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    Thread: Temperature light blinking

    1. 10-17-2005 04:52 PM #1
      My temperature light (91 Cabby) blinks intermittently. The coolant level is correct and the fan is running when appropriate. The temperature guage is indicating normal operating conditions. Will sometimes stop when dashboard is tapped. I think it is a loose connection in to the cluster but I have no idea how to access that cluster. Please advise with any suggestions.

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      10-17-2005 07:29 PM #2
      Quote, originally posted by clarson211 »
      but I have no idea how to access that cluster.

      Remove the bezel: https://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1663589
      Might also be a faulty temp sender or the wiring at the sender.

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    4. 10-17-2005 08:09 PM #3
      Coolant Indicator LED - Flashing At Normal Temp

      Group: 90

      Number: 92-03

      Date: Feb. 29, 1992

      Coolant Indicator LED is Flashing at Normal Temperatures
      All Models
      Coolant overheat / low coolant level indicator LED is flashing at normal coolant temperatures.
      Check the coolant indicator LED according to the list below. The following applies in addition to tests listed in the Service Microfiche.
      ^ refer to appropriate wiring diagram

      ^ disconnect coolant level sensor electrical connector

      ^ check coolant level in coolant reservoir
      ^ MUST be between MIN and MAX marks

      ^ set digital multimeter, Fluke 83 (US 1119) to ohms function

      ^ check resistance of level sensor with digital multimeter Fluke 83 (US 1119)
      ^ must be between 31K Ohm and 65K Ohm with correct coolant leveland coolant concentration.

      If coolant resistance is NOT within the above specification, the coolant MUST be drained and replaced with NEW coolant mixture of 50% water and 50% phosphate free coolant antifreeze, Part No. ZVW 237 104. (In Canada use Part No. G 001 100) The mixing should be performed before filling vehicle coolant system.
      Coolant concentrations of 60% or higher will cause the overtemp. / low coolant LED to activate.
      Coolant antifreeze MUST NOT be reused. Properly dispose of used coolant.
      ^ reconnect sensor connector

      ^ check coolant level control unit using wiring diagram

      The control unit is located on top of the fuse/relay panel on vehicles up to 1989 m.y. and thereafter it is integrated into the multi-processor of the instrument cluster circuit board.
      ^ if wiring, coolant level sensor and coolant concentration are OK, replace coolant level control unit or instrument cluster circuit board

      ^ refer to appropriate Service Microfiche Group 90 - Coolant Temperature Guage, checking and troubleshooting

      ^ confirm proper operation of temperature gauge and blinking LED per Service Micofiche Group 90
      Part numbers are for reference only. Always check with your Parts Department for latest parts information.

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