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    Thread: Phaeton Forum 'Table of Contents' (FAQ by Category)

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      10-24-2004 10:01 PM #1

      If you are looking for information about a specific topic, use the search function of your web browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Chrome) to search this page for words related to what you are looking for. For example, if you want information about XM radio, press "Control + F" on your keyboard, then type in the word 'XM' or the word 'radio'. Your web browser will then search this entire thread (5 posts) for any instance of the term you specify. You can then click on any interesting links you find to go directly to the post.

      There are 5 posts below in this "table of contents" for the Phaeton forum. Discussions and topics have been grouped according to category.They are organized as follows:

      First Post - Information that is helpful to the new Phaeton owner during the first few weeks of ownership (commonly asked questions).

      Second Post - Modifications, retrofits, keeping the car looking new.

      Third Post - Troubleshooting problems, information of interest to Phaeton Service Technicians.

      Fourth Post - Technical reference material.

      Fifth Post - Pre-purchase information for those readers who are considering buying a Phaeton.
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      11-20-2004 04:54 PM #2
      A useful checklist of things to do when you take delivery of your new Phaeton

      Programming and Configuring the Phaeton After You Take Delivery....(What the owner can easily do)
      Store Settings for the Seat Memory buttons, key fobs, driver preferences (a complete how-to guide for setting up a new Phaeton)
      ....- A Useful Suggestion for Seat Memory Button Programming
      Program the Homelink Garage Door Opener
      ....- Another Garage Door Opener Discussion
      ....- Yet another Garage Door Opener Discussion
      Adjust the Clock, Keep the clock time synchronized with the GPS satellite constellation
      ....- additional information concerning GPS clock synchronization
      Preset Sound System volume when car is powered up
      Telematics - Set up the OnStar System (North America only)
      ....- additional discussion about OnStar
      Heating and Ventilation - adjusting the footwell temperature differential
      Preserving Suspension Setting Changes across Start Cycles
      How to save passenger side exterior rear view mirror memory position for use when backing up.
      Alarm System - How to disable cabin motion sensors (important information if you have a pet)

      Programming and Configuring the Phaeton After You Take Delivery ....(What your Phaeton service technician can do for you)
      Turn off the seat belt warning message and chime (Dealers may not disable this feature in the United States)
      Turn off the "Key in Ignition" warning chime (Dealers may not disable this feature in the United States)
      Define preferences for door locking and unlocking behavior
      Define preferences for daytime running lights (DRL) (Dealers may not disable this feature in Canada)
      Turn off Tire Pressure Monitoring if you install snow tires without TPM sensors
      Getting Rid of the Navigation Acceptance Screen (legal warning screen)
      ....Warning on screen upon startup (additional discussion about yet another North American model warning screen)
      Adjust rear Park Distance Control measurements to allow for presence of a bicycle rack or trailer hitch
      Enable remote window operation (up or down) using the buttons on the Key Fob
      Change the Language used on the Infotainment Display

      Understanding Phaeton Convenience Features
      Understanding the 'Residual Heat' function
      Understanding the 'Single Side Parking Light' function
      ....Further discussion of the "Side Light Switched On" warning message
      Keeping Climatronic off across start cycles (can't do it, it seems)
      Park Distance Control - rear display
      Understanding Rear Seat Climate Control Options
      How to open the Trunk Lid (electrically, using the pushbutton on the trunk lid logo)
      ....How to open the Trunk Lid (manually, using the key)
      ....How to reset the power trunk lid when it gets out of synch
      ....Trunk will not open... (essential reading, this explains the valet lockout button)
      ....Trunk will not close...
      ....Trunk opens by itself...
      CD Changer - Fast Load Function
      ....CD Changer - Informative Brochure from VW
      Power Steering - Can I adjust the Sensitivity?
      Keyless Access - what do the buttons on the door handles do?
      Miscellaneous Buttons that are not labeled
      Engine Compartment (bonnet) key-lock(UK specification Phaetons only)
      Hidden Features - a fascinating collection of tips, tricks, and observations
      Useful "Get Ready for Winter" Information

      Questions New Phaeton Owners Have Asked
      What is the toll-free Phaeton Customer Service Phone Number?
      Anti-theft system - why does the car lock itself up after 30 seconds?
      Child Seats - How do I use LATCH / ISOFIX Child Seats in the Phaeton?
      ....Rear side airbags - safe for children in car seats?
      ....Protecting Phaeton leather seat surfaces when using child seats
      Daylight Savings Time - how to adjust the clock
      Door Locks - how to manually lock the doors if no battery power is present
      Door Locks - Automatic door RE-locking - Gremlin or Feature?
      Electrical Connector (two-pin) in left battery compartment - What is it for?
      Engine - normal operating temperatures?
      ....Engine - VW Program for replacement of coil-over-plug units (fall 2009 - See VW announcement at this link:
      Volkswagen Ignition Coil Inspection & Replacement Program)
      Extended warranty insurance - how to buy it?
      Fuel Economy (Mileage) - what's everyone else getting?
      ....Diesel Phaeton Fuel Economy
      ....LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Phaeton Fuel Economy
      Fuel Specifications - what grade of gasoline should I use in a Phaeton?
      ....Ethanol Fuel
      Fuse Panels - where are they, how to open the cover? (includes PDF listing all fuses and relays)
      Flashlight - Where is the Flashlight?
      Heating & Ventilation - What is the purpose of the little rocker switch under the clock? (Cabin Temperature Differential Button)
      Heating & Ventilation - How do I manually open the vents in the dashboard?
      Heating & Ventilation - Where is the humidity sensor and the cabin temperature sensor?
      Heating & Ventilation - What do the buttons on the front door sills do?
      Heating & Ventilation - How does the Rear Seat Climate Control Panel and 4 Zone HVAC System work?
      ....- additional discussion concerning the rear seat air conditioning control panel
      Heated Steering Wheel - 'Heated Wheel is Off' message
      Infotainment System - What does the 'MANUAL' button do?
      Instrument Cluster - what do the symbols mean? (list with a photo of every possible symbol that can be displayed)
      Loudness Button - what does it do?
      Navigation System - Split Screen Function, and how it is intended to be used (important information - read this first!)
      Navigation System - How to program in a detour around a problem
      Navigation System - DVD or CD, What about Updated Maps?
      Navigation System - How many CD's?
      Navigation System - Why don't I see street names?
      Navigation System - What the heck are all those funny symbols (icons) on the map?
      ....- downloadable legend for the map symbols (PDF)
      Oil Specifications - what type of oil should I use in a Phaeton?
      OnStar - What is the future for this analog only system?
      Parking Lights - what does 'Side Lights Switched On' mean?
      Rear Seat Headrests - what causes up and down movement
      Roof Rack - where are the attachment points?
      Seat Memory Buttons - one-touch, or press and hold?
      Serpentine Belt Replacement Interval?
      Sound System - Where are the speakers?
      Sound System - Where are the antennas?
      Sound System - Will the CD player display music titles on the screen?
      Sound System - Why don't I see dynamic updating of RDS/RBDS text? (North American problem only)
      Sound System - Why don't the names of the AM stations appear, like the FM station names do?
      Sound System - Using CD-R discs in the CD Player
      Speedometer - how accurate is it?
      Speed Governor - what is the maximum permitted top speed?
      Sunroof - Speed-sensitive operation
      Sunroof - Manual (emergency) closing of the Sunroof
      Telematics - How do I connect my cell phone to the Phaeton's built in cell phone antenna?
      Telematics - What is the little wire in the box below the center armrest for?
      ....- additional discussion of the cell phone antenna connector
      Telematics - What is the future of the analog OnStar system?
      ....Additional discussion about OnStar
      Telephones - what cell phone configurations are available?
      Tires - discussion about choosing replacement tires for a Phaeton
      Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Why does it always give a warning message in October or November?
      Tire Pressure Monitoring System - How to turn off warnings if the spare is flat
      Tire Pressure Monitoring System - What to do if the system indicates there is a fault present
      Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Where are the tire pressure sensors?
      ....Why are the recommended tire pressures so high on North American Phaetons?
      Transmission - how to avoid hesitation during acceleration
      Transponder (EZ-Pass toll highways) - where to mount it?
      Trunk Cavity Dimensions (for loading outsize cargo)
      TMC - RDS - Choosing the correct Navigation CD for traffic advisories in the UK
      Water Temperature Gauge - always reading 200°F (90°C)?
      Wheel Alignment, Tire Wear
      ....Additional discussion about wheel alignment problems
      Window Glass - difference between tinted and insulated
      ....Detailed Instructions for operation of the Windshield Wiper & Washer System (also contains windshield cleaning recommendations from VW)
      Xenon headlights - differences between North American and European Phaetons
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      03-19-2005 10:53 PM #3
      Phaeton Upgrades and Modifications After Delivery - Discussions, Photos and 'How-To's'

      OEM Option retrofits
      Snow Tires – Requirements, Specifications, Detailed Explanation
      An alternative to carrying a full size spare tire
      Trailer Hitch Installation for Phaeton
      ....Bicycle Rack Installation for Phaeton
      Retrofitting Keyless Start to Phaetons that are equipped with Keyless Entry
      Retrofitting Paddle Shifters to the Steering Column
      Retrofitting a Heated Steering Wheel
      Retrofitting the OEM Fire Extinguisher
      Retrofitting a Warning Triangle in Trunk Lid
      Retrofitting a 6 button Cruise Control Switch (Gradation + and - Buttons)
      Retrofitting Aspherical Rear View Mirrors (ROW Spec Mirrors)
      Retrofitting a Refrigerator (4 seater Phaeton)
      Retrofitting a Refrigerator (5 seater Phaeton)
      Retrofitting a Rear Seat Climate Control Panel
      Retrofitting Soft-Close Doors
      Retrofitting a Television Tuner (same as factory installation)
      ....Replacing an Analog Television Tuner with a Digital TV Tuner
      Retrofitting an Ashtray and Cigarette Lighter
      ....Retrofitting Ashtray (Coinholder) Lights
      Retrofitting a Parking Heater or 'Standheizungen' (Stand-alone fuel powered heater)
      Retrofitting Dual Xenon Headlamps
      Rear Fog Light - Retrofitting (or enabling) this on a North American Phaeton
      ....Possible problems related to the rear fog annunciator on 2005 / 2006 NAR Phaetons
      Front Fog Lights - Enabling independent operation a North American Phaeton
      Ordering a tiny, wallet size emergency key for your Phaeton
      Requirement to Refresh the CAN gateway (Controller 19) after Controller Retrofits or Controller Removal

      Audio, Phone, Electronics retrofits

      Sound System - Wiring Diagrams (attached to different posts at this link)
      Retrofitting a Cell Phone
      ....Phone Holder Insert for Center Console (5 seater only)
      ....Connecting your cell phone to the Phaeton external cell phone antenna
      Retrofitting rSAP Bluetooth Capability (ROW market Phaetons only - not NAR)
      Connecting the Motorola IHF-1000 or HF850 Kit in place of the Onstar buttons
      Retrofitting a DVD Entertainment System
      ....Supplying external AV input to an existing Television Tuner
      Retrofitting a Televison Tuner
      Retrofit iPod, XM Radio, or Sirius Radio Installation (includes wiring diagrams for phone retrofits)
      ....- How to add an aftermarket XM radio or cell phone
      ....- integrating video display into the Phaeton infotainment system
      ....- integrating consumer electronics into the Phaeton sound system
      ....- iPod integration by way of FM modulation
      ....- iPod integration by way of 'Ice-Link' adapter
      ....- iPod integration by way of replacing CD player
      ....- Sirius or XM radio antenna installation
      ....- OEM provision of USB memory stick access in VW Products
      Radar Detector Installation
      ....another discussion of Radar Detector installation

      Modifications related to exterior appearance

      Removing the 'Schriftzüge' (model-writing) from the back of the car
      Changing the front grille style (MY 2004 to MY 2005 or vice-versa)
      ....Aftermarket or modified front grilles
      Paint Protection Film (Stoneguard)
      Painting Rocker Panels and Valences to match the body colour (with photos)
      Upgrading MY 2004 rear console trim to MY 2005 specification (colour matched)
      Aftermarket Wheels
      ....Using OEM TPMS sensors on aftermarket wheels
      ....Larger wheels and tires! (Another aftermarket wheels discussion)
      ....Nice pictures of aftermarket wheels on a Cairo Grey car (Ron's Phaeton)
      ....Does anyone have aftermarket wheels? (Still another discussion of the same topic)
      ....Phaeton with 20 inch Antera Wheels
      How to Adapt (Adjust, Calibrate) Phaeton Suspension & Ride Height (Detailed, step by step instructions and guide, with photos)
      Wheel Well Splash Guards (mud flaps)

      Other modifications, improvements
      Cupholder Extension
      How to remove the airbag warning labels from the sunvisors
      Grab Handle (additional entry / exit support) for Persons with Reduced Mobility
      Retrofitting additional road noise suppression material

      Keeping Your New Phaeton Clean

      Volkswagen Cleaning Instructions for Dealers, VW Recommended Chemicals
      ....Dual Xenon Headlights - Slight delay when high beam first used?
      Removing windowsill protective plastic strips
      3M Tire & Wheel Cleaner, VW Alloy Wheel Brush
      Keeping Sun Beige Carpets Clean
      Phaeton Winter (rubber) Floormats (European factory specification product)
      ....- Matching rear 'gummi' floormats
      "Monster Mat" Winter (rubber) Floormats (North American DriverGear product)
      ....More rubber floormat discussion
      ....How to Make your Own Winter Floormats
      ....Safety considerations applicable to floormats (both OEM and aftermarket)
      Lightweight Foam Trunk Liner for Phaeton (VW Product)
      Trunk Liner with cargo blocks (third party manufacturer product)
      How to refinish Phaetons with Klavierlack paint (Includes TB 50-07-03)
      ....How to remove fine scratches, swirl marks from Phaetons
      Refinishing scratched or curb-scuffed Phaeton wheels
      Front End Protection (discussion of bras vs. Scotchguard Protective Film)
      Touch up paint
      Washer Fluid - Buy the premium stuff, or the el-cheapo stuff?
      How to remove and clean cupholders
      Source of Corrosion on Brake Components (rotor, caliper cover) - how to avoid this problem
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      05-28-2005 07:18 PM #4
      Troubleshooting Problems
      See also the "Questions New Phaeton Owners Have Asked" section above for additional troubleshooting discussions.
      How to change a flat tire on a Phaeton (it's a bit more complex than you might think)
      Access and Start Controller (controller 07) - resolving antenna 'open circuit' faults
      Armrest - Broken Latch on Front Center Armrest (5 seater)
      Ashtray (Front) - what to do if it will not open (e.g. coin stuck in there)
      Ashtray (Rear) - troubleshooting rattles
      Battery - Vehicle Power Supply Battery (not starter battery) Problems
      ....Additional discussion of problems arising from discharged batteries (battery management controller replacement)
      ....Electrical Problems (includes TB 27-06-02, RVU, Campaign OH)
      ....Battery Discharge Discussion (including pictures of solar recharger)
      ....Smoothing Capacitor - A possible cause of persistent, unexplained battery discharge
      ....A possible answer for the battery discharge problem
      ....Battery Replacement Procedure
      ....Intervention Load Management on the Phaeton (contains VW Technical Bulletin 27-05-04)
      ....Purchasing and using a Battery Maintainer for your Phaeton (Includes TB 00-03-11)
      ....My Phaeton's electrical problems are now long gone...
      Backlighting on Steering Wheel buttons does not illuminate
      Clock runs too slow or too fast (Includes TB 90-05-05 and 90-07-01)
      Camshaft Rattle when Engine Started (4.2 litre V8 only) (includes TB 15-06-01)
      'Convenience Closing' feature - troubleshooting
      Corrosion on lower edge of doors (trim strip)
      Corrosion on trim strips adjacent to side windows
      'Check Engine Light (CEL, or MIL)' discussion about troubleshooting (includes information about how to set engine readiness code)
      ....Persistent 'Check Engine Light' on W12 (torque converter O-ring replacement, includes TB 01-07-22)
      Door Locking – how to do it mechanically (if no battery power is present)
      Door Handles - How to troubleshoot and replace exterior handles (Keyless Access button not working)
      Driver Seat - Troubleshooting Noise
      Driver Seat - Will not move to preprogrammed position
      Exterior Mirrors - Bulb replacement, mirror replacement, disassembly instructions
      Fuel Filter - change
      Fuel Pump (Electric, in fuel tank) Failure: Diagnosis, Mitigation, Pump Replacement
      Fuel Flow Problems (fuel filter, fuel hoses perishing and collapsing)
      Fuel Tank Replacement due to road hazard damage
      Fuel Tank - 'Check Gas Cap' advisory message
      ....How to manually open the gas cap door flap (if it is frozen closed)
      Emission (Dynamometer) Testing Exemption Sticker
      Front Seat Disassembly, Service, etc.
      Hatshelf (platform behind rear passenger seat) Removal
      Headlight Bulb Replacement
      ....Headlight Alignment Instructions
      Headlight Washers - troubleshooting Includes TB 92-05-01 "Washer Jets (Front or Rear ), Restricted"
      Headrests - Restoring front seat headrests to the normal position
      Heating System - cold air coming out one of the vents (discusses flushing out heat exchangers)
      ....Instrument Panel air vent cover (decor panel) stays open, does not close when it should
      ....Air recirculation Flap Positioning Motor (V113) not Working
      Homelink Garage Door Opener Problems (not programming, but troubleshooting)
      Ignition Key Emergency Release
      Instrument Cluster (MFI, or Y24) - How to reset the Display Screen (Includes TB C-90-04-01 and TB 90-05-04)
      Instrument Cluster Illumination - backlighting occasionally slow to light up
      Infotainment (J523) - Uncommanded resetting of the Long-Term Mileage Statistics
      Infotainment (J523) - Big Screen occasionally slow to light up
      Infotainment (J523) - Buttons do not match screen functions
      Intake Actuator Arms - V8 engine (replacement of broken OEM arms with 'Gruvenparts' repair kit)
      "Insufficient Coolant" Advisory Message
      Navigation System - position of car on map display is not accurate
      Navigation System - obtaining up to date navigation CDs for North America
      Navigation System - Updating Navigation Controller software to solve navigation function problems
      Oil Dipstick Problems
      Park Distance Control - Red Lights in all 4 Corners of Car
      Power Windows - Pinch Protection too sensitive, or auto-close feature not working
      Radio - AM Reception Problems
      Radio - FM Reception Problems
      Rear Door Sunshade - Repairing Broken Handle (includes TB 68-05-01)
      Rear Seat Power Outlet Cover Falls Open
      Rear Seat Cushion (seat base) - how to remove it (in case a coin or child's toy falls behind it)
      Rear Window Electric Defogger - factors affecting its operation
      'Service Now' message - how to reset it (In case the dealership forgets to do it when the oil is changed)
      ....'Service Now' message appears at an inappropriate time
      Shock Absorbers - replacement, specification differences, old ones not available, etc.
      ....List of Air Spring Damper (Gas Struts) and Suspension Controller part numbers
      Ski Bag - how to remove it, refold it
      Sound System Distortion, Speaker Rattles
      ....Additional discussion of sound system problems (speaker rattle, static)
      ....Repairing Inoperative Bass speaker in front driver or passenger door (inside door panel removal, fixing broken speaker wire)
      Steering Column - Troubleshooting Noise (up-down or in-out adjustment)
      "Steering Fault - Workshop" message
      Steering - Power Steering Line Corrosion (references Campaign 97Q1, criteria 2)
      Sunroof - adjusting the glass panel to fit flush with the roof
      Sunroof - general discussion and troubleshooting of cranky sunroofs
      Sunroof - How to repair a loose sunroof control dial
      Towing - How to tow a Phaeton (it must be transported on a flatbed car carrier)
      ....Damage arising from Towing & Flatbed Transportation
      'Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault' advisory message
      Transmission Discussions (6 speed, used on V8 Phaetons)
      ....DIY transmission valve body replacement completed
      Transmission Discussions (5 speed, used on W12 Phaetons)
      ....Transmission Function Concerns (includes TBs 32-06-01 and 37-05-01)
      ....Changing Transmission Fluid, Checking Transmission Fluid Level (illustrated how-to guide)
      ....Transmission (any version) - cannot shift out of Park
      ....Transmission (any version) - PRNDS lights up in display
      Trunk Lid Requires Excessive Effort to Close (4E2 or 4E8, not the power operated one)
      Trunk - Power Trunk Lid Troubleshooting
      ....Microswitch behind Trunk Lid Logo (for opening power trunk) does not work
      Trunk - Broken Sleeve on Electrical Harness leading to Trunk Lid
      Turn Signals - no sound (chime) when turn signal activated
      Vibration/Shudder Concerns - 2004 -06 Phaeton with V8
      Water in Cabin Footwell (Cleaning Air Intake Plenum and Sunroof Drains)
      ....Water in Cabin Footwell (Leakage via Electronics Box in Right Plenum Chamber)
      ....Water in Cabin Footwell (Leakage via Air Conditioning Evaporator Pan or Evaporator Pan Drain Lines)
      Wheel Bearings
      Windshield Fogging, Humidity Sensor
      Windshield Replacement
      Wiper Blades - How to change them
      Window Regulator Mechanical Problems (Pantograph that operates windows in vehicle doors)
      Windshield Wiper Mechanical Problems (Corrosion of bushings)
      W12 engine - hesitant start after running for a while (winter fuel, or ethanol fuel problems)
      W12 (only!) Underbody Cover Attachment Modification (Includes TB 00-06-02 and TB 37-07-08)
      How to get into your Phaeton if you have lost your keys (this procedure can be used only once)
      ....Discussion about this procedure...
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      11-12-2006 06:29 AM #5
      Phaeton Technical Reference Material

      .... General Information
      Maintenance & Service Schedules (what needs to be done, when) - (includes TB 17-06-01)
      End of Warranty Checklist - actions to make sure you have had carried out before the warranty ends
      List of Phaeton Technical Bulletins (TB) issued
      ....Campaigns ("Technical Solutions") in the UK and European market
      How to Purchase a Phaeton Service Manual
      DVD for Phaeton Owners
      Understanding Phaeton Production Codes & Build Stickers (downloadable PDF)
      Phaeton VIN table by month/year of production, VIN decoder
      Phaeton exterior dimensions (LWB and SWB)
      Phaeton exterior crash test photos
      Body Construction Details - what is plastic, what is metal
      Lifting the Phaeton on a Hydraulic Lift - Precautions
      Change in Oil Filter design - W12 Engine
      Wiring Harness Repair Guidelines (essential reading prior to any repairs, modifications, or retrofits)
      How to access and change spark plugs on the V8 engine
      How to access and change spark plugs on the W12 engine
      V8 Engine Timing belt Replacement

      ....How Systems Work
      Antenna Technology
      Batteries - how many, where are they, what do they do?
      Front Brake Air Scoop
      Front Valence / Chin Spoiler / Underbelly Cover (photos)
      Instrument Cluster Glass
      Keyless Access and the Kessy Controller - how it works
      Keys, Key Blades, Immobilizers, and Remote Unlocking - how all the bits work together
      ....How to change the battery in the key fob (includes TB 57-06-03)
      ....Key Fob - Replacing a scuffed emblem (VW Logo) on the key fob
      Phaeton Air Suspension - how it works
      ....Additional information about Phaeton Air Suspension
      ....List of Air Spring Damper (Gas Struts) and Suspension Controller part numbers
      ....Replacement struts for MY 2004 Phaetons(VW provides the other three when one fails)
      ....Correct orientation of suspension level sensor when replacing component (Discussion and warning of a common and easy-to-commit error when replacing level sensors)
      ....Replacement of droplinks on front anti-roll bar (These are wear parts that will eventually need replacement)
      ....Replacement of Front Control Arms (These are wear parts that will eventually need replacement)
      Park Distance Control - Design, system description and adjustment instructions
      Servotronic Power Steering Assist - how it works, how to disable it.
      More than you ever wanted to know about Telephones in Phaetons
      Television Tuner - pinouts and additional AV sources
      Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) - Design, system description and adjustment instructions (includes TBs related to TPMS troubleshooting)
      ....TPMS Troubleshooting and Problem Solving Difficulties (Additional TPMS troubleshooting discussion)
      ....Troubleshooting Tire Pressure Monitoring System faults (Still more TPMS troubleshooting discussion)
      ....How to Disable the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (A last resort - not really encouraged)
      Ventilated Seats - how they work
      Windshield Wipers and Rainsensor - System description

      .... Component Removal and Replacement
      Backup Light Bulb removal and replacement
      Volkswagen Trim Removal Tool (essential for Phaeton disassembly)
      Bib for front of Phaeton (highly recommended for any work under the hood)
      Front Bumper Cover Removal and Replacement (includes discussion of cracked front bumper covers caused by incorrect installation procedures)
      Rear Bumper Cover Removal and Replacement
      Brake Servicing (general discussion, wear limits, disassembly, component life)
      Replacing Front Brake Pads & Discs
      Replacing Rear Brake Pads and Rotors
      Cleaning the Snow Screens in the Phaeton Air Intake
      Corrosion Prevention Precautions when removing and replacing Phaeton wheels
      F265 Map Controlled Engine Thermostat Replacement (W12 - BAP engine)
      ....Coolant specifications for W12 Engines
      G209, G303 Cabin Interior Alarm Monitoring sensors – component location
      J367 Battery Monitoring Controller – how to replace (Includes RVU TB 27-06-02)
      J401 Navigation CD Reader– Removal Instructions
      J502 Tire Pressure Monitoring Control Module – component location
      J523 Front Information Display and Control Head – Removal Instructions
      J523 Front Information Display and Control Head – how to replace (contains useful tips for routing the cables)
      J605 Trunk Lid Control Module – how to replace
      N376 Ignition Switch Key Lock Solenoid - how to get access to it
      R38 Microphone for Telephone or OnStar – component location
      Exterior Door Handles – how to remove and replace (includes interior door panel removal and replacement instructions)
      Front Bumper Cover removal and replacement
      Front Foglight removal and replacement
      Mirror, Front Overhead Control Panel Assembly Removal Instructions
      Plenum Chamber Cover – how to remove and replace
      Rear Cabin Light, Switch E327 – how to replace
      Relay Panel (fuse panel) in trunk - how to release it (an important lesson from "The School of Hard Knocks")
      Trunk Lid Wiring Harness replacement (VAS 1978 Repair Kit)
      Some interesting photos of a dis-assembled Phaeton
      Windshield Wiper Blades - adjusting the blades to the correct park position (instructions, specifications)
      W12 Front Right Wheel Well Liner with vent (difficulty sourcing correct replacement part in NAR)
      W12 supplemental radiator (front right corner of car)

      ....Controllers & Software
      Phaeton controller addresses, controller network topology
      Phaeton Self-Diagnosis and Fault Recording System
      Software Upgrades for the Phaeton
      How to determine what version of software is in your J523
      VAS 5051 Diagnostic and Programming Tool
      VAG-COM Diagnostic Scan Tool and the Phaeton - reference information
      ....Additional Information about the VAG-COM diagnostic scan tool
      ....VAG-COM Controller Lists from Phaetons (for comparing coding, controller part numbers, software revisions, etc.)
      ....How to determine controller software version levels using a diagnostic scan tool
      How to adapt moving components (windows, seats, sunroof, trunk lid, etc.)
      A fascinating discussion concerning problems arising from software coding errors

      Forum Reference Material
      Phaeton Forum Objectives, Moderator Role
      Vortex Forum user agreement, rules
      Vortex Forums Help and FAQ

      Regional Get-together directory
      Phaeton Vanity Licence Plates
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      The majority of the information that follows was collected and posted during 2004 and 2005, to serve as a guide for forum members who were ordering new Phaetons from Dresden. This information is still quite valuable for folks who are in the resale (pre-owned) market, but what follows below is no longer being kept up to date. In other words, it applies to the MY 2003 to 2007 Phaetons only.

      Press Coverage - Reviews, Comparisons, Magazine Articles, etc.
      European Car Magazine - Long Term Evaluation: 2004 VW Phaeton V8 - First installment of a long term evaluation of the Phaeton
      Car & Driver Magazine, November 2002 - European W12 and V8 Phaeton
      Car & Driver Magazine, September 2003 - Feature Article about the Transparent Factory in Dresden
      Forbes Road Test - 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton
      Canadian Driver Magazine, November 2003 - 2004 Phaeton
      Motor Trend Magazine, September 2004 - Road Test Comparison
      Gayot.com, April 2004 - 2004 Phaeton
      FamilyCar.com, undated - 2004 Phaeton, Road Test
      Phaeton compared to Bentley Continental (Discussion thread on this board, with pictures)
      "Woman Motorist" website gives Phaeton the first perfect score ever
      Automobile Magazine June 2005 - The Best Cars in the World
      'A Car Place' - review of 2005 Phaeton V8
      'Top Gear' (United Kingdom) review of 2005 Phaeton V6 TDI
      Pope Francis (and other notable Phaeton owners)
      Geneva Auto Show 2007 - Detail Photos of MY 2008 Refresh
      'skript manufaktura' Magazine (a publication from the Transparent Factory)
      North American Phaeton Service Departments (technicians) that we (Phaeton owners) recommend
      UK and Europe Phaeton Service Departments (technicians) that we (Phaeton owners) recommend
      Lease Price Questions (new vehicles)
      Wholesale Price Questions (used vehicles)
      Long Term Ownership Experience of Phaeton Forum Participants
      Official Phaeton video thread

      Paint and Interior Colours - Photo Galleries
      List of Standard Exterior and Interior colours - 2005, 2006 North American Phaeton (downloadable PDFs)
      Exterior Changes - 2004 to 2005 model year
      2006 Model Year Changes

      Paint Colours
      Antibes Blue metallic
      Apassionata Blue Heliochrome
      Aubergine (eggplant)
      ....more excellent Aubergine pictures (Whealy's car)
      Black Klavierlack
      Luxury Black Heliochrome
      Bolero Beige
      Cairo Grey
      Campanella White
      Coucou Grey
      'Klavierlack' clearcoat finishes
      Luna Blue Pearleffect
      Mararis Green
      Mazeppa Grey metallic
      Papillon Silver Heliochrome
      Silver Mirror
      Tarantalla Black Pearleffect
      Waterworld (light green)

      Interior Colours
      Petrol Leather (TJ), and Leather Colour Palette
      Sun Beige Leather (TE)
      Crystal Grey Leather (TD)
      Navy Blue Leather (TF)
      Anthracite Leather (TC)

      Custom Interiors
      (VW Individual)
      Navy Blue with Sterling

      Interior Woods
      Eucalyptus (7TE) Wood Trim
      Myrtle (5MW) Wood Trim
      Walnut (5MG) Wood Trim
      Chestnut (5TN) Wood Trim
      Black Piano Lacquer (VW Individual)
      Black ****ar Grain (VW Individual)
      Wood Inlay Detailing (VW Individual)

      Volkswagen Individual - Custom choices for your Phaeton
      VW Individual Atelier at the Transparent Factory in Dresden
      European Options List, VW Individual Offerings List
      A photo tour of the Transparent Factory in Dresden
      Custom Interiors (VW Individual)
      Seatbelt Colors
      Supplemental Rear Seat Reading Lamps
      Rear Seat Work Table

      Options That Can be Ordered on Your Phaeton - Photo Galleries
      Telephone (GSM Phone)
      ....North American Phaeton Integrated Cell Phone
      Refrigerator - 4 Seat Phaeton (VW Individual - not applicable to North America)
      Refrigerator - 5 Seat Phaeton (VW Individual - not applicable to North America)
      Phaeton Wheel Photos
      Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System (VW Individual - not applicable to North America)
      Active (Adaptive) Cruise Control - Automatic Distance Regulation (not applicable to North America)
      Fire Extinguisher below front passenger seat
      Paddle Shifters on Steering Column
      Extended Wood Trim in Cabin
      Wood trimmed steering wheel (not applicable to North America)
      12 Way Power Seats (substitution for 18 way power seats)
      Smoking Package - Ashtrays and Cigarette Lighters (also available for retrofit from VW dealers)
      License Plate Frames (available from VW dealers)
      Protective Cover for Rear Bumper (available from VW dealers)
      Manual Transmission (since discontinued, we think)
      V10 TDI Engine (not applicable to North America)
      ....Additional Discussion of Diesel Phaeton availbility in North America
      Parking Heater (Stand-heating) (not applicable to North America)
      Television Tuner - with display on front Infotainment Screen (not applicable to North America)
      Digital Television Tuner - with display on front Infotainment Screen (not applicable to North America)
      Roof Rack (Short Wheelbase Phaetons only - not applicable to North America)
      Trailer Hitch and Trailer Electrical Controller (not applicable to North America)
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