Some of you may have missed the announcements at the top of each forum about the new Classified Posting Rules that we are instituting here. These rules were posted on June 6th and now that people have had 3 weeks to start using them we are going to begin applying these. If you have not seen them then please read through them before you post in here. This way you dont get mad when the moderators lock or remove your thread for not following these new rules.
We understand there is going to be an adjustment period and we want to appologize in advance. Our classifieds have been ignored for long enough and we simply want to better them for everyone. In the long run we honestly believe this will make the forums much more user friendly for everyone. Especially those using the search function.
Some of the basic questions we have received so far now that we are applying these rules:
Q: What if I have 6 different items for sale?
A: You will need to post 6 different threads all that need to follow the new title format. We are doing this to assist the users in finding and selling items easier. The search engine isnt going to do much for people finding your thread if its titled "Garage Sale" or some other non-descriptive term.
Q: What if I dont know how much to sell an item for?
A: Sorry but you will need to do your research before posting. These are classified forums not auction forums. If you post a for sale thread without a price it will be locked. This is to help get control of all the fights that break out in the classified threads.
Q: Why was my ebay thread locked?
A: All threads with links to Ebay items must include a price, so unless your auction has a buy it now you will not be able to post in the classifieds. If you are simply looking to advertise your auction then we suggest you please place a link in your signature.
If you have any questions, please refer to this thread in the Suggestion Box forum.