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    1. 06-13-2005 01:13 PM #1
      I need to take the back glass out, patch two rips, and put the glass back in. can anyone give me any info on that?? thanks so much

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    3. 06-13-2005 02:00 PM #2
      There should be a center strip on the seal that pulls out, after that the glass should pop out...that is If I remember correctly
      Do a search on top replacement, the procedure is in there somehwere

    4. 06-13-2005 08:02 PM #3
      I wrote that procedure it's in the FAQ. i read forrest kings and updated and added to it as i did a few tops over the past few years.
      There's no center strip that pulls out.
      Here's what you do:
      1. get a plastic scraper of some sort and some soap and water and clean out the crack between the seal and the glass on the outside.
      2. try to make the seal as flexible as you can. use a quality plastic conditioner like meguiars #41 on it and let it sit for some time.
      3. work the seal a bit to get it loose. you will find lots of dirt in there to remove. remove it.
      4. unplug the defroster wires.
      5. wiggle the seal around on the inside of the car to get it loose there too. use a soft plastic blade type tool, something that won't let you damage anything. screwdrivers are not recommended.
      6. warm water will help get the seal moving really well on the outside. you want everything as loose as possible without damaging things. it will go back into place, don't worry.
      7. one person on either side of the glass. this is important. those windows are expensive.
      8. the guy on the inside pushes the window out. keep your hands FLAT at all times and don't let the window bend, because it won't. the guy on the outside helps pry the seal out of the way with a plastic tool and catches the glass.
      the window frame is stapled to the top with stainless steel staples. they're received by a plastic liner in the steel frame. there may be rust in there to clean out.

      if you clean everything well and use a good conditioner on the seal before you put the window back in, you'll have a watertight back window like me. if you don't, you won't. no excuses!
      installation is the reverse of removal - check to see if your window had a strip of rubber around it that met the seal, you may have to replace that.
      A piece of cake, but not sara lee.
      good luck!

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    6. 06-13-2005 08:50 PM #4
      I just pushed really hard and took it out....
      still haven't gotten around to puttin it into the new top.
      I took a big fluffy towel and used that to do the pushing,
      started at one corner, it eased out.... worked around and
      whoo hooooo..... and holy crap the frame was rusted,
      I think it needs repair but I'm gonna try to just clean it up
      and reinstall the rear window.

    7. Member Black_cabbie's Avatar
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      06-14-2005 01:22 AM #5
      Use a hammer James
      Chip Tuning for a living @ www.microchips-tuning.com

    8. 06-14-2005 08:35 PM #6
      if you do use that hammer, i have a spare window i will sell you. but i don't know what price yet.

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