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    Thread: TDI mk1 progress...

    1. 01-03-2005 02:52 AM #1
      well, besides my thule roof rack being stolen off my Mk4 jetta today, and a friends stereo/digicam stolen from his car while he visited... I got a lot done on the rabbit..
      The wiring harness is installed in the car, and the cable shift box is also in, just need to punch one extra hole for the cable to run through. Still need to weld in the supports for the mk3 fuse panel, and get the motor mounts made up, which should be done by this weekend. rear wiring harness is installed from a late cabby, and needs to be cut/soldered/heat shrunk to the mk3 fuse box plugs. Most of the plugs for the dash switches are already transferred over, and by next weekend, I should be ready to hang the motor, after the por-15, and minor touch up of some of the surface rust that is in the engine bay. I'll more than likely touch up the floorpan, as long as I've got the carpet out, and lay in new sound deadening, since the carpet being installed correctly demands the thickness of it. Then, back in with the original carpet.
      I'm anticipating a few more trips to the junkyard before this project runs, including procurement of the a3 master cylinder and the sensors in it, various clips and grommets, some kind of properly fitting intercooler,various mk3 plugs and wire looms, and what not that I forgot to tell the guy pulling the motor that I may need.
      Lesson-get the whole car.
      It's turning out to be much less hassle than I anticipated, but much more tedious than I can stand sometimes. It's wierd having things progress so fast, since it took so long to build the bluehare. (I guess after a 16v g60, it all seems just a touch easier) I"m not the first..but it's going to be a fun car when done..
      I'll try and post up some progress pics of the car this week, I really didn't feel like being at the shop anymore after I got [email protected]

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    3. 01-03-2005 12:41 PM #2
      Nice progress Jeff. It will be great to see this swap in real life and not just on the interweb...

    4. Member burn_your_money's Avatar
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      Oct 4th, 2004
      Bright, Ontario Canada
      6.9L F250
      01-03-2005 06:35 PM #3
      I can't wait to see some pictures of this

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    6. 01-03-2005 07:37 PM #4
      bump for pic's

    7. Member The Nothing's Avatar
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      Oct 9th, 2001
      Rabbit Convertible
      01-03-2005 07:48 PM #5
      good news on the Rabbit Jeff...
      the stuff get ripped off at the shop?!?
      aka PDX Cabby

      You're post makes me wanna because we already talked about this many years ago.

    8. 01-04-2005 05:52 PM #6
      sure did...right in the breezeway....

    9. Member pocketrocket84gti's Avatar
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      Dec 23rd, 2003
      Seattle / Maryland
      '76 Rabbit, '72 Chevy C10, '12 Golf TDI
      01-05-2005 03:19 AM #7
      Quote, originally posted by lagomorph »
      sure did...right in the breezeway....

      no way that does suck, you was the guy that got his digi jacked?
      Congrats on the progress though dude, I can't wait to see it
      Justice without dispassion is always in danger of not being justice

    10. 01-13-2005 04:33 PM #8
      im planning a project kinda like this.....dont really know EXACTLY where to start, but I need to since IM selling my mkIV to build my first car....my pretty rabbit.

    11. Member 8v-of-fury's Avatar
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      Jul 14th, 2008
      Almost the Arctic, Alberta, Canada
      Because MK1
      10-05-2010 12:08 AM #9
      How did this ever turn out??

    12. Banned
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      May 26th, 2005
      o HI o
      84 coupe, 90 b3 td wagon, 81 coupe, BURNT TOAST
      10-05-2010 02:14 PM #10
      its in the 4sale section.. turned out really nice... owner a good guy BTW.. he one of the forza3 racers on monday night...

    13. 10-10-2010 08:25 AM #11
      Quote Originally Posted by theswallowtail View Post
      bump for pic's


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