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    Thread: So, did you ride today? (Details!)

    1. Member Samson's Avatar
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      Dec 2nd, 1999
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      02-04-2020 03:36 PM #8576
      Quote Originally Posted by A1an View Post
      Haha it's only about 6400' of climbing. Not a ton considering the length but the placement in the route makes it "fun" hah

      I'm using a Revelate Terrapin on the back. You can load it up pretty well but I think a rack with paniers would be better since it will put the weight lower. You also really need to stuff the seat bag to make it stable which prob wouldn't be ideal for food runs.

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      6,400 is still pretty solid. Thanks for the info about the saddle bag... that's sort of what I was thinking. The bike in question has no rack mounts (it's an old 29er MTB w/a QR disc rear end), so I'm looking at the Axiom DLX Disc rack and their P25 dual bags. $90 or so for the pair on eBay.

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    3. Member HI SPEED's Avatar
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      Sep 3rd, 2004
      02-04-2020 06:31 PM #8577
      First time on the road bike in at least 6 months yesterday. Bike was down because my mavic aksium race wheelset has a issue with tropical climates. Despite my bike living off the ground in it's own shed it developed corossion so bad the LBS could no longer true the wheels.

      Buddy of mine bought a cervelo from a police auction recently. it looked totally Cherry from the blurry pictures that they had in the online bidding website. But when he got it he found out that the carbon frame had been chopped to get around the lock.

      No big deal he just broke it down for parts and gave me the wheels.

      About 17 miles into the ride I got pushed off into the shoulder but inattentive driver. Hit a pothole flatten the front wheel and knock it out of true

      I could still make it home but I'm kind of frustrated. Back to the lbs for a tune-up and retrue.

    4. Member A1an's Avatar
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      Mar 22nd, 2007
      Bought not built.
      02-14-2020 08:25 PM #8578
      Three rides this week....two inside and one outside. Hands still feel like trash from the Huracan ride. Trying to do some ulnar nerve glide stuff to try to get feeling back in my fingers.

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    5. Member B3passatBMX's Avatar
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      Feb 26th, 2004
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      02-17-2020 12:33 PM #8579
      Managed a quick little cruise on the BMX over the weekend but the more exciting bit was picking up a new squish bike. Snagged a Yeti SB6

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rutledge View Post
      Well, then, I'm here to "ruin" the vortex for you. I'm sorry you hate fun.
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    6. n00b
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      Feb 19th, 2020
      Columbus, Ohio
      02-19-2020 07:34 PM #8580
      2 hour road ride

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