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    Thread: VW OEM Ipod Interface install

    1. 03-04-2006 10:00 PM #1
      Since I've had my GTI since January 26th I finally got motivated to install the VW OEM Ipod interface. It's been too cold here in MD but today I warmed up the car to get it nice and toasty for me and the plastic trim. The only tools needed are a T20 Torx driver and a plastic 'bone' (that's what I call it). The pictures will show the procedure and I will comment in certain critical operations. Hope this isn't too long. Here we goooo............
      When removing any dash components be extremely careful. The plastic pieces are fragile.
      First pry out this trim piece around the air vent control

      next gently pry out the grille for the air vent with a plastic tool

      unplug this connector from the grille

      once the grille is removed there is a torx screw that needs to be removed from inside the vent assembly

      gently pull the vent assembly out of the dash opening

      remove the 2 torx screws shown here

      pull upwards to make the vents/trim unlock from the radio trim bezel

      IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT DISCONNECT THIS CONNECTOR WITH THE KEY ON!!!!This will store a fault in the Airbag system disabling the Airbags.

      to remove the hazard switch plug, push the blue spring loaded locking device away from the switch to disengage (tool is showing where the unlocking device for the connector is)

      on each side of the radio trim bezel remove the torx screws

      GENTLY pry the radio trim bezel away from the dash working from one end to the other

      once the radio trim bezel is removed there are 4 torx screws that retain the radio to the dash, remove them

      now you can pull the radio out of the dash

      there are 3 connectors that need to be removed from the back of the radio. One mutiplug for the power/speakers/SAT/CD and two antenna connectors

      pull this pink terminal lock up from the mutiplug connector housing. You need to do this in order to remove a ground wire.

      If you have SAT radio you must transfer 3 wires from the factory radio harness to the Ipod Interface harness. If you don't have SAT radio just plug the Ipod interface harness into the only slot in the radio harness that the connector will fit into.
      Remove the blue connector from the multiplug housing

      separate the black terminal housing from the blue housing

      remove this wire from the old terminal housing

      insert it into the Ipod harness terminal housing in the same location. (The terminal housing is numbered)

      remove this wire from the old terminal housing

      insert it into the Ipod harness terminal housing in the same location. (The terminal housing is numbered)

      remove this wire from the old terminal housing

      insert it into the Ipod harness terminal housing in the same location. (The terminal housing is numbered)

      slide the terminal housing back into the blue connector housing

      reinsert the blue connector housing back into the mutiplug connector in the same location you removed it from

      using a suitable tool release the terminal locks for the solid brown wire in the multiplug connector

      remove the solid brown wire from the multiplug

      the Ipod installation kit supplies a single wire terminal housing. Insert the ground wire you just removed from the multiplug housing into this.

      A single brown wire with an exposed terminal is incorporated into the Ipod harness. Insert this brown wire into the cavity where you removed the previous brown wire.

      Attached to the Ipod harness is a single wire terminal housing with a brown wire in it. Plug the single wire terminal housings together.

      I plugged in everything and made sure the SAT and the IPOD worked. Everything worked!!!!

      there is a hole located in the upper left corner of the glove box to run the cable which plugs into the Ipod

      I tie wrapped the interface box that comes with the Ipod kit to a wire harness behind the dash. (climatonic unit removed so you can see where to put the interface box)

      I have a gray anthracite radio and grille trim I'm debating about installing instead of the GTI black trim. It matches the dash/console and seats pretty good......save that for another day. Here is a photo of the gray anthracite trim.

      I put the Ipod in a case and clipped it to the top of the glove box in the place where the owner's manual would go.

      All back together......notice track 66!!

      Modified by 4string at 10:24 PM 7-9-2006

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    3. 03-04-2006 10:02 PM #2
      Nice. WHats the tool you got there?

    4. 03-04-2006 10:10 PM #3
      it's a tool for releasing electrical terminals from the multiplug terminal housing

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    6. Member
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      Oct 21st, 2003
      Boston, MA
      2006 VW GTI 6MT
      03-04-2006 10:11 PM #4
      jeeez they certainly dont make it easy to get in there

    7. 03-04-2006 10:13 PM #5
      takes about 1 1/2 hours taking your time

      Modified by 4string at 9:20 PM 3-4-2006

    8. 03-04-2006 10:18 PM #6
      Looks like it's worth the effort....Do you guys know if they have an adaptor for a Dell Jukebox (dells version of the ipod)? Don't have an Ipod.

    9. 03-04-2006 10:22 PM #7
      I took mine apart today to do the VW ipod install but wasn't sure where the brown lead wire plugged into. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this stuff and I was afraid to unplug the headunit in case it reset or something (I don't know if this actually happens?) Getting the dash off is ridiculously easy, it just takes awhile and you have to be careful - but now that I understand where the clips are, it won't be hard to do it again.
      I didn't finish the job because I don't know where to plug the brown wire into.
      I have the same headunit as the Value Edition and obviously no satellite or NAV since I am in Canada.

    10. 03-04-2006 10:32 PM #8
      The brown wire that comes with the Ipod Interface harness must be inserted into the cavity on the radio harness. Remove the brown wire from the radio harness conector Pin #3. insert the brown wire from the Interface harness into cavity #3. The brown wire you removed from the radio harness fitss into the single connector housing supplied with the interface kit and mates with the single brown wire on the interface harness that has a single terminal connector housing. The pictures in my post demonstrate this.

    11. Member
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      Oct 13th, 2003
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      03-04-2006 10:40 PM #9
      Thanks! This is going to save me a lot of time.
      A few Questions:
      1. If I have the Sat radio, but dont use it, can I just unplug the Sat radio and plug in the iPod connector instead?
      2. Is it hard to extract the wires from the terminal without the special tool?
      3. Can you get that 'bone' from VW?

    12. 03-04-2006 10:50 PM #10
      This should be stikyd

    13. 03-04-2006 10:57 PM #11
      If you don't want to use the SAT radio you can just plug the interface harness into the radio multiplug harness by removing the light blue multiplug from the radio multiplug. You still have to extract the brown wire from cavity #3 though so you can plug the interface brown wire into it. You can use a paperclip to make an extraction tool if need be. The bone you can only get when you go to VW factory training classes. I think body shop supply stores carry similar tools like the 'bone'

    14. Member theskippur's Avatar
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      Jun 26th, 2000
      03-05-2006 12:17 AM #12
      That procedure is wayyyyy to involved.

    15. Member
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      May 22nd, 2004
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      03-05-2006 01:24 AM #13
      Quote, originally posted by theskippur »
      That procedure is wayyyyy to involved.

      Jump in and get your hands dirty. Its not as bad as it looks. Pull a few trim pieces, unscrew a few screws, move a few wires, assemble in reverse.
      I would like one of those wire tools. When I rewired my taillights, I ended up screwing up a few wires, and had to solder and rig it to go back together right. No problems since then though (fingers crossed).

    16. 03-05-2006 02:04 AM #14
      i def will be doing this....although i am curious to see a DIY (no disrespect) with the ipod going into the armrest instead...do you recall how long the ipod cord is?

    17. Member
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      Jun 3rd, 2003
      2015 Subaru WRX
      03-05-2006 02:12 AM #15
      the bone is exactly what i need. where can you buy one? im always putting scratches in my crap when i take it apart.
      that stereo install looks super easy compared to some i've done.
      some people take out the back clip from the top assembly, but you took out the front piece. interesting variation. and easier to get to..
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    18. 03-05-2006 10:07 AM #16
      Quote, originally posted by nymike »
      i def will be doing this....do you recall how long the ipod cord is?

      The cable that connects the Ipod to the interface box is long enough to reach to the center console storage compartment. If you route the cable through the center console, locate the interface box as low as possible in the dash behind the radio/climate controls. To disassemble the center console consumes alot more time (and patience) and you must cut a hole in the console storage compartment to feed the cable in.

    19. Member landon's Avatar
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      Jun 12th, 2005
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      03-05-2006 01:35 PM #17
      very nice write-up/pictures. i am sure this will help many of us out with this process. thanks. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    20. Geriatric Member Dan Halen's Avatar
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      03-05-2006 01:45 PM #18
      Stellar work- added to the FAQ. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
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    21. 03-05-2006 03:55 PM #19
      I have put off getting the ipod interface installed....and now that I see what is required I realize I was right...there is NO WAY I could do what you did. My hat's off to you.
      Am I right in assuming that in putting in the IPOD interface I lose the ability to have the mutliple CD player?

    22. Member
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      Jun 3rd, 2003
      2015 Subaru WRX
      03-05-2006 04:00 PM #20
      you need to separate each pic with a space, and add text to each pic. Its just a bunch of pics with no explanation whats being done in each pic. especially the wiring part.
      2018 VW GTI SE
      2015 Subaru Forester XT
      1000+ Video GTI/WRX DIY Library

    23. 03-05-2006 04:16 PM #21
      Quote, originally posted by kosovorick »
      Am I right in assuming that in putting in the IPOD interface I lose the ability to have the mutliple CD player?

      If the Ipod interface is installed you will lose EXTERNAL CD changer capability if you have SAT radio.

      Modified by 4string at 3:57 PM 3-5-2006

      Modified by 4string at 4:01 PM 3-5-2006

    24. 03-05-2006 04:21 PM #22
      Quote, originally posted by placenta »
      you need to separate each pic with a space, and add text to each pic. Its just a bunch of pics with no explanation whats being done in each pic. especially the wiring part.

      Feel free to amend the post with text. In the pictures showing the switching of the wiring it is self explanitory. Each photo showed removing one wire at a time and the exact location to install the removed wire in the interface harness. Also the Ipod interface kit comes with instructions in text and ilustrations. I just wanted to show pictures of how to remove the dash components mainly.

      Modified by 4string at 3:24 PM 3-5-2006

    25. 03-05-2006 04:43 PM #23
      Thanks for the pics! My only remaining hesitation is removing the ground from the harness - so I've asked an experienced friend to come by to help later! Hopefully no problems!

    26. 03-05-2006 04:49 PM #24
      I just finished this mod last night, took my about 2 beers to get the stereo out and another 3 too wire everything, route the cable (into the glove box) and reassembly. Some things to think about are...
      1. Dont get to into routing the cable somewhere or mounting the ipod since there is u CANNOT operate the ipod from anywhere but the head unit and steering wheel controls.
      2. you DO NOT loose the function of the 6 cd in dash changer. which is awesome. By hitting the CD button on the head unit it cycles CD >>> CD EXT. you CAN flop back in forth.
      3. your going to have to get a tool that disconnects the ground wire from the harness. I couldnt get it out off there for the life of me. I know its a lil ghetto but, i spliced the ground wire and used shrink wrap. I would probably recomend using the tool. i own a kit with splices stipper so it was an easy fix. the end result was a solid connection that is moisture proof due to the shrink wrap, so i was happy to just get it done
      4.When everything is hooked up, and you are in the CD-EXT mode. The CD1 - CD6 buttons cycle through the first 6 playlists on your Ipod. This is kinda nice but does leave something to be desired since i have 52 gigs of music on my pod.
      5. My roomate has his creative Zen hooked up to his MKIV golf but he has an aftermarket radio.
      his set up goes. Wiring harness >> RCA adaptor >> rca to mini plug cable >> mini plug to head phone jack >> zen. if you wanted to hook up another type of player to the stock radio, you would have to do some research on weither theres an RCA adaptor out there. at best buy theres a universal kit available the supports RCA cables but i have no idea weither the head unit will just default to a aux setting with that installed.
      This mod is easy. just make sure you disconnect the battery. I lost power to it once and replaced the 10 amp fuse on the back of the radio to no avail. a little manual surfer and i found out theres a 15 amp fuse in the panel underneath the hood to the right of the battery case. FIY the radio fuse is F19.

    27. 03-05-2006 05:19 PM #25
      What tool does one need to remove this ground wire? Thanks

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