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    Thread: So, did you ride today? (Details!)

    1. Junior Member totalrecall98's Avatar
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      09-10-2020 01:08 PM #8726
      Quote Originally Posted by VT1.8T View Post
      On labor day my son and I completed a tough 20 mile 4.5 hour mountain bike ride that was a fundraising event for the daughter of o good friend of ours. Our longest ride prior to this was 1.5 hours. it was pretty gnarly and exhausting but I was super proud of my son. He is 10 and was the only kid under 18 to attempt the ride.

      The ride was through 3 different areas that were connected by gravel roads. It was an out and back ride. Between each area there was an aid station where we could fuel up. When we got to the last place to ride, all of the adults were blown away that my son was there. We did this on hardtails as well. We climbed a total of 3,000 vertical feet.

      If anyone is curious and wants to check out the ride on trailforks, the ride started at Sleepy Hollow -> Hinesburg Town Forest -> Carse Hills -> Hinesburg Town Forest -> Sleepy Hollow. (In VT)
      That's a big accomplishment under any circumstances. Congratulations to both of you!

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      09-11-2020 08:48 AM #8727
      Quote Originally Posted by totalrecall98 View Post
      That's a big accomplishment under any circumstances. Congratulations to both of you!
      Thanks. We just took it one aid station at a time. I figured he would bail at the second one but he just wanted to keep going every time.

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      09-13-2020 12:28 AM #8728
      SnF 400 didn't go to plan. Left knee issues started about 50 miles into day one. Day one ended with about 120 miles under our belt with my heart rate and breathing out of control. Tool two hours to get back to normal. Camped...and all my water froze over night due to an unexpected cold snap. Even my eye drops were frozen which kind of sucks with contacts and dealing with all the dust and smoke.

      Day two was our big climb up dollarhide to 9300'. Knee was still hurting but nothing crazy. Maybe 35 or so miles into day two knee pain went from dull to sharp. Oddly it was more painful spinning higher cadence on the flat or gradual downs than grinding up hills. I bailed around mile 50 in the town of Ketchum. Everything after that town made it very difficult for any sort of extraction should I need it...plus the pace was pretty slow and I couldn't risk getting caught up in Stanley at night where temps were said to be dropping below 20.

      So...we ended up back in Boise. I decided to push the knee with the safety net of being close to town should I mess it up. Got in some great single track in town on Friday then we got shuttled up to Bogus Basin today to ride the trails up there then back to town. Was so much fun. My knee feels like **** after Bogus but totally worth it. Going to rest it up for a while and see how it goes. Might also ride again here before I head back to FL on Monday. Hate to waste the opportunity to ride these trails.

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