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    Thread: TDi swap into a 90 Cabby ?

    1. 06-25-2005 03:16 AM #1

      So, after discussing potential swap ideas with my uncle who drives a Caddy...
      I have decided that I need to begin a bit of research into exactly what it will take to do this with my 90 Cabby...
      As the Cabby is now a 1.8 L, 8 V and is blowing massive smoke and burning oil like crazy at just 139k.
      So what essentially will this take?
      Can anyone point me in the right direction....
      I'm no car geek, so please show me links, pages, pictures etc.
      I have used the search function and read through several threads, which haven't been all that helpful... Do you know of anyone that has done this before?
      Thanks much for your support in this endeavor
      a pic of the cabby to be converted

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    3. Banned
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      May 27th, 2002
      06-25-2005 03:20 AM #2
      why not just do a valve job and fix your engine? Its not too difficult. just a thought. I bet the bottom end has alot more miles left in it.

    4. Member Socialoutcast's Avatar
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      Jul 2nd, 2003
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      01 Audi AllRoad, 89 Jetta Carat
      06-25-2005 03:38 AM #3
      From what I hear it will take time and $ to convert a regular gas car to diesle. Fix your motor and call it good much cheaper. Or do a 16V.

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    6. 06-25-2005 09:26 AM #4
      search for mrdave he has swapped a tdi into his caddy already and has quite a number of threads of his project on tex, also check with malone

    7. 06-25-2005 10:39 AM #5
      I think MrDave is your best bet for good useful info here one link https://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=778864
      I really like the idea but from reading the threads it seems like its costs the same as doing a 20V 1.8T conversion. Just something to think about...

    8. 06-25-2005 12:18 PM #6
      i say do it!!! [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] a lot of people convert gas to diesel and if this keeps happening there wont be any diesels left. so i say convert gas to diesel keep the diesel spirit alive.
      caulk one up for the diesel guys
      tdi cabby haahaha

    9. Banned
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      May 26th, 2005
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      84 coupe, 90 b3 td wagon, 81 coupe, BURNT TOAST
      06-25-2005 06:20 PM #7
      iove done a mk2 to tdi.. real pain in the arss but worth it in the end.. too bad the kit totaled it 8 months later..

      the biggest trick was where to mount the intercooler....

      i know its a a2, but figured some photos may help..

    10. 06-25-2005 07:59 PM #8
      I've done a MK2 to TDI swap, too. It was a lot of work, agreed. No manufacturer has ever put a diesel in a convertible, and for a good reason. I just can't imagine sitting at a stop light with the top down and a good breeze blowing from in back of the car!

    11. 06-25-2005 08:24 PM #9
      Quote »
      I just can't imagine sitting at a stop light with the top down and a good breeze blowing from in back of the car!

      That's why god gave us Biodiesel!

    12. 06-25-2005 10:23 PM #10

      Thanks for the useful comments. It's an idea I'm throwing around, and I already have a 1.8t in my mk4....
      I realize that it will be a costly doing, and will take a great deal of time and planning.
      This may be something that happens way off in the distance.
      Looks like a 16v might be a better bet for a short term solution.

    13. 06-26-2005 01:15 AM #11
      Hey, you guys that did the TDI's into Mk2's... what TDI motors did you use?
      I'm about to put an AHU into a CE2 Mk2; if there's a complete list of what to get off the mk3(got the entire donor car ) and you could post it, I'd be very grateful... Pretty sure I know the MAJOR stuff, but.... I guess I'm going about the easiest route possible, dontcha think?
      Not troubled so much by exhaust, motor mounts, 02A swap, DBW pedal cluster, etc, but more curious about fuel pump, ECU wiring, instrument cluster, etc...

    14. 06-26-2005 10:34 PM #12
      It is a good thing you have the entire donor car, you are gonna need all of it! I used an AHU eng and trans from a 98 Jetta, and I bought an entire wrecked car. Those are some impressive pix of that yellow car because I ditched the AC and the PS, that gave me a lot more room. I mounted the ECU under the rain shield in the plenum, just like the 98, and ran the harness through the plenum wall using the stock grommets that are on the harness. IN fact, forward of the firewall the car is completely 1998, there is nothing A2 left up there except the windshield washer pump and the wiper motor, both of which accept the 98 connectors.
      The 98 was CE2, and so is my 91 Jetta, so it is astoundingly plug and play. I mounted the 98 fuse box in the 91 brackets and the harness from the rear of the car plugs in and works perfectly. I had to splice some wires to make a few of the dash switches on the A2 dash work on the A3 harness leg for the corresponding switch.
      There is some controversy as to whether or not the car needs the instrument cluster to work. The A4 TDI definitely does, but I can unplug my cluster and the car will still run and drive down the road. Do get a lot of faults but none of the limp-mode variety. In any case, I used the A3 cluster in the A2 dash. I cut off my dash insert just left of the six-switch section and then had room to mount the TDI cluster after I shaved the projecting face off it and made a black-and-clear plexiglass flat face for it. That wiped out the headlight switch, so I used a Rabbit switch mounted in the hole where the cold-start cable used to be,( my 91 started out uas a diesel). I ran a vacuum source to the heater controls and my diagnostic port I mounted behind the top three dummy switches in the dash panel.
      The intercooler will give you a lot of trouble. If you try to put it in the A3 location, like the yellow car, you will have to trim the fender and then hope the big bumper will hide it. I like the small bumpers better, so I made mounts for the intercooler to hang in front of the transmission and then hooked it up with some 2"" tubing and silicone connectors.
      The yellow car has the battery in the approximate A3 location, but I put mine in the stock A2 spot, which meant that the cables would not reach; so I used an odyssey battery and placed it on its side, so now the cables only have to crawl halfway up the side of the battery and not up and over the top.
      Oh yeah, to get room for the intercooler to hang in front of the transmission, I had to cut away and then reinforce a considerable portion of the front crossmember; you may not want to do that.
      Keep in touch.

    15. 06-26-2005 10:47 PM #13
      Reread your post after my reply went up. Fuel pump? The TDI only has one fuel pump, the injection pump. Lots of other diesels have a lift pump near the tank to supply the injection pump, but not VW. That of course is handled by the engine wiring harness.
      Personally, my car has a lift pump. I used a fuel tank sender and low pressure pump from an A2 gasser and it works great. Never have to prime the injection pump and I never see bubbles in the clear line to the injection pump. If your car started out as a gasser, just keep the pump in place and the CE2 fuse box will power it. My fuel gauge does read about a 1/4 tank off, though.

    16. Member mkId's Avatar
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      Feb 21st, 2005
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      in a former life: '02 VW Golf TDi GLS greaser // '81 VW Rabbit Convertible // '89 VW Jetta GL
      06-27-2005 12:21 AM #14
      so what really is the major problems/hold ups when doing a TDI swap?
      i've been in the A1 and A2 forums for a few years, just never really posted at all. ive read most of the posts on engine swaps, and have been looking more recently into a TDI swap. there have been a few projedts that have been scratched because different reasons, but im confused what seems to be the problem. and yes, i have read mrdave's post/great info on the rabbit tdi project.
      if you have the donor car, shouldnt everything just be a swap? (yes i know there are fabs for engine mounts, oil cooler placement, etc.... and yes, know engine "swap" means a swap)..mind you, im not saying it would be easy, but im confused by what seems to hold people back in this type of project.
      (hint: i've got my sights set on an '80 westmoreland diesel 2 door in wonderful shape, as well as a totaled a3 jetta tdi )

      Modified by mkId at 9:47 PM 6-26-2005

    17. Member RabbitJockey's Avatar
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      06-27-2005 12:22 AM #15
      Quote, originally posted by Singlerounds »
      That's why god gave us Biodiesel!

      but then it will make you hungry and you'll have to take a stop at mc donalds.

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    18. 06-27-2005 03:23 AM #16
      Ah, perfect... thanks, these replies are full of great stuff... and sorry I both hijacked the thread AND let fly with the Mk2 questions. Didn't notice what forum this thread was in, must have just assumed it was the TDI forum...
      I'm not too worried about the intercooler, that stuff is FUN to me. Plus, I have most of the parts needed for the Mk2 top-mount TD IC, ya know, the one that sits on top of the battery..? Dunno that it's the BEST IC for the job, but it'll get me started. Rallye Golf FMIC might come later.
      I'll keep you guys in mind when the real work begins... can't wait!

    19. Banned
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      May 26th, 2005
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      84 coupe, 90 b3 td wagon, 81 coupe, BURNT TOAST
      06-27-2005 09:18 PM #17
      entire mk3 jetta tdi was doner..

      he paid like 2800 for it...
      http://members.aol.com/crsmp5/...e.htm is the whole story on the one i built..

    20. 06-28-2005 03:13 AM #18
      Quote, originally posted by crsmp5 »
      entire mk3 jetta tdi was doner..
      http://members.aol.com/crsmp5/...e.htm is the whole story on the one i built..

      Wow, that site is gonna be a BIG help... thanks! Too bad the yellow mk2 had to die...
      Looks almost exactly like the '98 Mk3 tdi donor car I'm getting...

    21. 06-28-2005 07:27 PM #19

      yeah thanks for hijacking and such.
      i appreciate those that gave me info for the cabby, will continue to look into it and would appreciate any information, persons to contact, etc.
      i must have been dreaming about such a project....doesn't seem too realistic at this point.

    22. Banned
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      May 26th, 2005
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      84 coupe, 90 b3 td wagon, 81 coupe, BURNT TOAST
      06-29-2005 09:31 AM #20
      i know it can be done to a mk1 sir.. and no did not mean to hijack your thread.. it was more of you will have to do same type of things on the mk1.. except i think IMO id get the hydrolic to cable conversion this way you only have to modify the throttle pedal with mk3 stuff which would be far easier then changign the whole pedal assembly.. i also think id mount th eintercooler on top of the batt like original g60 golfs/jettas had in late 88 when they were prototypes..

    23. Member K04A1's Avatar
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      06-29-2005 03:05 PM #21
      Im Lagomorph. He just finished his.

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