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    Thread: Tie Rod Rubber Dust Cover Replacement ?........

    1. 08-12-2008 05:27 PM #1
      Tie Rod Rubber Dust Cover Replacement
      The outer tie rod has a rubber dust cover ( not the bellow) protecting the joint .
      The dust cover on my 1998 Passat has a tear.
      Can you just replace the dust cover or do you have to replace the entire outer tie rod?

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    3. 08-12-2008 07:20 PM #2
      The "grease cap" isn't available as a separate part...I got a pair of TRE's for my ol Golf who's grease caps didn't last a year..cheap Brazilian rubber...won't buy any TRW parts from Brazil again...I went to junkyard and grabed some off old VW';s and changed 'em out. That's about the only place you'll find em! [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
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      08-12-2008 09:17 PM #3
      Quote, originally posted by spitpilot »
      The "grease cap" isn't available as a separate part...

      Blauparts sells the ball joint boots separately for the control arms but I don't believe the diameter of the boot would fit the base or pin of a TRE.
      It does interest me enough to pickup a set or two in the event I catch one tearing early enough. I've done the same with both the upper and lower ball joints on my wife's Accord with great success.

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    6. n00b
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      02-12-2020 06:17 PM #4
      I had the same problem with my Volkswagen Jetta. The dust cover has broken and I didn't even notice how and when, but that's it. My friend recommended to me buying a Tiptronic because it allows the driver to manually handle the nuances of two options – upshift and downshift. After overriding the automatic mode with the manual option, the driver can make shifting decisions. So, it is quite possible to enhance the braking output with a deliberate downshift or increase the acceleration by using the upshift while also enjoying the traditional auto transmission features. If you are interested in where did I bought mine, I bought it from an online store which sells used details and cars and so on. If you want to know the link click here.
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      02-13-2020 12:36 AM #5
      I’m confused by your post to a 12 year old thread that’s about tie rod grease boots where you mainly talk about your transmission. Did you perhaps reply to the wrong thread by mistake?

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      02-18-2020 10:02 PM #6
      It's a spammer trying to get people to click on the link.
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