of your car here if you take delivery
      SS Brake Line Installation
      Shifter Cable Adjustment
      Shifter Cable Bushing Options
      Lots of reviews and links to parts and manufacturers for the R32
      The definitive SEAT Cupra R lip installation thread
      OEM US, OEM Euro, Bilstein sport and Koni shock comparison thread
      R32 Hesitation issues thread - with links to other info
      R32 Electrical system and big stereos information
      The Definitive R32 Part Number Thread courtesy Mike Solo
      The Official .:R32 Photo Thread
      How to drop the tranny to replace the clutch in your garage
      OZ wheel centercap to replace VW one. Pt # KIT CM M582CA PZ.1 LOGO OZRAC
      Official Wheel and Tire Fitment Guide Provided by [email protected]
      Load Carrying Capacity vs Air Pressure, R32






      If you have any questions for me, please ask in
      The Wheel & Tire Forum, or you can call me.


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      Oct 4th, 1999
      2014 Cayman S, 1996 Ford Bronco EB
      03-11-2004 06:06 PM #2
      General Information
      Standard features US-spec R32, and stuff that was not included from Euro model (courtesy HiTechGTI)
      - Body: 2-door MKIV GTI-style
      - Engine: 3.2L 15º VR6, 240 hp, 236 ft-lbs
      - DSG: NO (only 6-speed "traditional" manual stick shift, MQ350 transmission)
      - Drive: 4-motion AWD (based on the Haldex system)
      - Gear ratios: same setup as euro-spec R32
      - Suspension: Springs are 10mm higher and rear shocks are slightly softer
      - Wheels: 18" OZ Aristo alloy wheels
      - Brakes: 334mm (13.1in) front, 256mm (10in) back, all vented
      - Calipers: 2-piston front, 1-piston rear, blue-coated both front & rear
      - HIDs: NO
      - Headlamp washers: NO (since we're not getting HIDs)
      - Bumper rub strips: NO
      - Colors available (and % of production):
      o Deep Blue Pearl (40%)
      o Reflex Silver (35%)
      o Black Magic Pearl (15%)
      o Tornado Red (10%)
      - Climatronic: YES
      - Sunroof: YES
      - Rain- and Speed-sensitive windshield wipers: YES
      - MFA digital display in the instrument cluster: YES
      - Cold weather package: YES and that includes:
      o Heated seats
      o Heated mirrors
      o Heated windshield washer nozzles
      - Seats: made by Koenig (see this post) and options are (with % of production):
      o Cloth, standard with leatherette inserts (35%)
      o Full leather seats (65%)
      - Trim: bushed aluminum
      - Headliner: black
      - Navigation System: NO
      - Steering: shortened rack (2.6 turns lock-to-lock)
      - Wheel: leather-wrapped, thicker with thumb cut-outs
      - Umbrella: NO
      - Keychain and Pen: yes
      - R32 for Canada: NO
      - 4-door model: NO (only some in Europe)
      - Arrival date in the US: late January to February
      - Number of cars produced for the US: 5000
      - and the one mellllion dollar question: MSRP = $29,100 base + $575 dest. charge
      All MkIV R32s were assembled in Bratislava Slovakia.
      R32 production was mixed with other VW products with 4motion
      drivetrains, so the R32 VIN numbers are non-consecutive.
      Scans of the US-spec R32 can be downloaded here (for std. equipment) and here (for technical specs)
      Some other changes to the US model from the European one. (courtesy ricsR32a)
      - Safety crash standards account for most of the weight increase from 3,265 to 3,409. Not such a big deal and hardly makes the car a stone.
      - Your outside mirrors may be a tad smaller.
      - US front bumper is smooth without the Euro plate box. Rear plate box sized to US plate.
      - Side marker lights in front bumper for US regs again.
      - We do not have headlight washers. Bumper is smooth in that area too.
      - Rear taillights not smoked.
      - No alcantara seat option, only cloth or leather.
      - Headliner is black material instead of grey
      - US-spec R32's MAF is larger diameter (3" ID versus 2.75") and airbox is different. Best evidence suggests that US-spec R32's engine and intake are virtually identical to Audi TT3.2 (ala.. 250hp instead of rated 240hp)

      Dimensions and other specs. (courtesy speedomodel)
      Info pilferred from the UK R32 brochure and supercarsite.net (http://www.supercarsite.net/golf_r32.htm). There's some overlap, and I'm sure some corrections will be necessary.
      Length: 4149 mm / 163.3 in
      Width: 1735 mm / 68.3 in
      Height: 1444 mm / 56.9 in
      Wheelbase: 2518 mm / 99.1 in
      Front Track: 1513 mm / 59.6 in
      Rear Track: 1487 mm / 58.5 in
      Weight: 1477 kg / 3256 lbs (US-spec curb weight 3409, but average measured weight is closer to 3340lbs)
      Weight Distribution (F/R): 61/39 with driver
      Payload: 448 kgs / 1076 lbs
      Front Axle Load Limit: 1050 kgs / 4410 lbs
      Rear Axle Load Limit: 990 kgs / 2183 lbs
      Max. Roof Load: 75 kgs / 165 lbs
      Ground Clearance: 4.2 inches
      Trunk Space: 14.0 cu ft
      Headroom Front: 38.3 in
      Headroom Rear: 34.0 in
      Configuration: 3.2 ltr 15° V6 Otto
      Powertrain: Front engine / 4Motion AWD
      Valvetrain: DOHC 4 Valves / Cylinder
      Displacement: 3.2 ltrs / 3189 cc / 194.6 cu in
      Power: 179.7 kW / 241.0 bhp at 6250 rpm
      Torque: 320.0 Nm / 236.0 ft lbs at 2800-3200 rpm
      Bore: 84.0 mm / 3.31 in
      Stroke: 95.9 mm / 3.78 in
      Compression Ratio: 11.3:1
      Bhp / Liter: 75.57 bhp
      Redline: N/A
      Alternator: 70 A
      Battery: 340 A / 70 Ah
      Type (F/R): Discs
      Assist: Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
      Front Rotors: Ventilated, 334 mm / 13.1 in
      Rear Rotors: Ventilated, 256 mm / 10.1 in
      Front Calipers: 2 Piston, Blue-Coated
      Rear Calipers: 1 Piston, Blue-Coated
      Rims: OZ Aristo, 45.7 x 19.1J cm / 18.0 x 7.5J in
      Tires: 225/40ZR-18
      Bolt Pattern: 5x100 mm
      Rim Offset: 38mm (most aftermarket wheels for the R32 are 35mm offset as 38mm is rare)
      Gear Type: 6 Speed Manual (MQ350)
      Final Drive: 4.24:1
      1st Gear Ratio: 3.36:1
      2nd Gear Ratio: 2.09:1
      3rd Gear Ratio: 1.47:1
      4th Gear Ratio: 1.10:1
      5th Gear Ratio: 0.86:1
      6th Gear Ratio: 0.72:1
      Rev Gear Ratio: 3.08:1
      Top Speed: Euro 153mph drag limited, US 130mph hard limited (speedometer reads a few mph higher)
      0 - 60 mph: 6.4 seconds (US factory spec), 5.8 seconds (R&T magazine), 5.9 seconds (Motortrend)
      0 - 100 kph: 6.6 seconds (Euro factory spec)
      0 - 100 mph: 14.4 seconds (R&T)
      0 - 1/4 mile: [email protected] (R&T)
      Braking Distance from 60 mph: 108 ft (Motortrend)
      Braking Distance from 80 mph: 196 ft (R&T)
      200ft skidpad 0.87 (Motortrend)
      600ft slalom 66.1 mph (Motortrend)
      Further performance data from Motortrend and R&T. Motortrend (June 2004) 0-60 5.9 sec, 1/4 mile [email protected] https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1368264
      Road and Track (June 2004) 0-60 5.8 sec, 1/4 mile [email protected] Lots more data from R&T here https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1377853
      Fuel Capacity: 16.4 US gallons
      Cruise Range: 294 miles at 19mpg (R&T magazine)
      EPA City / Highway: 19/26 (US)
      CO2 Emissions: 278 g/km
      Interior Noise: 75dB
      What do you get over a 1.8t for your $30k? From Jamie.. https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...13713
      Some info about the Goodgear Eagle F1's (courtesy Daemon42)
      Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 225/40ZR-18 http://www.tirerack.com/tires/...GS-D3
      Rated #1 in survey results compared to other max perf tires.http://www.tirerack.com/tires/...x.jsp
      The results are a *little* misleading. There are max perf tires with sharper turn-in response and better overall feel at the limits of adhesion, but they get dinged in the wet, or for bad treadlife where the F1 does not. The F1's are sticky, but have soft sidewalls so aren't
      really suitable for Auto-X or track days.
      Information about jacking pads for the R32, and jacking with a floor jack in general.
      Be wary of jacking pads that lift on either side of the frame rails, as the body can collapse just
      outside the rail pretty easily if a lot of pressure goes there. Ideally a good pad should stabilize
      and distribute the load on the frame rail itself.
      Various strange sounds the R32 makes:
      Loud whirring just after unlocking and opening the door is fuel pump.
      Quiet high pitched whirring from rear passenger seat area while car is running, fuel pump.
      Clicking/popping from passenger rear just after start-up is Evap system leak detection pump.
      Random interval clicking sound from passenger front under the hood, is evap system purge valve.
      Quiet whirring and gurgling sound from driver side of engine bay after car is shut off, is electric aux coolant pump.
      Very high pitched whine that varies with engine rpms, usually when lifting off the throttle. Source unknown, but it's normal.
      Magazine Reviews:
      Here's a thread with a list of known reviews. Feel
      free to add names/dates/page# etc to that thread as new reviews come out.
      Best recorded 1/4 mile time of a bone stock R32 [email protected] so far
      R32's with chip and CAI are routinely running mid-high 13's by many people.
      Performance mods available and power from them. (updated 1/17/2006 courtesy Ian)
      * Exhaust flapper mod (10lb-ft of torque at low revs, and 10+hp gain in 1st and 2nd gear at all revs and +5hp at high speeds/high revs. Seems it's never fully deactived by ECU .)
      * Neuspeed chip - 7 hp claimed
      * GIAC 91 octane chip - +7whp +12 lb-ft https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1359298
      * GIAC 91 octane tuned for CAI chip - +12.5 whp, +14lb-ft https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...90404
      * GIAC 93 octane and 93+CAI chip - available, but dyno gains unknown
      Fastest/quickest NA US Spec R32s are running GIAC + CAI program (mid high 12'[email protected]~100+)
      * APR 91/93/100 octane chip - 93 octane +15hp +16 lb-ft on a hub dyno (not at the wheels or crank) https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1354888
      * AmD Stage I (chip) - 260hp crank (not tested on a dyno in the US yet)
      * AmD Stage II (chip+exhaust) - 270 hp crank
      * AmD Stage III (chip+exhaust+cams) - ~300hp (no dynos of this available anywhere)
      * VF-engineering Stage I (6psi supercharger) - 320hp https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1359298
      * VF-engingeering Stage II (6.5psi + intercooler) - 350hp
      * VF-engingeering Stage I - high octane (6.0 psi + 100 octane software) - 375hp
      * VF-engingeering Stage II - high octane (6.5 psi + intercooler + 100 octane software) - 400hp
      * EIP single turbo Stage I (4psi) - 350hp (295 fwhp) Now available $6.5-7k
      * HPA FT360 single turbo (360hp- Now available $8k)
      * StreetWerke GT380 (380hp 8psi - Now available $9k)
      * HPA FT400 single turbo (400hp - Now available $12k)
      * EIP single turbo Stage I (9psi) - 336 awhp (somewhere on the order of 430bhp) Now available, same price as above
      * VF Engineering Stage 3 (450hp 12psi - $9k)
      * StreetWerke GT480 (480hp 18psi - $11k)
      * EIP single turbo Stage II (450fwhp (500+bhp) - Stage I + $2700)
      * HPA twin turbo Stage I (425hp)
      * StreetWerke GT540 (540hp 20psi - $14k)
      * HPA twin turbo Stage II (550hp - $30k)
      * EIP single turbo Stage 4 (600fwhp, 585awhp demonstration car)
      Results of a huge dyno day organized by Jeremy (rabbitgtibbar)
      Original dyno day thread: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2351853
      Results: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2394800
      with many of the above NA and FI options represented.
      More discussion of results: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2391123
      Among many interesting results, one stands out to me.
      Stock - 200-207awhp(at 23% drivetrain loss that's about 259-268bhp, which is well above rated 240hp)
      Performance chips for the R32 are currently available from
      APR (Serially programmed. Up to 4 programs can be loaded at once and
      switched between via cruise control buttons)
      GIAC (Serially programmed. Several programs can be loaded at once, and switched via
      laptop, or handheld interface that plugs into OBDII port)
      AmD (see claimed gains above)
      Neuspeed (modest gains, but inexpensive)
      EIP 8-9hp and 8-14 ft/lbs torque.
      Revo - claimed 10-12 hp and 10-15 lbs of torque
      There are many many threads discussing the major chips availble through forum search.
      Recent and Archived

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      2014 Cayman S, 1996 Ford Bronco EB
      03-11-2004 06:16 PM #3
      Q. I/My mechanic was looking at the drivetrain and noticed that there are nuts missing from the bolts on the driveshaft going into the Haldex unit at the rear. Should I have them fix this?
      A. No. It's not broken, it's not missing anything. Don't touch it. Those nuts and washers are there to balance the driveshaft and are not used to hold it together. If you add additional nuts and washers you'll throw the driveshaft out of balance. The dealers were given a TSB on this subject so hopefully they won't try to fix it. More info.
      Q. Will there be an '05 R32 model?
      A. Nope. MkIV R32 production is finished worldwide, and there won't be
      a replacement for the R32 on the MkV chassis for 2 or 3 more years.
      See Jamie's latest post on this subject.
      Get your R32 while the gettin's good.
      Q. Is the R32's engine block alumininum or cast iron?
      A. The VW VR6 engine has a cast iron cylinder block, forged steel crank shaft, and aluminum alloy cylinder head. Check out Page 2 of the 2002 VR6 Spec Sheet: http://www.vw.com/art/engines/...6.pdf
      Q. Does the R32 come with a spare tire?
      A. No
      Q. Can I get one for it?
      A. Yes. The spare from the Audi TT225 fits in the spare tire well, but requires two tire changes if you get a front tire flat, because the donut spare won't fit over the front brake calipers due to the size of the rotors. More info on spares
      Q. Mileage?
      A. In general people are reporing 18-20 city, 24-26mpg highway (and as high as 30mpg on long trips driven at the speed limit)
      Q. Under what conditions does the exhaust flapper open and close?
      A. https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...05701
      Q. What is the "flapper mod"?
      A. It's basically just modifying the normal function of the exhaust flapper valve so that it either stays open all the time, or can be switched open or closed. It makes the exhaust louder at low speeds/low rpms, and gives a bump in hp and torque.
      Some information about side effects of disabling it https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...13929
      And offer links to some of the threads that describe how to disable it https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1233574 and https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1283757
      Important note: If you disable it in one of these ways, do *not* leave the rubber vacuum tube open. The flapper actuator resevoir gets its vacuum from the intake manifold so leaving the tube open will cause a vacuum leak. Be sure the hose is either clamped or plugged.
      Can now wire up a 2 or 3 way switch inside the car to allow you to enable/disable the flapper on the fly. Extensive instructions here:
      Q. Can I tow with the R32?
      A. The R32 is not rated for towing, and owner's manual specifically recommends against it. However, some people have found tow hooks that can be mounted to 4motion cars in Europe.
      And this guy had a very clean custom hitch built that hides behind his license plate
      Q. How does the Haldex based 4motion system compare to Torsen based systems and other AWD systems?
      A. https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1256669
      Q. What's the deal with the factory recommended tire pressures?
      A. Factory recommended tire pressures are 35 front, 44 rear and here are two threads discussing it. https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...17000 and https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1314669
      Q. What's the big deal with the sound of the R32's exhaust? Where can I hear some sound clips?
      A. https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...67999
      Q. Can I disable that annoying seatbelt warning chime?
      A. Yes. https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...81157
      Can also disable auto-lock, enable one press unlock, and auto-unlock on key out, and a couple other tricks. Details in the
      thread above.
      Q. what's the smallest winter wheels that'll fit over the front brake calipers?
      A. 17", and fitment must be checked. Only a small selection of 17's will clear the brake calipers.
      Tirerack sells a 17x6 wheel that'll fit (see tire/wheel fitment guide above), and
      VW's Monte Carlos and Long Beach wheels (both 17x7) will fit.
      Q. I heard the R32's 3.2l VR6 comes from the Touareg SUV. Is that true?
      A. Actually the 3.2l VR6 was developed for the Beetle RSi in 2001 and was released in the R32 *before* the Touareg was released mid year 2002. It is shared by R32, Touareg, base model Phaeton and Porsche Cayenne however. More info https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1250224
      Q. Can I drive the Goodyear Eagle F1's in the snow?
      A. No.
      Q. Even just a little bit?
      A. No. This is a high performance summer tire and will offer zero traction in slippery conditions such as snow and ice. Bad tires coupled with ABS
      will make it nearly impossible to stop the car.
      Q. What kind of power does the stock R32 make on a dyno?
      A. Anywhere between 174whp and 190whp depending on the type of AWD dyno it runs on, and has put down 218whp running in FWD mode alone on a standard Dynojet 2wd dyno. The car switches between AWD and FWD mode while driving, so all the numbers are relevant but will never tell the whole story.
      More info here https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1239963
      and https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...59606
      Q. Can the R32 be tested on a 2 wheel dyno?
      A. Yes. But first you have to disable Haldex..
      Per Rich @ EIP in response to a question by [email protected]
      "You can simply unplug the main harness connector to the Haldex ECU (located at the back of the rear differential housing). Be sure to have the car turned off when disconnecting and then re-connecting the plug. The car will then dyno just like any FWD vehicle.
      You will get a light (EPC / ABS if I recall correctly) when doing the runs as the ECU will register a code for the Haldex ECU being disabled and for the ABS sensing the difference in wheel speeds. The light should reset after re-connecting everything and then driving the car then cycling the key."
      I would add that the R32 should not be run this way on the dyno
      for extended periods of time as it'll heat up the hydraulic fluid in
      the Haldex unit, because it never really stops pumping.
      Q. Why is the 0-60 time so high?
      A. Because you have to shift twice to get to 60 while most other cars only have to shift once. Won't matter in the real world and this illustrates why. http://www.houseofthud.com/cartech/zero2sixty.htm
      Summary: A shift costs time during a time to speed test, but only costs a few feet or less in a time to distance contest. In the real world virtually all head to head contests are time to distance. That said, two magazines have
      gotten 0-60 times under 6 seconds even with 2 shifts.
      Q. Should I go with a Turbo or a Supercharger?
      A. https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1282728
      Q: The throttle response is sluggish for the first couple minutes after starting the car first cold start of the day. Is this normal?
      A: Yes. While the car is in cold start mode (running rich, and injecting air into the manifold
      with the secondary air injection pump), throttle response is relatively sluggish. Also will
      notice exhaust is extra loud for first 30 seconds for the same reason.
      Q: Can you left foot brake the R32?
      A: Only for a short time. If you stay on the gas while holding the brake pedal down,
      it'll cut the drive by wire throttle completely after about 3 seconds.
      Q: Can you heel-toe given the above limitation?
      A: Yes. No matter how long you've been on the brakes, you can reach over and blip the throttle. It just won't let you stay on both the gas and the throttle for extended periods of time.
      Q: Is there an aftermarket suspension that will not drop the car, but will improve handling?
      A: Yes, HPA SHS which utilizes custom KW V1 coilovers

      Q: Is there one that'll drop it more than 25mm?
      A: Yes. Neuspeed's offerings, KW V1/V2/V3 coilovers, H&R Coilovers, Bilstein coilovers, and plenty of others. Reviews pending.
      Q: I hit a pothole and now there's a bubble in my Goodyear Eagle F1's. Is there anything
      I can do about it, short of paying for a replacement out of pocket, without road hazard protection?
      A: Yes, Goodyear has a pro-rated warranty on these tires which is good even for this problem.
      If you pester your Goodyear tire dealer (such as Discount Tire) they can look up the info, take a measurement
      of your tread depth, and knock off some portion of the price of
      the replacement tire. By example, a tire with 3500 miles on, cost me $70 to replace
      instead of $195 (mounted and balanced at Discount Tire).
      Q: What is the *other* cheap exhaust mod?
      A: Replace the triangular crimped section of pipe with a straight round one. https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1368225
      $50 at a decent exhaust shop. No change in sound. Not dyno tested yet, but can't hurt.
      Q: What oil should I use?
      A: Factory recommendation is 5w40 Synthetic. More info here https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1377972
      Q: When and how should I change the oil in my Haldex unit? (courtesy Al Walker)
      A: Oil change 20k miles, filter change 40k miles. VW has special part number for the exact type and amount of oil in a change. More info here: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1398724
      Q: How do I just "open the vent" with Climatronic?
      A: Not without a fight..
      1. Push ECON button to turn off A/C
      2. Select which vent you want it to vent from (otherwise it won't do anything)
      3. Hold down - temp button until it reaches min (otherwise it'll still
      put some air through the heater core)
      4. Hold down - fan button until it shuts off the fan and Climatronic is now off.
      This is how to get fresh, unmollested air into the car.
      Q: How do I get max heat, or max cold air from Climatronic?
      A: Hold down the temp button of choice until it reaches max or min.
      Q: Sometimes when driving in very heavy rain, the exhaust gets very loud and there's a vibration from under the shifter. Is this normal?
      A: We're not sure yet, but many people have had it happen and
      it's not unique to the R32. Here's a thread discussing it in detail. https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1490327
      No definitive answers yet, but many things ruled out (not getting water in
      the intake for instance). Current working theory is that it's caused by
      differential heating/cooling of the exhaust pipe, causing it to flex
      and make contact with the heatshield.
      Q: My R32 sometimes doesn't want to start in the morning. What's wrong?
      A: Very high probability that you're well above sea level. Several people
      at elevations of about 5000 feet or higher have noticed that every so often
      the R32 will sputter a bit and drop from high idle to low, or die and have
      to be restarted. More info here https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1537428
      No known fix, but also not a serious issue. It always starts again.
      Q: I was driving along the other day on the highway with the cruise set, and all of a sudden it just dropped out of cruise, and when I tried to accellerate it felt like the gas pedal was disconnected. I eventually saw an EPC light. What's wrong?
      Q. I or someone else noticed that my brake lights have been coming on by themselves recently. What's wrong?
      A. There's a TSB for previous model MkIV's which references a possible brake light switch failure. It causes the brake lights to come on by themselves, which has side effects of causing the cruise control to cut out, and because this car has DBW throttle, it also cuts the throttle, and after a while it'll get confused enough to throw a code because it knows you can't really want to be using the brakes and gas at the same time, all the time.
      Thread's discussing the issue:
      Here's the NHTSA's reference to the TSB
      Some dealers will say that the TSB doesn't apply to the R32. That is wrong.
      Q: When I tilt my front seat forward to let someone into the back, the headrest hits the visor, or more annoyingly it goes forward fine but gets caught when trying to put the seat back. What can I do to prevent this?
      A. Modify your technique. This happens even with regular Golf seats when the headrest is up where they're supposed to be. To avoid this problem, don't let the seat buttom rise and slide forward until you've swung the seat back all the way forward. When you want to put it back down, push the seat back directly backwards with your hand, or even just with your leg first and then when you swing the seat back back, it'll clear the visor just fine. Train your regular passengers to do the same.
      Q: Can I do a throttle body alignment (TBA) by just turning the key
      to ON position and waiting 30 seconds? I've heard this works.
      A: No. It's a myth that comes from misinterpretting the normal
      operation of the drive by wire throttle body. See
      for comprehensive demonstration.
      Q: Why are the holes in the lower driver's side grill all filled in, while those in the passenger side are open?
      A: It's more aerodynamic, and there's nothing down there that needs cooling.
      Q: I want to put my CAI there. Is there an open grill available for purchase?
      A: No
      Q: Can the openings be cut or drilled out?
      A: Yes but don't drill them. It'll make a mess. Use an Xacto knife and about 4 or 5 fresh sharp blades. Takes about 60 minutes and is pretty easy. Can be made easier if you have a candle burning that you can use to heat the blade of the knife a little. The hot/warm blade will go through the plastic like butter.
      Q: What number R32 out of 5000 do I own?
      A: Nobody knows. There is no way to know. The R32 does not have
      a separate numbering scheme like the 20AE. The R32 was produced
      at the same time as many other cars on the same assembly line so
      the R32 VIN numbers are mixed in with others.
      Q: But as an original R32 owner, I got this poster from VWoA with a # on it.. X of 5000. Is that my R32's number?
      A: Nope. Just your poster number. There's no correltation between R32 build dates and poster number.
      Q: Just how nutty are R32 owners?
      A: "You might be an R32 owner if..
      Q: Is the MkV R32 better/faster than the MkIV R32?
      A: No. Of course this is the MkIV R32 forum, so we're a bit biased, but
      here's what Sport Auto had to say after track testing both cars.
      MkV has the handling edge, but MkIV is just faster.
      Q: So this morning I started driving my car and after I got up to 50+mph I felt
      a shaking through the steering wheel that got worse and worse the faster I
      went. What's wrong with my car?
      A. Nothing. Did it snow yesterday or last night and you perhaps went
      playing in an empty parking lot, did a few donuts and drifts?
      Q. Umm.. yes. Why?
      A. Sliding sideways packs snow into the wheels, where it freezes solid after
      you've parked the car for several hours. Often a little of it melts or
      falls off the top though, which creates a severe imbalance. Wheel weights
      are usually only an ounce or two. The clumps of frozen snow are
      many times that weight so they can make the tire actually jump off the
      ground at highway speeds.
      Next time you go play in the snow, scrape it out of the wheels
      after you park the car. This is why open 5 spoke wheels are preferred
      for use with snow tires.
      Q. I was playing in the snow last night, and afterwards my power steering stopped working. Why?
      A. While doing donuts in the snow at high rpms, it's not uncommon for people
      to hold the steering wheels against the "lock". The lock is really just
      where the steering pump stops being able to move the steering rack.
      Hold it there for a long time under pressure and the pump will break.

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      03-11-2004 06:48 PM #4
      Some history of the R32 as it relates to the US market. (courtesy Daemon42 late 2003)
      The Delay getting the R to market in the US was due to two main reasons:
      1. R32 was never originally meant to come to the US
      2. European demand far outstripped supply.
      The R32 story as I've pieced it together from the various information that flowed in here and from other sources (maybe jamie can correct anything I mess up badly enough) was this.
      VAG originally intended to only make 5000 R32s, period. And it wasn't going to come to the US. Too bad for us.. Due in no small part to the lobbying of a small group of US journalists including Jamie, as well as the large enthusiast community here (remember the semi-official VW R32 poll on the Vortex over a year ago?), plus the fact that Dr. Pischetsrieder sorta wanted to show it off anyway (despite soft interest from VWoA and VWoG), they made the decision about last October, to send some to us. At that time they weren't yet on the roads in any volume so European demand wasn't known. They figured they'd sell about 3000 of them elsewhere as a high priced specialty model with fairly low demand, and 1700-2000 would come to the US (enough to ensure that every VW dealer had a chance at one).
      Then they started selling like hotcakes. Seriously high demand. About the same time we get confirmation from VW via Jamie that it's coming. VWoA doesn't make an official announcement until the Detroit auto show in January and their best ETA for US delivery is "late summer 2003". That coincides with the latter part of the initial production run of 5000 (which eventually did finish up in October).
      By February it's pretty obvious that European (and world) demand is much much higher than expected. They decide to try to fill that demand (where they're selling the car for $35-40k USD) instead of cutting it short for our benefit, and their loss (they promised us it'd come for "under $30k"). They decide to allocate the entire first run of 5000 to non-US countries (Australia got left out in the cold too).
      As a side story, they appeared to have always planned to build some
      DSG R32's near the end of the initial production run. So the availability/non-availability of DSG in the US follows their initial allocation plan. If they'd built 1000 DSG R32s and our original total US allocation had been say.. 1700 cars, then we'd have seen maybe 700 6spds, and 1000 DSGs. Or perhaps ony some fraction of the DSG R32s here, and some elsewhere. As it became obvious that more and more R32s were going to be sold outside the US, it pushed the US allocation beyond the 6spds, and there was actually a short time where there was a rumor from multiple sources that the US would get *only* DSG R32s (last ones off the line). There was a large outcry, lots of polls.. etc.. The rumor was never officially confirmed or denied, but it simply ceased to be relevant once they scrapped the idea of us getting the leftovers from the first run and deciding to start a new production run just for us, away went the DSG R32s as well.
      Ok.. so they finally decided to do a second full run of R32s somewhere around Feb/March timeframe. I dug up a thread a couple weeks ago from that timeframe where they were already talking about the first "delay", which pushed the ETA back from "late summer" (which was *always* the earliest official timeframe) to "end of the year". In the meantime they sold out the entire first run in Europe and other countries in like 2-3 months.
      They made some DSG R32's.. later found them to be unreliable, and otherwise finished off the first production run early/mid October timeframe. (At which time there were a number of rumors that we were not in fact getting any R32s because "production has stopped". *sigh* Some people.) We had already figured out some time before then that "end of the year" was more likely going to be first quarter 2004, so that was the second delay. Yes, that's right, there's only been two delays of the US-spec R32.
      They told Jamie and others that US production would start between week 45 and 48. Turns out it started week 44 (last week of October/first week of November), and so far everything is looking on track for the first ones to hit dealer lots early February, with most of the current allocations in the midwest and possibly eastern regions. The rest will trickle in mid/late Feb, March timeframe to the rest of the regions. There should also be a couple US-spec examples on our shores in the next couple weeks as some dealers get cars that will ultimately go to auto shows, and then be sold. (We've heard from one dealer to this effect).
      As of right now, some people already have VINs for their R32's and dealer computers are showing ETAs consistent with what I've said above. All told, the "official" release date was delayed about 6 months. Not bad considering we weren't supposed to get em in the first place.
      Some additional info also courtesy Daemon42.
      There were rumors about it early/mid summer 2002.
      They first started showing it to journalists nearly 18 months ago. Jamie's first test drive of a pre-production model was 08/15/02 http://web.archive.org/web/200...shtml At that time an official poll was created to gauge interest in the R32 in the US. Notice at the bottom of the above article Jamie says: "Please only vote in the poll if you would actually purchase an R32 at a price at $32,000 or less. We'll send the results to Volkswagen of America and we'll see what happens. Stay tuned..." With a link to the poll, and from there, the results. http://web.archive.org/web/200....HTML Over 4600 people responded to that poll. The comments people left are quite interesting. I see mine on Page 1 of 19 There was a rumor that they might like to see a little upfront deposit money as they did with the 337, which was why you'll see folks mention a deposit in the comments.
      This forum was started 11/02 when folks in Europe were just taking delivery. Unofficial word from VW through Jamie confirmed that it was coming 11/19/02 https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?591337
      Official word that it was coming to the US at the NAIAS show last year just after the new year. https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?651077

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      03-25-2004 11:08 PM #5
      Courtesy of Scott at GSB Enterprises
      Something to check if nothing happens when you turn the key.
      On the R32 there are TWO clutch safety switches. They are a turn/snap-in type fit that will fall out if not fully snapped-in. One small switch is low on the cluster and is a limit switch...I think this is the Haldex reference. The higher one at an angle is larger and is switched at about mid travel. This is the safety/ECU interlock switch.
      If either of these switches is disconnected, you will get all power, lights on the dash, but nothing will happen when you go to start the car. Its something to check out if you are having a problem.

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      05-15-2004 11:10 PM #6
      R32 DIY Stuff - courtesy Ian
      HPA Short Shift installation info https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...70891
      HPA SHS installation info Torque specs for all suspension related components https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1364042
      Neuspeed rear sway bar installation https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1367485
      How to install a dash mounted switch to allow activation/de-activation of the exhaust flapper valve (aka "exhaust mod") on the fly.
      (Thanks to gabedibble for the detailed compilation of instructions and sveda for tracking down the proper wire for us all to work with.)
      How to hide the rear dingleberry.
      How to add a aftermarket steering wheel and disable the airbag light.
      OFF-road use vehicles ONLY!!
      https://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...00174 - Al Walker

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      07-28-2004 01:41 AM #7
      OEM HID R32 installation guide with photos courtesy notjcs
      Installing + Aiming and Adjusting. - Spoolin1x

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      08-18-2004 01:55 AM #8
      Compilation of Phatnoise PhatBox information courtesy of Michael Carlson
      Official PhatNoise VW page, including information on how it works, FAQ, and installation guides
      General discussion/Q&A about the PhatBox
      More PhatBox Q&A
      Various locations used to mount the PhatBox
      More on mounting the PhatBox
      Another method to mount your PhatBox
      Yet another method to mount your PhatBox
      How to modify your PhatBox so you won't have to cut holes in your R32
      Under rear deck mounting option courtesy CWaters
      Some related Q&A
      Q: Is the PhatNoise/PhatBox compatible with an aftermarket head unit ?
      A: No. Only the OEM units listed here.
      Your only aftermarket option is the Kenwood Music Keg (also made by PhatNoise and virtually the same thing as the PhatBox) which is compatible with some Kenwood head units.
      Q: Does the head unit display text information from ID3 tags?
      A: Nope, no meaningful text is displayed on the HU. The PhatBox simply looks like a CD changer to the HU, so that's the type of information shown on the display (disc/track/etc.). See this thread for a description of how you navigate the music with the generated voice prompts.
      Q: What formats does the PhatNoise/PhatBox support?
      A: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, Audible (audio book), and M4A (the un-protected form of AAC).
      Q: What about iTunes?
      A: The copy-protected form of AAC (.M4P) used by iTunes is a proprietay format--meaning the software developers at PhatNoise cannot use it. However, there are a number of third-party software options to help you make iTunes and your PhatBox play together:
      Look here if you want to use your iTunes playlist with the Phatbox & a Mac.
      Look here to learn how to "set your music free" from the proprietary format so you can listen to your legally-obtained iTunes music on your PhatBox (not to pirate music). More info here.
      Special thanks to MIMDesign for the links used to answer this question.
      Q: My PhatNoise/PhatBox has some really wacky ideas on how to pronounce some of my music names! Is there any way to fix this?
      A: Check out this third-party software solution: PhatVoice.
      Q: I have a question specifically about the PhatNoise/PhatBox that isn't answered here. Is there another resource on the web to learn about it?
      A: Yes! Go to the PhatNoise Knowledge Base or go to the PhatNoise message forums.
      Q: I hear a whine when listening to quiet parts of songs with my Phatnoise/Phatbox, that seems to be related to engine speed. How do I fix this?
      A: Read this post and the one following it.

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      12-09-2004 03:35 PM #9
      First a list of known fuses for the MkIV
      Secondly, if the car sputters and dies on the road and will
      crank but won't restart, check your fuel pump fuse.
      That's #28 (15A) from the list above. A couple people have had
      theirs go out, and it left em stranded beside the road.
      One might suggest a little assortment pack of fuses carried
      in the glove box to handle this sort of issue.

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      12-10-2004 09:30 PM #10
      A listing of motor oils that meet the VW 502 spec:
      Please add to the list if you know of any that were missed.

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      03-05-2005 02:59 PM #11
      Installation of SS brake lines on the R32.

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      06-27-2005 02:23 PM #12

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      11-30-2005 02:10 AM #13

      The definitive SEAT Cupra R lip installation thread provided by g60racer

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      01-16-2006 08:33 PM #14
      Results of a huge dyno day organized by Jeremy (rabbitgtibbar)
      Original dyno day thread: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2351853
      Results: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2394800
      More discussion of results: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2391123
      Represented here is stock, chipped, chip + intake, VF stage I, VF Stage II,
      EIP Stage I, EIP Stage I 9psi, EIP Stage IV, HPA FT 360, HPA FT400, HPA TT Stage II and several other variations. 4 wheel dyno. All numbers
      are *at the wheels*. Conservative drivetrain loss is said to be 23% for
      the R32 on this dyno, so divide the WHP/WTQ numbers by .77 to get
      rough idea of what they're making at the crank.

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      08-11-2006 03:24 PM #15
      The R32 color codes - rabbitgtibbar
      DBP - LB5R/9955
      BMP - LC9Z/Z4
      RS - LA7W/8E
      TR - LY3D/G2
      And a bunch of other VW color codes bostoneric
      LA5W - blue lagoon
      LW5Z - jazz blue
      LA7W - reflex silver
      LB7Z - Satin Silver
      LD7W - Silverstone grey
      LG9R - Silver Arrow
      LY3D - Tornado Red
      LC5H - atlantic blue
      L041 - UniBlack
      LC3X - MatchStick Red
      LD7X - platnum grey
      LG5V - blue galactic
      LB9A - Candy White
      LA2Y - Tropic Orange
      LC6W - Rave green
      LY1C - Imola Yellow
      LA9B - Cool White
      LC9Z - Black Magic Pearl
      LB5N - Indigo Blue
      LC6M - Bright Green
      LP3G - Flash Red
      LA1W - Mojave beige
      LG5A - vapor Blue
      LA6P - cosmic green
      LA1U- Futura Yellow
      LR9A- Campanella White
      LD7X- Platinum Grey Mettalic
      LC6X- Oceanic Green pearl
      LA5G- Pearl Blue
      LC7V- Blue Anthracite pearl
      LC3X- Murano Red pearl
      LC5M- Moonlight Blue
      L041- Black (2001)

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      08-25-2006 09:27 PM #16
      Good info on the VW charging system and how it applies to big stereos:

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      08-30-2006 12:03 PM #17
      Test using the cruise control. Turn on the cruise while driving and if it disengages and you've not stepped on the clutch or brake your switch could be defective.

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      08-31-2006 02:36 AM #18
      OEM armrest installation DIY
      Courtesy g60racer

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      08-31-2006 02:53 AM #19
      As far as we can tell most MkIV Golfs/Jettas came with a black coolant
      temp sensor. On most cars it works fine, but on some significant percentage
      it fails and starts giving skewed readings, and this confuses
      the ECU. It may run rich and at reduced power because it thinks the engine is cold and
      still warming up. You might notice it as a consistent drop in mileage of 2-3mpg.
      The black coolant temp sensor part from VW has been replaced by a new
      green sensor which is apparently a more reliable unit. Many R32 owners
      have replaced theirs. If the black unit was faulty, they usually see improved
      mileage. If the black unit was not faulty, there'll be no change, but if you're
      into DIY projects, it's cheap insurance against future problems.
      It's not a performance mod though. A non-faulty black sensor works
      no differently than the new green sensor.
      Here's one of many threads discussing it for the R32
      Here's a DIY with part #s and photos from the 1.8t forum.

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      11-01-2006 11:08 PM #20
      The "hamster wheel" is a scraping sound emminating from the clutch area.
      Dealers have not always been very good at diagnosing it, and replacing
      the correct parts on the first try.
      [email protected] tracked down the root cause

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      12-31-2006 07:51 PM #21
      Mike Solo has compiled a huge list of part #'s for the R32 for
      common items of interest.

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      01-16-2007 12:05 PM #22
      .:R 32 Track events that members plan on attending
      Infineon (SPIR) Raceway - May 5th - 6th
      Reno-Fernley Raceway - June 23rd - 24th

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      01-16-2007 12:09 PM #23
      Events and GTG's in the works for R owners.
      CAC-NorEast.:R32 Summit Point - May 19th - May 20th
      Tulsa National R32 GTG - August 6th - August 8th

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      03-19-2007 01:53 AM #24

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      05-02-2007 09:51 AM #25
      How to install Euro suspension by Layman:

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